Spark Your Child’s Imagination With a Pair of Walkie Talkies for Kids

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Walkie talkies are an absolute blast for kids. Kids can pretend to be in the jungle while they’re in the backyard with their friends as they command their team through a dangerous mission, or they can stay in contact with their friends even after parents deem “playtime” over. (We’ve all seen Stranger Things when the kids radio their friends at night).

Even though kids’ walkie talkies operate on public channels, most have built-in subcodes to protect kids from interference from strangers. There are also a variety of additional features that you may find on these devices including flashlights and VOX hands-free communication that helps younger kids communicate without having to hold the talk button.

We talked with Alysha Gentle, a streamer, content creator, and mother of three on her opinions on walkie talkies and the impact they’ve had on her kids. She explained what were her major concerns between models and what features her kids were interested most in. Strangely enough, one feature she brought up  was security, and while these devices could be used in emergency or safety situations, they should first and foremost be thought of as toys. Most keys nowadays have phones or tablets that would be better suited for crisis situations.

If you’re not ready to give your kid a cell phone or tablet, kids’ walkie talkies are an affordable alternative that are loads of fun, and often encourage children to use their imaginations and go outside.

Here are our recommendations for the best walkie talkies for kids.

black and red walkie talkies for kids against white background


Retevis RT628 Walkjie Talkies for Kids

Key Specs:
– Adjustable sound and clear sound quality
– VOX and 2.5mm headphone connection
– Channel lock

Why We Chose It:
Durable and reliable, the Retevis RT628 walkie talkies are a great choice for kids. The LCD display makes it easy for them to recognize what channel they are on, plus you can lock the keypad to ensure your kids stay on the correct channel. The range varies, but some reviews say with line-of-site, these can connect upwards of two to three miles. Without the limitation of one-to-one communication, a group of friends can all communicate with Retevis RT628s, as long as they are on the same channel.

two light blue and green walkie talkies against white background


Selieve Toys Walkie Talkies for Kids

Key Specs:
– Call alert function 
– Real time monitoring
– Small and light body

Why We Chose It: With over 16,000 ratings and 4.5 stars on Amazon, these walkie talkies are certainly a fan favorite. Operation is made easy thanks to a big “TALK” button in the center and a keypad lock to ensure kids stay on the correct channel. The walkie talkies are small enough and suitable for hands three to 12 years of age. Beyond communication, there’s also a built-in flashlight on the device. You can expect about three miles of range in open areas and a half-mile to a mile in residential areas.

One of the most important features for Gentle’s youngest child is ease of use. Her son, being 4 years old, may be confused with all of the various knobs and dials, but the talk button really helps with general operation.

three kids Obuby walkie talkies against white background


Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies

Key Specs:
– Simple push-to-talk
– Broadcast to multiple units
– Anti-interference function

Why We Chose It:
If you have three kids, you’ll understand the value of having the third walkie talkie available in a single package. Kids can select one of the 22 channels with 99 subcodes to enhance the safety of their communications over the air. And for younger children, VOX communication allows them to talk without having to press the button. Like the Selieve walkie talkies, these also have a flashlight, but they also have a headphone jack for more secretive communications.

two blue walkie talkies against white background


Dastion-99 Walkie Talkies

Key Specs:
– 1.86-mile range
– 22 available channels
– Voice activation for hands-free use

Why We Chose It:
The voice activated feature helps kids who might be too young to understand holding the talk button to communicate by allowing them to talk without pressing the button. They are lightweight and small enough for little kids’ hands. There’s even a flashlight so kids can have fun at night. They do require four AAA batteries which add up quickly between two walkie talkies. But this set is available in six different colors and at a low cost.

aqua blue FRS walkie talkies against white background


FRS Walkie Talkies

Key Specs:
– Wearable via wrist or lanyard
– 24 hours talk time or 5 days standby
– 22 available channels

Why We Chose It:
The wrist strap and lanyard are great for active kids. They can strap them to their bike handlebars or simply wear them around their necks while they are playing. These are one of the few rechargeable models too. Expect about a days-worth of talk time, but can last several days on standby. And when kids aren’t chatting away, they can listen to tunes on the FM radio (yes, radio is still a thing).

pink, blue, and lime green Wishouse Walkie Talkies against white background with chargers


Wishouse Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

Key Specs:
– Comes in 3 pack
– 20-mile range
– Can have privacy codes for channels

Why We Chose It:
These walkie talkies for kids come in sets of three, so a parent or third child can join in. The batteries are rechargeable which will save you money down the road, and there is a detachable lanyard to keep these walkie talkies secure as you move about. In open areas, you can expect about six miles of range and up to three miles in a neighborhood. These are a bit expensive, but the rechargeable batteries and extra range make it worth it.

Another feature that is very important to Gentle and her household is distance. When the kids are using the walkie talkie to play games around the backyard or throughout the neighborhood, you’ll want them to be as far away from each other so that it doesn’t impede their play time.

pink and blue wesTayin walkie talkies against white background


Wes Tayin Upgraded Walkie Talkies

Key Specs:
– Hands free functions
– Auto battery saving features
– 3-mile range

Why We Chose It:
With a four-mile range in open areas, these are ideal for an overnight outing with the family. And when the sun goes down, you can still keep track of the kiddos with the built-in LED flashlight and call alert function. And if kids get tired of holding the walkie, they can easily clip it to their belt thanks to an attached clip.

green, blue, and orange two-way kids walkie talkies


Topsung Two Way Radios

Key Specs:
– Each radio comes with 3 batteries
– NOAA weather alerts
– Can communicate with other FRS radios

Why We Chose It: Although the initial price is a little steep compared to many other walkie talkies for kids, the rechargeable batteries can save money in the long run. And with the USB cable, they can be recharged by a computer, wall outlet or car charger. Along with great charging capabilities comes great range. Outdoors you can get up to four miles of range. There’s also hands-free talking (VOX) for younger kids and auto-scanning functionality to find the best channel quickly.

red and black eKids star wars walkie talkies


eKids Star Wars Walkie Talkies

Key Specs:
– Static free quality
– Big vibrant talk button
– 2-way talk (no channels)

Why We Chose It: For the little Star Wars fan in your life, The Kylo Ren and First Order Trooper walkie talkies are what the doctor ordered. The large red talk button on the side of the walkies are easy for kids to press and hold down. These are great for indoor use, but the range isn’t nearly as long as others.

Lastly, Gentle mentioned, kids always want to have fun, so if you can, pick a walkie talkie that’s colorful or features their favorite characters, that’s always a bonus. Make sure the other features are good still, though.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Walkie Talkies

Are kids walkie talkies safe?

Walkie-talkies made for children are safe for use and usually reinforced for the physical abuse that kids may put them through. While some may be able to connect to wideband radio frequencies, they often have locks on them that parents can control to reduce unwanted audiences.

What’s the expected range with walkie talkies for kids?

Most kids walkie talkies have uninterrupted ranges between 3 to 10 miles. Some, though, can reach extended mileage if they are built for that purpose, while novelty ones may have a reduced range. 

How are kids walkie talkies powered?

Most kids walkie talkies are powered through rechargeable AA batteries. Some come with multiple one-use batteries to get kids started, then you can purchase replacement batteries afterwards.

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