Spring is all about rediscovering the outdoors

rediscover the outdoors in spring

I don’t know about you, but after being cooped up for an entire winter I am more than ready for the first day of spring. Want to get a head start on the new season? You can start to plan out a few must-do activities to help you rediscover the outdoors.

Rediscover the outdoors this spring

There are so many different things you can choose to do in the great outdoors during the spring; all you have to do is get outside and try something new. I’m sure you have your favourite springtime activities you’ll choose to do this year, but if you need some ideas, here are 5 things that will help you and your family rediscover the outdoors.

Campingspring camping outdoors

Camping in the cold is a Canadian tradition, so don’t let chilly spring weather deter you from sleeping outside under the stars. You can have a great camping trip and you’ll be cozy and warm if you pack a cold weather tent, sleeping bag, and a heater.

Some Canadians swear by car camping in the spring and only reserve their tent for the warmer summer months, but you can have the best of both worlds by adding a car, truck, or SUV tent. These tents create a shelter on the back of your vehicle, giving you a place to sleep or hang out between hikes or when it’s chilly outside.

Another way you can add a bit of excitement to your camp-out and rediscover the outdoors is to go off-grid. Just find a new location at a lake, side of a mountain, or beside a river, and camp without electricity or Wi-Fi for a night or two. When you do need power, all you’ll need is a solar charger and you’ll be able to charge any devices you may need to use.

Hiking takes you on a new adventurehiking backpack for spring

No matter where you go in Canada, you’ll always find beautiful terrain for hiking. Hiking is a great opportunity to rediscover the outdoors and enjoy nature as it should be, with nothing but the wind in the trees and the birds singing in the distance.

If you do go hiking this spring, make sure you take along three things: a friend, a hiking backpack, and a smartwatch. Your friend will be good company and keep you safe should something happen on the trail, your backpack will carry emergency supplies, extra food and clothing, and your smartwatch can work as an emergency alert. Some models of smartwatch have a personal safety alert feature or live tracking, so if you are out on a trail and you unexpectedly fall or get lost, someone at home will be notified. Smartwatches also have altimeters to track your elevation. This is helpful if you’d like to set a fitness goal for your hikes.

Beyond your basic three hiking necessities, you may want to bring along a pair of hiking poles to keep you stable on slippery terrain or a pair of crampons or ice cleats in case you find snow at higher elevations.

rediscover the outdoors electric bikeEnjoy biking in the great outdoors

I love to dig out the bikes in the spring and go for a ride, but sometimes I want a bit more speed than the pedal bike allows. That’s where electric bikes come in, and I’ve owned my own electric mountain bike for a year now. With an e-bike you can easily climb to the top of a hill, cruise down it, and climb straight back up. They have several power modes so you can put in as much or as little effort as you like, and there are foldable electric bikes if you need to store them in a small space.

Ebikes aren’t the only motorized fun you can use to rediscover the outdoors this spring. Hoverboards are a new way to improve your balance and get some fresh air. You can find all-terrain hoverboards that let you glide over dirt and bumpy trails or hoverboards that you can take for several kilometres before you need to recharge.

There are also electric scooters, and while they are a favourite with kids, adults can have fun on one too. There are all types of electric scooters, and some offer you a 55 km range so you can use them for a fun weekend excursion or commute to work.

Rediscover the outdoors in your backyard

rediscover the outdoors in your backyardWhen you want to spend time in the great outdoors, your backyard is a good place to start. Spring is a great time to decide what you’re going to do to your yard this year, and when you’re planning big additions like new fences or a new patio, you can decide which fun outdoor games you’d like to play with friends and family. From shooting hoops or playing horseshoes, there’s a lot of fun you can just out your back door.

You can choose other outdoor additions that will help you enjoy the weather and keep you comfortable at the same time. There are a lot of different patio sets you can bring home, and some mimic an indoor couch so you can hang out or have a nap in the sun. Hammocks are a great backyard addition, giving you a comfortable place to read a book or enjoy the weather.

You can keep your patio furniture dry and ready to use if you add a gazebo or canopy to your backyard. You’ll find wooden canopies that stay up all year or temporary canopies you can take down and put away at the end of every season. You may also want to add an outdoor heater or fire pit so you can enjoy spring nights while still staying warm.

Hit the spring skies with a drone

rediscover the outdoors with droneOne of the best ways to rediscover the outdoors in the spring is to hit the skies, and you can do that without a pilot’s license. A drone is an easy way to soar above your yard or in a drone-friendly area, and you can take in the coastline or capture footage of you and your friends riding bikes or hiking.

Most drones have 1080p Full HD cameras, 2K cameras, or 4K cameras so you can capture spectacular footage. You can use them to capture all types of interesting videos with special effects, and then share your content with others. Drones are a great way to get a new perspective on trails or scenery you’ve seen over and over. Take a look at the drone buying guide for a better idea of how you can choose a drone to take along on your next adventure.

Are you ready to rediscover the great outdoors?

Even if it doesn’t look like it is outside your window right now, winter is almost over. Soon it will be time to shed the winter jackets, dust off your outdoor gear, and get back to living in the great outdoors. Plan now for outdoor activities this spring and you can get a head start on all of the fun activities you like to do.

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