Santa Fe Restaurant & Bar Directory 2023


Can we take a moment to get a little syrupy here, y’all? See, working on this year’s list has us a bit verklempt. For as many beloved haunts as we’ve lost in the past three years, we’re finally seeing more new options pop up to add to the directory than old favorites to cross off. So many, in fact, that we’ve included almost 50 new entries this year—a staggering amount of fresh deliciousness for a city with a population of less than 100,000. As the restaurant scene heats back up, we’ve also gained a renewed appreciation for the joys of drinking around strangers—and decided we didn’t want to leave any beloved local bars out of the love fest, either. We’re not sure whether that’s the smell of hope in the air or just roasting piñon, but either way, we’re eating it up. Yes, supply chains are still shifting and restaurant workers still deserve our grace, but doesn’t it feel good to be celebrating the arrival of so much newness? On that note, if we’ve missed something or another eatery opens up, drop us a line at We’d love to hear about it.




35° North Coffee • Santa Fe Arcade, 60 E San Francisco St., (505) 983-6138 • Oatmeal lattes, turmeric drinks and coconut oil coffees (spotlight beverage, the “Latitude Adjustment,” features grass-fed butter, MCT oil and coconut oil) to please the pickiest caffeine fiends.

315 Restaurant & Wine Bar • 315 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 986-9190 • The French-infused menu is constantly changing to showcase seasonal specialties, but right now the veal schnitzel with Irish cheddar mac and cheese has us drooling.

Agapao Coffee & Tea (The Mud Hut) • 105 E Marcy St., Ste. C, (505) 699-4633 • The local success story brews its beverages strong, and as black coffee fanatics, we’re eternally grateful. If that’s not your thing, the house Dave Black built has all the expected lattes and the like—but we maintain the unadulterated original is where it’s at.

AGAVE Restaurant & Lounge • Eldorado Hotel & Spa, 309 W San Francisco St., (505) 995-4530 • Sure, you could go for the obvious choice with a specialty margarita (and don’t get us wrong, they’re top-notch), but why not make like a Bridgerton character and grab yourself a Cornish game hen while you’re at it?

Alkemē Santa Fe • 227 Don Gaspar Ave., (202) 285-9840 • While the new restaurant operating out of downtown’s Open Kitchen won’t officially open until May, the combination of chefs Hue Chan Karels and Erica Tai is bound to bring some much needed Vietnamese/Taiwanese/Korean/Hawaiian fusion to Santa Fe.

Amaya Restaurant • Hotel Santa Fe, 1501 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 955-7805 • Who doesn’t wanna eat roasted rainbow trout in an (Indigenous-owned) private tipi? The curated wine collection is pretty admirable, too.

The Anasazi Restaurant, Bar & Lounge • Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi, 113 Washington Ave., (505) 988-3236 • The kind of eatery where lobster is just the appetizer, featuring much-lauded wine offerings and a killer breakfast menu. (Go get yourself a bakery basket, bro.)

Ahmyo Wine Garden • 652 Canyon Road, (505) 428-0090 • Seriously impressive wine flights—and who doesn’t love a menu composed mainly of “picnic items” and “specialty cakes?” If we’re being honest, those are probably our two favorite food groups.

Bang Bite Filling Station • 510 Galisteo St., (505) 469-2345 • This legendary truck’s Trailer D’Luxe burger (ham, bacon, barbecue sauce, grilled onion, cheddar and chipotle aioli) just...speaks to us. And on the theme of amazing menu sections, there’s a whole chunk of offerings here simply labeled “Things with Cheese.” Yeah.

The Bell Tower Bar • La Fonda on the Plaza, 100 E San Francisco St., (505) 982-5511 • Soak in some of the best views around downtown with a New Mexican wagyu beef slider and carrot juice-based “Drink your Vitamins” cocktail.

La Boca • 72 W Marcy St., (505) 982-3433 • At least one SFR staffer’s mother would be very disappointed if we didn’t convey how hard it is to find a good paella in Santa Fe, so let us tell you on her behalf: Get thee to La Boca when you’re craving that sweet, sweet saffron rice aroma.

La Boca (Taberna) • 125 Lincoln Ave., Ste. 117, (505) 982-3433 • All the tapas you love from chef James Campbell Caruso’s original La Boca, plus fresh air and courtyard intimacy.

La Boca (Bodega) • 147 Lincoln Ave., (505) 982-3433 • La Boca’s downtown takeover continues with a new Taberna-adjacent outpost and grocery offering tapas, bocadillos and more in between shelves stocked with the Iberian jamón of your dreams plus so much more.

Boultawn’s Bakery • 226 N Guadalupe St., (505) 983-9006 • OK, finding a spot in Santa Fe where the bagels aren’t the same general texture as a raised donut is rare in itself—but Boultawn’s also offers ice cream and all-day breakfast.

The Brakeroom • 510 Galisteo St., (505) 780-8648 • Not only is one of our favorite downtown food trucks parked right outside (see the Bang Bite entry), the Brakeroom itself is one of the more notably vibey drinking spots in the area. The name comes from its former life as a rest stop for railroad brakemen, and the steampunk-inspired decor carries that legacy.

The Bull Ring • 150 Washington Ave., Ste. 108, (505) 983-3328 • Every imaginable cut of steak—plus, for the more adventurous or European eaters, the option to get escargot as your side.

The Burger Stand
The Burger Stand (Joy Godfrey/)

The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House • 207 W San Francisco St., (505) 989-3360 • Three words: duck fat fries. OK, no, we’re not done: how about bloody Maria BBQ? Red chile tajin?

The Burrito Company • 111 Washington Ave., (505) 982-4453 • This spot may be known for those ever-reliable handheld breakfast burritos, but make sure you plan a sit-down visit, too, because you don’t want to miss the blue corn piñon pancakes.

Café Des Artistes • 130 Lincoln Ave. (505) 820-2535 • Man, where do we even start? This place has everything from barbecue ribs to beignets to banana dulce de leche gelato.

Café Pasqual’s • 121 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 983-9340 • Just when you think you’ve got Pasqual’s menu nailed down, it surprises you with pork bao buns or veggie pupusas—which puts it at the top of our list for large crowds of diverse eaters. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation, though; this place is mega-popular.

Caffe Greco • 233 Canyon Road, (505) 820-7996 • No restaurant scene is complete without a reliable moussaka, and can one even settle for regular mozzarella sticks once they’ve had saganaki?

Cake’s Corner Café • 227 Galisteo St., (505) 303-4880 • The menu here includes a strawberry caprese salad (strawberry instead of tomato) that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the classic combo.

El Callejón • 208 Galisteo St., (505) 983-8378 • All the essential taco types, plus an enormous beer and wine menu and specialties like Aguascalientes-style red mole.

La Casa Sena • 125 E Palace Ave., (505) 988-9232 • Quite possibly the closest thing to an old-fashioned cabaret you’ll find in the ‘Fe, this courtyard-centric spot features upscale Mediterranean-inspired dishes and an abundance of live jazz offerings.

Catch Poké • 101 W Marcy St., (505) 303-3653 • All chef Dakota Weiss’s classic bowls here are sublime (we scarfed that leche de tigre salmon bowl down as fast as humanly possible), but don’t forget this is also one of the few poké joints around offering vegetarian-friendly bowls with plant-based tuna. Bomb.

Cleopatra Café • Design Center, 418 Cerrillos Road, (505) 820-7381 • Nothing hits quite like a good gyro, does it? If that’s not your thing, though, the King Tut plate has enough falafel, dolma, baba ghanoush and (truly top-notch) hummus to satisfy the hungriest herbivore.

Collected Works Bookstore & Coffee House • 202 Galisteo St., (505) 988-4226 • If you, too, long for the olden days of book browsing and coffee sipping, Collected Works’ coffee bar—and its horchata latte in particular—is a key to sanity. Plus, this joint has the local author offerings (and book signings!) that those old big box bookstores could only dream of.

The Compound • 653 Canyon Road, (505) 982-4353 • Let us be (probably) the thousandth person you’ve heard singing the praises of chef Mark Kiffin’s chicken schnitzel, which is unparalleled this side of the Danube. But our favorite thing about eating at the Compound is listening in on what the town’s fanciest folks are gossiping about these days. Just us?

Coyote Café & Rooftop Cantina • 132 W Water St., (505) 983-1615 • Since this is actually two-and-a-half restaurants in one (the cafe, the cantina and the private “den”), there are options here for almost every kind of eater—from elk tenderloin to Frito pies. Also unmissable if you (like us) are a fan of neon blue lighting.

Del Charro Saloon • Inn of the Governors, 101 W Alameda St., (505) 954-0320 • This local fave is known for its refreshing prices and generous portions, and you know you can trust a New Mexican restaurant that shares its posole recipe online. That burger’s no joke, too.

The Deli at Sassella • 216 McKenzie St., (505) 954-1568 • Find the upscale deli counter dishes you’d expect from a new Sassella offshoot (we hear the meatball subs are next level), plus all the specialty groceries you need to ace Italian dishes at home—from aged wine vinegar to bake-at-home pizzas.

Desert Dogs Brewery & Cidery Taproom • 112 W San Francisco St., Ste. 307, (505) 983-0134 • Purveyors of local craft beers, bánh mi tacos and (unheard of pretty much anywhere else downtown) actual punk and metal shows. Bless.

Downtown Subscription • 376 Garcia St., (505) 983-3085 • Sure, there are plenty of baked goods and sandwiches to start out your day, but the real point of Downtown Subscription is that you can drink top-tier coffee while reading whatever you want.

The Dragon Room Lounge • 406 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 983-7712 • Enjoy the much-lauded Pink Adobe atmosphere under new owners (Sylvia and Ira Seret of Inn of the Five Graces) and at prices the rest of us can afford. Best known for delicious and often breaded twists on comfort staples like zucchini fries and blue corn piñon bread.

Dumpling Tea & Dim Sum • Plaza Galeria, 66 E San Francisco St., Ste. 10, (646) 945-5000 • We’re sure there’s a more elegant way to consume soup dumplings than just trying to pop the whole damn dumpling in our mouth and hoping for the best, but we haven’t found it yet.

Estevan Restaurante • Hotel Chimayó, 125 Washington Ave., (505) 930-5363 • If you’ve ever wondered what might have happened if Julia Child developed a secondary obsession with New Mexican cuisine, try Estevan’s mushroom duxelle-stuffed relleno.

Evangelo’s • 200 W San Francisco St. • The classic watering hole: no food, no phone, no bullshit.

Farm Shop Norte & Bar Norte • 201 Washington Ave., (505) 808-1713 • Enjoy all of Los Poblanos’ fresh New Mexican produce and local botanical gins without the hour (or more) drive to the Albuquerque home base.

El Farol • 808 Canyon Road, (505) 983-9912 • Something about mussels and live flamenco just feels right. Is it because the shells look a little like castanets? Might there be a connection here?

La Fiesta Lounge • La Fonda on the Plaza, 100 E San Francisco St., (505) 982-5511 • Live music and upscale takes on picky eater favorites, including (never thought we’d write these words together!) wagyu beef hot dogs.

Fiesta Oaxaca • 135 W Palace Ave., Ste. 101, (505) 982-9525 • Mexican rather than New Mexican, meaning (in this case) pescado de veracruz and quesillo instead of cheddar.

Five & Dime General Store • 58 E San Francisco St., (505) 992-1800 • Maybe it’s just the nostalgia, but there’s something about being able to eat a hot dog or world-famous Frito pie while shopping for wooden slingshots that makes the food taste better.

La Fogata Grill • Plaza Mercado, 112 W San Francisco St., Ste. 101, (505) 983-7302 • Get yourself a hibiscus iced tea and a Fogata torta (skirt steak, ham, cheese and chipotle mayo), then watch the soccer match.

The French Pastry Shop & Creperie • La Fonda Hotel, 100 E San Francisco St., (505) 983-6697 • Crepes galore, along with baguette sandwiches, both the croques (madame and monsieur) and ratatouille. Speaking of, how do you guys pronounce ratatouille? Like, do you punch both t’s, or just the second one? We’ve been hearing both around town and now we’re scared we’re saying it wrong.

Geronimo • 724 Canyon Road, (505) 982-1500 • Let us clarify, lest the Western-themed decor cause confusion: This restaurant is named after the man (Geronimo Lopez) who built its historic adobe in the 1700s, not the Indigenous icon whose remains were allegedly stolen by a bunch of Yale frat bros. The menu is constantly changing, but right now our eyes are on the sweet chile and honey-grilled prawns.

Henry & the Fish • 217 W San Francisco St., (505) 995-1191 • Lots of veggie-rich fusion lunch options (many swear by the buddha bowl), plus a smorgasbord of specialty seasonal beverages and a super-solid breakfast sandwich.

Horno Restaurant • 95 W Marcy St., (505) 303-3469 • Char siu glazed duck leg and Bouillabaisse for two in the most blessedly unpretentious of downtown settings brought to you by the legendary chef David Sellers—who was on the short list for this year’s James Beard Awards.

India Palace
India Palace (Joy Godfrey/)

India Palace • 227 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 983-2060 • The beloved lunch buffet spot has returned from its particularly brutal pandemic-era shutdown under new ownership, and the story is as good as the food: India Palace is now being run by Satnam Bhandal and Ram Pathak, who bought the restaurant together after 27 years of working there.

Izmi Sushi • 105 E Marcy St., (505) 424-1311 • Just take our advice on this one and get the eel—it’s fantastic. That lunchtime bento box with tempura or teriyaki salmon or chicken is, too. It’s a casual affair with the standard option to sit at the sushi bar and say hi to the chef.

Johnnie’s Cash Store • 420 Camino Don Miguel, (505) 982-9506 • Despite all the chaos and loss in the restaurant world over the past few years, we somehow still have the blessing of Johnnie’s (and its time-tested tamales) tucked safely away from tourist eyes on Camino Don Miguel. (RIP Johnnie Armijo.)

Julia, A Spirited Restaurant and Bar • La Posada de Santa Fe, 330 E Palace Ave., (505) 954-9670 • Who doesn’t love a bar named (and decorated) in honor of its most famous ghost? Maybe you can coax her out with some green chile and pork belly mac and cheese. Specters probably love that too, right?

La Lecheria • 500 Market St., # 110, (505) 428-0077 • Chef Joel Coleman gave up his Fire & Hops co-ownership to open an ice cream mecca, and with specialty flavors like butterscotch miso, red chile honey and sweet corn, you’re gonna need a flight (four mini scoops of your choice) to get the full experience.

Luminaria Restaurant & Patio • Inn and Spa at Loretto, 211 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 984-7915 • Anywhere offering a Three Sisters fritter gets extra points in our book, but this place also features specialty spirits, a latke-filled weekend brunch and celery root “steak.”

MacSantaFe • 115 E Water St., (505) 984-8484 • Both the mac and the Texas toast grilled cheese are sublime, but if you’re really looking to feast, order one of each and spoon some of that mac straight into your sandwich.

The Matador • 116 W Water St. • Dive down the stairs for stiff drinks and loud music.

Los Magueyes Mexican Restaurant • 31 Burro Alley, (505) 992-0304 • Near-daily live music offerings, a homey atmosphere and $15 mole? If you haven’t already stopped by on your way down the alley, you owe Magueyes a visit. The chips come warm, too!

Market Steer Steakhouse • Hotel St. Francis, 210 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 992-6354 • Owner/chef Kathleen Crook boasts the only spot we know of serving both smoked bone marrow and swordfish, with a whole menu section of sauce and topping options for your steak.

Mija Santa Fe • 227 Don Gaspar Ave., Ste. 7 • Dude, biscochito chai? Yes please. Plus, owner Chainé Peña has been famed for her cookie wizardry since her New Mexican macaron-making days.

Mille • 451 W Alameda St., (505) 930-5492 • In the market for a new breakfast date spot (platonic or romantic)? Try Mille’s brunch for two. If the contents themselves (a fresh baguette, two croissants, two quiches, two mini jams and two hot drinks for $32) aren’t enough to convince you, the whole order comes served on a fancy multi-tiered stand. Find a whole case of pastries and assorted treats, too.

Mucho Gusto • 839 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 955-8402 • If you also owe Lisa Harris at Video Library a visit like, yesterday (we promise we’re bringing The Thing back, Lisa!), do yourself a favor and pick up some classic smothered enchiladas next door.

Museum Hill Café • 710 Camino Lejo, (505) 984-8900 • During the trip with out-of-town family on the full museum circuit, stop off at Weldon Fulton’s place to refuel with Ruebens and chile mild enough not to annihilate your guests’ unacclimated taste buds.

New York on Catron • 420 Catron St., (505) 982-8900 • A good bagel is hard to find—and New York on Catron has the bulk deli cream cheese offerings to match, plus an evolving menu from its owners, the Vanderhider family.

Oasis Ice Cream Shop and Paleteria • Design Center, 418 Cerrillos Road Unit 5, (505) 365-2073 • Man, we are so down for anywhere serving elote in a cup and paletas on this side of Siler—and between us, Oasis also offers hot cheetos con queso and a milkshake with an entire churro for a garnish.

Osteria d’Assisi • 58 S Federal Place, (505) 986-5858 • We recommend going with a larger group and each ordering a different pasta dish to try: The options here are overwhelming and delicious, as is the ever-so-fresh bread for the table.

Palacio Café
Palacio Café (Joy Godfrey/)

Palacio Café • 209 E Palace Ave., (505) 989-3505 • Damian and Maria Muñoz offer up Boar’s Head-fueled deli items that New York transplants are bound to crave alongside the chile-centric classics a born-and-raised local needs.

The Pantry Rio • 229 Galisteo St., (505) 989-1919 • Sign us up for any steak and enchilada combo plate with beef sourced from Indigenous ranches. Also, we haven’t tried them ourselves, but the mini chimichangas sound irresistible. (Minichangas?)

The Pink Adobe • 406 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 983-7712 • Those new owners (the previously mentioned Serets) will likely make some changes to the existing menu, but we’re sure some of those quintessential Louisiana-meets-New Mexico favorites will stick around.

Pizza Centro • Design Center, 418 Cerrillos Road, (505) 988-8825 • The Hell’s Kitchen (sausage, fried eggplant, green chile, jalapeño, red pepper, feta and whole milk mozzarella) is the best specialty pie at this pizza haven.

Plaza Café • 54 Lincoln Ave., (505) 982-1664 • It’s not just a restaurant—if you grew up in Santa Fe, you’ve probably consumed enough Plaza Café food for it to be a permanent part of your epigenetic makeup by now. Before we get all emotional, though, let us just say: blue corn breakfast enchiladas. That is all.

Palace Prime Santa Fe • 142 W Palace Ave., (505) 919-9935 • Oh, the carpaccio. We dream of that carpaccio. Don’t sleep on the house-made pasta, though; that fresh ravioli is to die for. Did we mention the steaks and killer cocktails?

La Plazuela Restaurant • La Fonda on the Plaza, 100 E San Francisco St., (505) 995-2334 • If you’re choosing La Plazuela instead of one of the other aforementioned La Fonda offerings, you’re probably gonna want to go for one of the chef’s specialties. And listen, there aren’t enough opportunities in life to try huitlacoche, so we highly recommend you take this one. You know you’re curious.

Pranzo Italian Grill • 321 Johnson St., (505) 984-2645 • The former Sanbusco staple, now resurrected from restaurant heaven by chef Steven Lemon, is widely praised as a home of fancy pastas galore. The Paglia e Fieno (with olive oil, garlic, peas, prosciutto di Parma and parmesan cream) has a special place in our heart, and the pizzas are well worth the trip.

Raaga-Go • 410 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 983-5555 • There are few chefs in town as universally loved as Paddy Rawal, and Raaga-Go will show you why. We worship at the altar of his paneer mutter.

Remix Audio Bar • 101 W Marcy St., Ste. 201, (505) 803-7949 • Power your silent discoing with some of the most high-tech caffeinated beverages around. We’re talking desert pear syrup and Mushroom Mama lattes.

Revolution Bakery • Design Center, 418 Cerrillos Road Unit 6, (505) 346-2669 • Entirely gluten-free focaccia, pumpernickel sourdough, cardamom fig and potato dill loaves, alongside countless other leavened and unleavened offerings that will drive us up the wall with desire if we keep naming them.

Rio Chama • 414 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 955-0765 • Dive into that fondue with pride, darlings—or drop by on Sunday for an atmospheric brunch.

Rooftop Pizzeria • Santa Fe Arcade, 60 E San Francisco St., Ste. 301, (505) 984-0008 • Vintage arcade games, a pool table and plenty of draft beers nail the laid-back atmosphere. Top it off with (get this) a Frito pie...pie.

Santacafé (Joy Godfrey/)

Santacafé • 231 Washington Ave., (505) 984-1788 • The giant apricot tree in the patio of this converted adobe house makes eating here in the summer feel a bit like you’re picnicking in a secret garden. They have plenty of competition, but we can vouch that the Christmas cheddar burger (Hatch green chile and red chile aioli) is among the best.

Santarepa Café • 229 Johnson St., Ste. A, (505) 467-8379 • Go with friends to sample as many of this Venezuelan establishment’s arepas and empanadas as physically possible—and don’t forget the yuca fries while you’re at it.

Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar: Apothecary • 133 W San Francisco St., (505) 986-5037 • Self-described “alchemy tailored to your state of being,” the apothecary offers the kind of groovy ‘70s-style health food that you might find on the menu at Alice’s Restaurant.

Sassella • 225 Johnson St., (505) 982-6734 • Named after a tiny town in chef Cristian Pontiggia’s native Lombardy, this extremely upscale Italian joint shines with dishes like liver ravioli and lobster risotto.

Sazón • 221 Shelby St., (505) 983-8604 • Some of the most critically-acclaimed upscale Mexican eats in town. Our fave is the cholula—a dish described as a “tower of chile.” Not only that, chef Fernando Olea won a Beard Award for his Southwest cheffin’ last year.

The Shed • 113½ E Palace Ave., (505) 982-9030 • Owned by the Carswell family since its Burro Alley days in the ‘50s, the traditional New Mexican recipes here are the epitome of time-tested. And while we’re normally green chile folks, the Shed red remains the real star.

Sushi8 • 66 E San Francisco St., Ste. 21, (505) 204-0332 • Hibachi, bento and specialty sushi at accessible prices. Sushi8 also has some killer family plates for the next time you need to feed a crowd of sashimi fans.

The Teahouse • 821 Canyon Road, (505) 992-0972 • The shelves on shelves of tea jars are visually satisfying, but don’t forget about the almost equally numerous eggs Benedict options. And the coffee here is brewed with just as much care as the tea. Try that New England iced option (made with roasted chicory, half and half and maple syrup) next time you’re strolling Canyon in warm weather.

TerraCotta Wine Bistro • 304 Johnson St., (505) 989-1166 • One of the most carefully curated wine menus around alongside pan-European entrees like chicken cacciatore, tenderloin shepherd’s pie, pork schnitzel and Portuguese pasta.

Thai on Canyon • 802 Canyon Road, (505) 365-9869 • Let’s be real, most of the food on Canyon isn’t exactly wallet friendly. Enter Thai on Canyon with specialty Thai tapas such as fish cakes, Buddha dumplings and sweet chili chicken wings. Even better? They all clock in at under $11 per plate. We love to see it.

Thunderbird Bar & Grill • 50 Lincoln Ave., (505) 490-6550 • Famed for the Plaza views from its ever-elusive balcony seats, T-bird keeps its seemingly endless crowds well stocked with New Mexican-infused diner specialties.

Tia Sophia’s • 210 W San Francisco St., (505) 983-9880 • The mythology is almost as rich and delectable as the food, and if you believe the rumors, we have Tia’s to thank for the invention of the breakfast burrito.

Tonic • 103 E Water St., (505) 982-1189 • With its inventive cocktail offerings (we love the West of the Sun for its name as much as its delicious mix of Madre mescal, birch claret, cacao bitters and blood orange) and curated art deco interior, Tonic feels like what might have been if the roaring ‘20s weren’t plagued by prohibition.

Travel Bug Coffee Shop • 839 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 992-0418 • Not only does this locally-beloved spot offer maps of all the hiking trails (near and far) you could ever wish to walk, its long established café menu and brand new beer offerings make it unmissable for the hungry and well-traveled.

Tres Colores • 101 W Marcy St., (505) 490-0296 • Specializing in Southern Mexican cuisine, Tres Colores offers all the chile-laden staples you expect in New Mexico alongside fish tacos, mole enchiladas, chilaquiles and other such options you’re unlikely to find at restaurants with menus that hew closer to home.

Tumbleroot Pottery Pub • 135 W Palace Ave., Ste. 100, (505) 982-4711 • Angela and Jason Kirkman, the couple behind Paseo Pottery and Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery, combined forces for a new watering hole where you can drink your local craft brews out of mugs you make. We may not personally have the hand-eye coordination to manage that while drinking, but we admire all those who do.

Upper Crust Pizza • 329 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 982-0000 • The top echelon of downtown pizza can be eaten on the premises or delivered to much of Santa Fe. Make sure green chile is among your chosen toppings and note that unique crust flavor.

Vara Vinoteca • 329 W San Francisco St., (505) 898-6280 • Sure, the focus here is on Iberian wines, but don’t sleep on those tapas. We hear the truffle popcorn is delicious.

Il Vicino • 321 W San Francisco St., (505) 986-8700 • Upscale pizza offerings at prices that (for the blocks-from-the-Plaza location) are surprisingly doable. A truffle cream-centric pie for less than $14? Seriously refreshing.

Yin Yang Chinese Restaurant • Design Center, 418 Cerrillos Road, (505) 986-9279 • As much as we love that heng-yang bean curd, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also take this moment to celebrate the triumphant return of the iconic lunch buffet.




Altar Spirits • 545 Camino de la Familia, (505) 916-8596 • In keeping with the name, Altar boasts spirits (including their “Ritual” gin and “Sigil” vodka) labeled with a kick of Crowley and multiple green velvet couches of which we’re deeply envious.

Andiamo! • 322 Garfield St., (505) 995-9595 • A peaceful oasis amidst the intensity of the Railyard, Andiamo’s penne with house-made lamb sausage will have you thanking the heavens for the local sheep that make it possible.

Atrisco Café & Bar • DeVargas Center, 193 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 983-7401 • If you have yet to crack the code of reliably nabbing a Tomasita’s table, check out the stuffed sopaipillas at its sister restaurant.

Bottega del Vino • CHOMP Food Hall, 505 Cerrillos Road, (505) 772-0946 • Tucked inside CHOMP is the Italian wine bar of your dreams. Grab a slice of Pedro’s salami and golden apple pizza next door, pick out a bottle of Vietti and pretend you’re in Umbria.

Boxcar • 530 S Guadalupe St., (505) 988-7222 • We’re desperately praying you haven’t seen SFR staffers at Boxcar’s karaoke as we write this entry. Hopefully if you did, you were as many tequila-based drinks deep as we might have been.

Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill • 301 Jefferson St., (505) 820-2862 • Don’t think of it as “the world’s slowest drive-thru,” think of it as an opportunity to meditate on the satisfyingly crispy skin on that whole roast chicken being prepared for you.

Casa Chimayó • 409 W Water St., (505) 428-0391 • Take a hint from the name and try one of the Chimayó chile-based mole dishes. Those deliciously smoky peppers grown just north of the city are famous for a reason.

The ChocolateSmith • 851A Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-2111 • Whoo’s Donuts’ sister establishment purveys all the cacao-infused sweetness you crave while cutting out the dough middleman.

CrashMurderBusiness • 312 Montezuma Ave., • You know you’re in for a wild ride when edible glitter isn’t even the most memorable part of a coffee shop’s presentation. Check out those specialty drinks: the Maelstrom of Axolotls (liquid marine collagen, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, aloe-soaked chia seeds and sparkling water)? The Cabinet of Yaks (Lapsang souchong tea, sweet milk, grass fed ghee, pure maple syrup, apricot and vanilla bitters)? Oowee.

Chili Line Brewery • 204 N Guadalupe St., (505) 982-8474 • In the increasingly popular tradition of breweries and pizzerias—in this case, Lino’s Trattoria and Pizzeria next door—pairing up, Chile Line lets you enjoy appropriately spicy pies alongside drinks like the Pinche Guey IPA (whose name just makes us smile).

Chopstix Oriental Food • 238 N Guadalupe St., (505) 820-2126 • The patron saint of all those in need of an affordable and MSG-free treat. We maintain the Mongolian beef has therapeutic properties.

La Choza • 905 Alarid St., (505) 982-0909 • We’ve been saying La Choza has the best pinto beans in town since we were...pretty much pinto bean-sized ourselves, and we’re not stopping now. The crowds may have grown in recent years, but the New Mexican food is just as authentic as ever. Everyone loves the margs, too.

The Closet Bar at Jean Cocteau Cinema • 418 Montezuma Ave., (505) 466-5528 • You probably already know and love the Jean Cocteau’s famous popcorn (it’s real butter, y’all, not that orange movie theater stuff), but if you haven’t been by recently, you need to check out the build-your-own charcuterie plates and movie-themed mixed drinks. Go try “The Projectionist” and thank us later.

Cowgirl BBQ • 319 S Guadalupe St., (505) 982-2565 • This place has Americana down to a science, from the vintage rodeo photos on the walls to the famous butternut squash casserole and near-endless rotation of live music. People love the BBQ. And can a paper mention the ice cream baked potato too many times?

Dinner for Two • 106 N Guadalupe St., (505) 820-2075 • Between the newly-spruced up patio and the supremely juicy veal picatta, DFT is nailing the upscale dinner date game. Plus they flambé the two-person bananas Foster at the table, which could be an interesting bonus if your guest has a thing for fire. Just a thought.

Dolina (Joy Godfrey/)

Dolina • 402 N Guadalupe St., (505) 982-9394 • You’ve probably heard more than enough folks rave about the Eastern European pastries on offer here, but have you gotten down with that Hungarian goulash yet? If not, get on that. If so, move on to the borscht.

Dumpling Cafe • 500 Sandoval St., (505) 780-5890 • Praise the heavens, the owners of Dumpling Tea have brought us another spot to worship at the altar of the traditional soup dumpling—and we hear this new location specifically has locals in mind.

Esquina Pizza • 403 S Guadalupe St., (505) 303-3034 • The folks behind Paloma have expanded into the corner spot next door (thus the name), birthing one of the nicer pizza joints in town.

Fire & Hops • 222 N Guadalupe St., (505) 954-1635 • Next time you’re browsing the latest flower options at Kure, head next door and pick up some of those spare ribs from chef Austin “Gus” Emery. Trust us, stoned you will be grateful.

Iconik Coffee Roasters (’Lupe) • 314 S Guadalupe St., (505) 428-0669 • That not-too-sweet Iconik chai is unbeatable—and we can’t get enough of the cobblestone patio out back.

Jinja Bar & Bistro • 510 N Guadalupe St., (505) 982-4321 • All the umbrella-bedecked drinks you can imagine, alongside Pacific Islands themed posters and insanely good lettuce wraps.

Joseph’s Culinary Pub • 428 Agua Fría St., (505) 982-1272 • An experimental haven stuffed inside a traditional steakhouse. Sure, you can get duck fat French fries and a mean pork chop, but why not walk on the wild side with the confit pad thai?

Kohnami • 313 S Guadalupe St., (505) 984-2002 • An impressively expansive menu ranging from sashimi to sukiyaki—plus traditional Japanese floor seating that makes you feel like you’ve temporarily stepped out of the Southwest.

Lino’s Trattoria and Pizzeria • 204 N Guadalupe St., Ste. B, (505) 982-8474 • Not only does Lino’s benefit from the presence of Chile Line Brewery right next door, it also boasts a mean “Frank Sinatra” pasta (think fettuccini Alfredo, but with mushrooms and artichoke hearts added) and a robust lineup of open mic opportunities.

Nath’s Inspired Khmer Cuisine • CHOMP Food Hall, 505 Cerrillos Road, Ste. B101, (505) 699-5974 • Chef Nath is best known for her upscale Cambodian catering, but her CHOMP spot ensures that your tea leaves salad, turmeric noodles and tom yum cravings won’t go unfulfilled.

New Mexico Hard Cider Taproom • 505 Cerrillos Road, Ste. A, (505) 231-0632 • Don’t let the cider-centric name distract you completely from the food offerings. The Bosque lager-cooked pork on its pork sandwich is glorious, and you’ll even find rotating artworks from locals on the walls.

Ohori’s (Luna) • 505 Cerrillos Road, Ste. B103 (505) 982-9692 • On behalf of multiple coworkers and predecessors, we should take this opportunity to thank Ohori’s for keeping the SFR staff so well caffeinated all these years. Where would we be without these brilliantly roasted beans?

Opuntia Cafe • 1607 Alcaldesa St., (505) 780-5796 • The veggie-based bites (mushroom crostini, yo) will keep you feeling superior after your farmers market stroll—and the black walls just make those countless potted plants look all the greener. Opuntia does dinner now, too!

Paloma • 401 S Guadalupe St., (505) 467-8624 • Whatever you pick from the Nixtamal section (the Mexican fusion offerings are constantly changing), make sure you get some fried Brussels sprouts to share. And while you’re feeling grateful for chef Nathan Mayes, check out all the gorgeous folk art, tables from Stark Raven Fabrication and killer cocktail menu.

Paradise Boba Tea • DeVargas Center, 199 D Paseo De Peralta, (505) 930-5924 • If the increased presence of boba in this part of town alone isn’t enough to hook you, this spot names its milk teas after anime characters.

Pedro’s Santa Fe • CHOMP Food Hall, 505 Cerrillos Road, (505) 663-6334 • Obviously the specialty pizzas are the stars here (poached octopus and fennel? Christ), but don’t sleep on the antipasti. That Apache short rib baked polenta will have you drooling, too, thanks to chef Peter O’Brien.

Pizza Etc. • DeVargas Center, 552 N Guadalupe St., (505) 986-1500 • Listen, if we could grab you by the collar and shake you on this one, we would. Don’t underestimate Pizza Etc. and its ever-ready pepperoni, sausage and green chile slices—all made with the freshest ingredients.

Poki Taco
Poki Taco (Alex De Vore/)

Poki Tako • CHOMP Food Hall, 505 Cerrillos Road, (505) 913-7878 • You may be most familiar with chef Randy Tapia’s creations from his pop-up at Tumbleroot, but check out the latest on his constantly-evolving menu at CHOMP: We hear poke nachos are in the works. His Thai mango sticky rice dessert is next-level.

Restoration Pizza.• 1607 Alcaldesa St., Ste. B, (505) 557-6672 • We’re all about the New Mexico-themed offerings at this new Bosque Brewing offshoot. The piñon nuts on that Roadrunner pie? Yes. You can also choose to forego the traditional red sauce for an herby olive oil base that is, frankly, to die for.

Roots and Leaves Casa de Kava • 301 N Guadalupe St., (720) 804-9379 • If you’re over 18 and looking for a different kind of buzz, Casa de Kava will let you try the Pacific Islands specialty while enjoying some of the edgiest drag acts in town.

Sabor Peruano • DeVargas Center, 163 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 577-5096 • If you like foods stuffed with other foods, try Sabor’s stuffed potatoes, tomatoes and avocados. And while you’re at it, get a chicha morada for the side—the bright purple corn and pineapple drink is too beautiful to pass up.

Dr. Field Goods • DeVargas Center, 187 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 982-3033 • Oh yes, chef Josh Gerwin has taken over the Santa Fe Bar & Grill, and he’s updated the menu to match. Sure, you’ll still find OG faves here like the green chile-loaded Santa Fe meatloaf, but it’s also now home to Field Goods classics like the Greek-style calamari and specialty Cubano.

Saya’s Frybread and Indian Tacos • 651 Cerrillos Road, (505) 699-4928 • For a town with such a big cultural debt to Indigenous people, it used to be crazy hard to find a real frybread taco around Santa Fe. Thank God Saya’s is here to save us from the dark times—and next time you feel like worshiping at the altar of Crisco, grab yourself a slice of the prune pie, too. Just trust us on this one.

Second Street Brewery (Railyard) • 1607 Paseo de Peralta, Ste. 10, (505) 989-3278 • Second Street has an abundance of full-on dinner options—mostly of the hot sandwich and enchilada variety—but we’re going to be purists here and recommend you get a Bavarian twist pretzel (and queso, of course) to go with your lager.

Shake Foundation • 631 Cerrillos Road, (505) 988-8992 • Instead of milkshakes, they’re dubbed Adobe Mud Shakes here—try one with lavender ice cream and shoestring fries for al fresco dipping.

Sky Coffee • 1609 Alcaldesa St., • The abundant natural lighting and bakery pop tarts make this a particularly good early morning stop-off, but the ability to add Kakawa chocolate to your coffee is really boss.

Social Kitchen & Bar • Sage Inn, 725 Cerrillos Road, (505) 982-5952 • Self-described “South by Southwest” comfort food classics, with an emphasis on live trivia nights and oversized cocktails.

Tomasita’s • 500 S Guadalupe St., (505) 983-5721 • Its heart-of-the-Railyard location is always hopping, but even the most crowd-shy among us can enjoy the immensely nostalgic comfort of the giant takeout enchilada pans. The crinkle of that tinfoil lid sounds like childhood family gatherings.

Violet Crown Cinema • 1606 Alcaldesa St., (505) 216-5678 • Being able to wash down the latest Oscar bait or arthouse horror with pecorino truffle French fries is so satisfying—and we guarantee it’s physically impossible you’ll make as much of a mess as we do in the process. Seriously, Violet Crown staff, we have no idea how we always end up spilling so much pecorino and we’re sincerely sorry.

Wild Leaven Bakery • 130 N Guadalupe St., • Originally a Taos joint, Santa Fe finally has a place to enjoy Andre and Jessica Kempton’s pecan chile bars and specialty sourdough without heading for the hills.

Whole Hog Café • 320 S Guadalupe St., (505) 474-3375 • With so many barbecue sauce options to choose from, we highly recommend you make yourself a little flight of dipping options to alternate. And come on, that “Volcano” sauce they only serve at the counter is just daring you to taste it.

Whoo’s Donuts • 851 Cerrillos Road, Ste. B, (505) 629-1678 • If you haven’t already tried the most New Mexican donuts in town, get thee to a green chile apple fritter immediately. Maybe grab a red chile bacon toffee too and alternate bites for a kind of Christmas effect?

Zacatlán Restaurant • 317 Aztec St., (505) 780-5174 • We’re still drooling over the churros with cajeta quemada we had here months ago. Yet, we recommend you order the chicken and waffles brunch plate and douse that mother in agave syrup, stat. Wow, our sweet tooth is showing, huh?

Zaika Cerrillos • CHOMP Food Hall, 505 Cerrillos Road, Ste. B101E, (505) 982-0499• Chef Paddy of Raaga Go is so skilled at the fusion burrito game, he’s created a whole local franchise to showcase these tortilla-wrapped slices of paradise. The Bombay Bollywood Special has our heart (crunchy fries with chicken tikka masala? Yes), but the Big Vegetarian gives it a meat-free run for its money.




Barrio Brinery • 1413B W Alameda St., (505) 699-9812 • Pickle jar drinkers, rejoice: Barrio Brinery has all the sauerkraut, Kosher-style dill, hot and spicy and bread and butter brining you could possibly desire—plus only-in-New Mexico specialties like straight up fermented jalapeños.

The Betterday Coffee Shop • Solana Center, 905 W Alameda St., (505) 780-5638 • As much as we love the breakfast burrito-in-a-jar option, we have to take this opportunity to shout-out the rare and marvelous appearance of a fried green tomato sandwich on a Santa Fe menu. We can also attest to the quality of the iced black coffee and others from Portland’s Stumptown.

Honeymoon Brewery • Solana Center, 907 W Alameda St., Unit B, (505) 303-3139 • One of the only watering holes in town whose taps serve hard kombucha instead of beer, courtesy of owners Ayla Bystrom-Williams and James Hill. Check out the open mic nights—and see if you can catch bartender Kyle Perkins stepping out from behind the bar to play his latest tunes.

Masa Sushi • Solana Center, 927 W Alameda St., (505) 982-3334 • An extensive and New Mexico-inspired sushi menu shines alongside abundant and unpretentious noodle and bento options. We’re not sure what the Navajo sushi is yet, but, man, are we excited to find out.

La Montañita Co-op • Solana Center, 913 W Alameda St., (505) 984-2852 • Where all the young folks much hipper and healthier than us go for their organic groceries, locally sourced deli counter and take-out lunch options.

Pho Kim • Solana Center, 919 W Alameda St., (505) 820-6777 • It should come as no surprise that the fragrant broths at this Vietnamese joint are particularly special. Check out that beef noodle soup with rare steak and/or delight in a pork banh mi.

Piccolino • 2890 Agua Fría St., (505) 471-1480 • With its checkered tablecloths and the kind of generously-portioned spaghetti platter that would look at home on a Corleone family table, this beloved Italian eatery just has immensely friendly energy.

Ras Rody’s Jamaican Kitchen • 1320 Agua Fria St., (505) 385-3011 • A locally-sourced and impressively innovative rotation of Jamaican vegan offerings that makes our heads spin. Curried jackfruit? Sweet potato pudding? Bammy bread?? Bring it.

Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery • 2791 Agua Fría St., (505) 303-3808 • Besides carrying a huge chunk of the local metal scene on its back, Tumbleroot is deservedly famed for its local beers and a dazzlinng variety of fusion food truck pop-ups. And lest we forget who kept many of us well-stocked in alcohol-based sanitizer throughout the worst of the pandemic, the spirits here are pretty heroic too.

Tune-Up Café • 1115 Hickox St., (505) 983-7060 • A wide range of deli and diner-style American and New Mexican offerings rounded out by a pack of El Salvadorean specialties such as pupusas and banana leaf-wrapped tamales. We know everyone (including us) loves the carrot cake, but don’t forget about those dreamy apple pies or the bonkers tres leches cake.

Valentina’s • Solana Center, 945 W Alameda St., (505) 988-7165 • A homey, locals-centric family spot with the kind of smothered burritos that will satisfy even the most vicious chile cravings. We mean it—the burritos look like they’re swimming around blissfully in their own Ojo Caliente-style pool of capsaicin.




Andale!  • 1006 Marquez Place, (505) 316-0612 • Folks swear by the chile cheese fries and quesadillas at this truck, but if you’ve never tried one of the seven types of meat tortas with a side of fries of salad, have you ever truly lived?

Bruno’s • 1512 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 690-0966 • We feel it’s our duty to inform any South Capitol workers not already in the know about the lifesaving Bruno’s lunch special: a personal margherita pizza, mini cannoli and limoncello granita for under $11. You’re welcome.

Craft Donuts & Coffee • 502 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 490-9171 • If funnel cake or turtle donuts (chocolate, crushed pecans and caramel) don’t strike your fancy, this place lets you build your own—which feels like a dangerous amount of responsibility.

Chicago Dog Express • 600 Cerrillos Road, (505) 984-2798 • Let us challenge you to a New Mexican-off. Locals get the fully loaded green chile cheese dog por vida, que no?

El Chile Toreado • 807 Early St., (505) 500-0033 • All the rumors are true: Toreado really is that good. If you don’t believe us, try the buche (pork stomach) burrito. El Chile Toreado made the short list for this year’s James Beard Awards, too!

Clafoutis • 333 W Cordova Road, (505) 988-1809 • Besides its heavily-awarded pastry case, Clafoutis is great as a group brunch or meeting spot. All those high quality quiches lorraines and salades Nicoises will make you feel impressive while ordering, but you’ll be hard-pressed to break the $15 mark on any one dish.

Dulce Capital • 1100 Don Diego Ave., (505) 989-9966 • Some of the prettiest pastries in town (just take a gander at those miniature cheesecakes!), with all the expertly frothed beverages you’d hope for in accompaniment.

Fun Noodle Bar • 514 W Cordova Road, (505) 974-8801 • Traditional Chinese and fusion entrees (think jalapeño chicken bumping shoulders with the Szechuan shrimp) alongside all noodle types.

Fusion Tacos Downtown • 502 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 316-2583 • The iconic red truck that’s soothed many a South Capitol worker’s lunchtime stress. The birria here is deservedly famous, and we maintain it’s best consumed as part of Fusion’s iconic ramen bowl.

Kakawa Chocolate House • 1050 E Paseo de Peralta, (505) 982-0388 • Bonnie Bennett’s truffle assortments are stunning, but if you haven’t also tried those meticulously researched cacao elixirs, you’re missing out.

Kaune’s Neighborhood Market • 511 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 982-2629 • Not only can you chat with the deli counter folks as they prep your sandwich or Friday Frito pie, Kaune’s also offers picnic boxes for pickup.

Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen • 555 W Cordova Road, (505) 983-7929 • All enchiladas taste better when consumed inside adobe buildings, and Maria’s is no exception. The margarita list also boasts several Nuevomexicano homages, such as the Milagro Beanfield War and the Taos Hum.

Mariscos La Playa • 537 W Cordova Road, (505) 982-2790 • The tostadas de ceviche and the beach scene painted on the door remind you all is well.

Modern General • 637 Cerrillos Road, (505) 930-5462• The signature dish (or rather, dish family) at Vinaigrette’s sister restaurant is the “modcake,” a modified flapjack available in a full bouquet of vegetable and whole grain-based flavors.

The New Santa Fe Baking Company • 504 W Cordova Road, (505) 557-6435 • We all owe Filiberto Rodriguez a hearty thank you for resurrecting the Baking Company and bringing back those fine handheld brekkie b’s.

Paper Dosa • 551 W Cordova Road, (505) 930-5521 • The texture of that perfectly crisped paneer and peas dosa? Crepes could not compete. Don’t forget the obligatory mango lassi to accompany it, though.

Pyramid Café • 505 W Cordova Road, (505) 989-1378 • Spanakopita, tagine, kabobs—and a pita-based Philly cheesesteak? Bet you didn’t see that one coming, but the menu here is full of exciting little surprises, like some of the best fries in town.

Radish & Rye • 505 Cerrillos Road, (505) 930-5325 • We go hard for anywhere with collard greens on the menu, even if it does mean that Schoolboy Q is going to be stuck in our heads for the foreseeable future. Beyond the upscale southern fare, the bourbon selection here does not mess around and chef Dru Ruebush is basically a superstar.

Restaurant Martîn
Restaurant Martîn (Joy Godfrey/)

Restaurant Martín • 526 Galisteo St., (505) 820-0919 • Last year wasn’t even chef Martín Rios’ first time being nominated for a James Beard Award, and the pork belly bacon and sunny side up quail eggs here will quickly demonstrate why. That is, if the menu hasn’t already changed by the time you read this.

Sage Bakehouse • 535 Cerrillos Road, (505) 820-7243 • At Sage, as in life, our motto remains: When in doubt, go for an almond croissant. When little else can motivate you out of bed, that often does the trick.

Saigon Café • 501 W Cordova Road, (505) 988-4951 • You know you’re in for a treat when the menu is so extensive it uses a combined letter-number system to designate different orders. We strongly support the #20B: rice vermicelli with BBQ pork.

Santa Fe BBQ • 502 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 603-9051 • You had us at “Texas-sized turkey legs,” and you kept us with brisket that would make a bubbe weep.

Santafamous Street Eats • Corner of Paseo de Peralta and Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 269-2858 • We can’t help but smile every time we think of that one “BEET yes beet not beef” taco listing, and the loaded tots are primally satisfying.

Saveur Bistro • 204 Montezuma Ave., (505) 989-4200 • We’ve never been morning people, but we make an exception where Saveur’s pre-10:30 am corned beef hash is concerned. And we hear the BLT—er, apologies, Le BLT, according to the website—is served on a croissant. Le croissant.

Tajine (Alex De Vore/)

Tajine • Inside BODY of Santa Fe, 333 Cordova Road, (505) 372-7885 • You already know how much we love this Moroccan joint’s falafel, but you can’t miss out on the namesake earthenware pot stuffed with seasonal veggies, garlic and herbs. That crispy bastilla with vegan chorizo sounds intriguing, too.

Tiny’s Restaurant & Lounge • 1005 St. Francis Drive, Ste. 117, (505) 983-9817 • Frequent live music events and the kind of enormous rib-eye and relleno plates you’d hope for after hearing the name.

Vinaigrette • 709 Don Cubero Alley, (505) 820-9205 • We swear by the “Eat your Peas” salad (those bacon crumbles achieve just the right balance of chewy and crispy), but the carrot cake here really steals the show.

Zaika (Old Santa Fe Trail) • 410 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 983-5555 • We know building your own fusion burrito here doesn’t count as collaborating with chef Paddy, but we’d argue it’s the next best thing.




Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café • 1620 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 988-9688 • The offerings here come with a handy little key indicating which Ayurvedic doshas are associated with each dish. Their signature is the kitchari plate, which features toppings customizable to your dosha needs.

Anthony’s Grill • 1622 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 365-2932 • Did you know you can get catfish here alongside the classic shrimp tempura and stir fry? We can’t think of a better way to pregame for the new season of Reservation Dogs.

Back Road Pizza • 1807 Second St., Ste. 1, (505) 955-9055 • We’ve personally witnessed the bizarre time warp that happens around Back Road’s upstairs pool table. We think it has something to do with those delicious cornmeal-dusted crusts. Owner Piper Kapin recently reopened the dining areas, too—just in time for summer patio season!

Bread Shop
Bread Shop (Alex De Vore/)

Bread Shop • 1703 Lena St., (505) 230-8421 • It has all the artisanal loaf and pastry options you could possibly imagine (Whole wheat cherry and poppyseed rye? Lemon olive oil cake? Sign us up), but we’re really psyched that the Bread Shop is finally using those heavenly slices for sandwiches, too.

Burrito Spot • 1057 Cerrillos Road, (505) 820-0779 • Listen to us very carefully. Once you’ve tried the Burrito Spot drive thru’s roughly $6 carne asada burrito, you need never be tempted by Taco Bell again.

Cafecito • 922 Shoofly St., (505) 310-0089 • If you read our latest edition of 25 Things We Love About Santa Fe Right Now, you already know we go hard for those croissants. But if you haven’t already given Cafecito’s lunch menu a gander, now’s the time for an empanada sampler plate with fresh-brewed maté to match. Heck, just visit to meet the new busser—a literal robot.

Chocolate Maven • 821 W San Mateo Road, (505) 984-1980 • Can’t decide between eggs Florentine, Benedict and Copenhagen? Have it all three ways with the Ménage à Trois plate—but make sure to leave room for some German chocolate cake afterwards or any of about a bazillion pastries, cookies, muffins, pies and cakes. Open only for breakfast and lunch hours.

Chow’s Asian Bistro • 720 St. Michael’s Drive, Ste. Q, (505) 471-7120 • You’ve been an empty shell of a human if you haven’t yet sampled the coffee chicken at Chow’s. Enough said.

Counter Culture Café • 930 Baca St., (505) 995-1105 • We’re going to share one of our favorite Santa Fe food secrets, so don’t let the tourists know: Bring a friend with a sweet tooth and split a plate of Counter Culture’s French toast. Instead of bread, CC uses its own generously frosted cinnamon rolls. Normally this is the kind of sugary business we’d tackle ourselves in a single sitting, but those rolls are the size of a human head. You’ll need the help.

Iconik Coffee Roasters (Lena) • 1600 Lena St., (505) 428-0669 • As delicious as the espresso here is, we’re all about those sun-dappled window seats. Be prepared to spend a few hours here at a time, though, as it’s scientifically impossible to get in and out of the Lena Iconik without running into at least 3.5 familiar faces.

Iconik Coffee Roasters (Red) • 1366 Cerrillos Road, (505) 428-0996 • Oh yes, darlings, you read that right. There’s now one more place to get your Iconik caffeine fix—and this one’s right on Cerrillos, in prime pre-work commute territory.

Kai Sushi • 720 St. Michael’s Drive, Ste. 2M, (505) 438-7221 • Try the Yam Yam specialty roll here, folks. You won’t believe how well that sweet potato makes the eel sing until you’ve tasted it for yourself.

Kakawa Chocolate House (San Mateo) • 851 W. San Mateo Road, (505) 930-5968 • Even if you’re a downtown Kakawa purist, this new location is worth the visit for the aromas alone. This is where the cacao magic happens, and with the door to the kitchen almost always open, the chocolate-infused air is unbeatable.

Lotus Dumpling House • 1807 Second St., Ste. 35, (505) 231-2088 • Can you think of anything that matches the sheer textural satisfaction of your very first bite into a well-made vegetable bun? Let us know, because we can’t get it out of our heads.

Loyal Hound Pub • 730 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 471-0440 • Sure, the pub platters are everything you could hope for, but we really love that the “La Cart” menu section essentially lets you design your own symphony of flavors from the ground up.

Midtown Bistro • 901 W San Mateo Road, Ste. A, (505) 820-3121 • While this is most definitely a dinner-friendly spot, we prefer visiting in the daytime when there’s plenty of sunshine to play off the rock garden outside. And that portobello, cream cheese and avocado sandwich is hearty enough to please the most carnivorous palettes.

Mizu’s Boba Tea Spot • 1700 St Michael’s Drive, #A-118 (505) 690-7081) • Even if you’re not yet a boba fan, you’re going to want to give this place your money. Y’all, Mizu’s was literally started by a local 12-year-old, and it’s named after her family dog. Can’t get cuter than that.

Mucho Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe • 1711 Llano St., Ste. F/G, (505) 473-7703 • There are plenty of spots in town that like to skimp on their sammy offerings (we won’t name any names)—but Mucho blessedly veers in the opposite direction. The sandwiches inside these nostalgic brown bags always come piled tall and accompanied by chips and a free cookie. Because you deserve it.

Ohori’s Coffee Roasters • 1098 ½ S St. Francis Drive (access on Pen Road), (505) 982-9692 • If you’re feeling sacrilegious and don’t want a classic caffeinated option, let yourself drift away in the warm embrace of that dandelion chicory latte.

Ozu • 1708 Lena St., #101, • The kitchen supply company Tenzo opened this Japanese joint mere days ago, but we’re already hearing excellent things about the bento. Note that the namesake here is likely the ozu salad, not the contemplative director of Late Spring and Tokyo Story.

Pizzeria Espíritu • 1722 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 424-8000 • The self-titled pie (with mushroom, onion, bell pepper, garlic, mozzarella, provolone and romano) earns its namesake serious props—plus, where else in town can you find folks serving Chimayó chile on salmon?

Ramblin’ Café • 1420 Second St., (505) 989-1272 • The kind of pages-long menu that makes our indecisive asses break into a cold sweat, you can find everything from Frito pie to Philly cheesesteaks underneath the enormous and heartwarming “THANK YOU” scrawled across Ramblin’s doorway.

Root 66 Café • 1704 Lena St., (505) 780-8249 • The vegan baby challah buns here make our semitic hearts sing—and for the dog lovers among us, Root 66 also offers fresh-baked pup treats, so you and your canine companion can fully share the bakery experience.

Sagche’s Coffee House • 730 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 780-5263 • Breakfast specialties from cream cheese salmon omelettes to chilaquiles rub shoulders with Guatemalan classics and a whole host of herbal tinctures.

Santa Fe Bite • 1616-A St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 428-0328 • The one undisputed heir to Bobcat Bite’s burger throne, we stan any employee-owned restaurant (shout-out to Angela Mason and Armando Rivas, who recently purchased the eatery from longtime owners Bonnie and John Eckre) offering buttermilk fried chicken as a weekend treat.

Sunrise Family Restaurant • 1851 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 820-0643 • Why yes, that is a giant breakfast painted on that old decommissioned satellite dish. If you aren’t aiming to honor the iconic exterior with a classic Sunrise breakfast plate (eggs, chile-smothered home potatoes and melted cheese), expand your palate with a menudo bowl.

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen • 1512 Pacheco St., Bldg. B, (505) 795-7383 • Given the proximity to SFR’s new offices, Sweetwater has saved many a staff member from deadline day near-starvation. Plus, the entire kitchen is now gluten free, so your allergy-plagued friends can order in safety. Also, those breakfast tacos? Dang!

Tacos el Charrito • 1711 Llano St., Ste. A, (505) 473-9397 • While we’re definitely not over the tragic loss of Felipe’s Taco’s, it’s good to know Rodrigo Rodriguez is filling the old kitchen with new recipes—including parrilladas (giant platters of barbecued and/or grilled meat) and intimidatingly good horchatas.




Adelita’s Mexican Restaurant • 3136 Cerrillos Road, (505) 474-4897 • We have no idea what other place in town regularly serves nopalitos alongside its eggs, but this one’s named after La Adelita, the archetypal Mexican soldadera. You’ll get the the same revolutionary attitude in the food.

Alicia’s Tortilleria • 1314 Rufina Circle, Ste. A5, (505) 438-9545 • As you might imagine, the goal here is to choose a dish that will let those oh-so-fresh tortillas shine through. We recommend the steak quesadillas. But don’t sleep on the chips and guac.

Baja Tacos • 2621 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-8762 • In addition to all the classic Mexican and New Mexican fillings, Baja also offers bean and tofu tacos for $2.95 a pop. For the protein-deprived Midtown vegetarian, it’s a damn life saver. The breakfast burrito is famous.

Cafe Castro
Cafe Castro (Joy Godfrey/)

Café Castro • 2811 Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-5800 • While some dumb chain coffee shop is now planning to open in the former Cheeks lot nearby, Café Castro will always have our full-hearted devotion. The Castro family are absolute sweethearts, the Guadalupe mural by Reyes Padilla always makes us smile and the melted cheese on those enchiladas is anything but skimpy. This is true New Mexican food and hospitality at its best.

Chicano Dog • 1311 Siler Road, in the Big Jo True Value lot • Don’t let Armando Pacheco’s location in a hardware store parking lot fool you. This is the latest in Roque’s lineage—hot dogs good enough to turn your rabid vegan friends to the dark side.

El Comal Restaurant • 3571 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-3224 • Man, do we get a kick out of seeing a classic eggs and bacon plate being labeled the “American breakfast” to flip the tables on the more US-centric menus around town (that dish is one of the relatively few Anglo offerings among a sea of Mexican and New Mexican options).

Crepas-oh • 1382 Vegas Verdes Drive, (505) 257-8775 • Of course there’s a full selection of crepes and lonche options, but we just can’t get over the perfectly frosted seasonal bakery offerings. Put in an order for your next holiday party.

Cuco’s Kitchen • 2207 Cerrillos Road, (505) 365-2946 • Sincronizadas, mar y tierra tacos y mas served up by some of the nicest folks in town. Seriously, if you’re feeling down on Santa Feans, go visit Cuco’s for a near-guaranteed restoration of at least some faith in humanity.

Dion’s • 2014 Cerrillos Road, (505) 424-7333 • Fine, there are a few Texas locations, but Dion’s could pretty much be the state’s official pizzamaker by this point. Ranch fanatics be warned, though—once you’ve got the taste for Dion’s ranch, no other dressing purveyor will suffice.

Dos Amigos • 2428 Cerrillos Road, (505) 772-0971 • The old Souper Salad has turned into a locally owned sports bar offering live music and some damn good huevos divorciados. Take a friend or two.

Dr. Field Goods Butcher Shop • 2860 Cerrillos Road, Ste. A1, (505) 471-0043 • Chef Josh Gerwin plans to move this operation to the De Vargas Center, but for now it’s the OG shopfront for top-notch butcher and deli offerings.

Freezie Fresh • 2631 Cerrillos Road, (505) 509-9310 • Ice cream just hits different when it’s rolled Thai-style and served up by a Black-owned business run out of a precious little pastel truck. As we write this, Freezie is temporarily closed for the cold season—but we’re pining for the return of Xzavian Cookbey’s carrot cake and dulce de leche rum flavors.

Fritangas La Prietunga • 2864 Cerrillos Road (outside Big 5 Sporting Goods), (505) 913-1558 • One of the precious few Nicaranguan spots in town, the gorditas de pancita are a treasure. And for those in an adventurous mood, La Prietunga also offers pig’s head quesadillas.

India House • 2501 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-2651 • We have a childhood soft spot for both the lamb korma and paneer makhani, and it’s a blessing to find reliable Indian food on this side of St. Francis.

Jambo Café and Jambo Hapa Food Truck • 2010 Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-1269 • What can be said about beloved chef Ahmed Obo that hasn’t been said by the folks at James Beard or bazillions of “we love you,” pieces across countless publications and websites? Kenyan cuisine is the specialty here, but there’s nothing Obo can’t ace, from Caribbean oxtail stew to Moroccan lamb to cumin French fries.

Java Joe’s • 1248 Siler Road, (505) 930-5763 • A sure place to spot Meow Wolfers on their way to the corporate offices, Java Joe’s offers intriguingly croissant-y flakey cinnamon rolls and a daily rotation of bagel flavors alongside its beverages.

Jesushi • 2217 Cerrillos Road, (505) 204-5330 • A precious and impressively fresh sushi truck whose namesake roll features shrimp tempura, avocado cream cheese, torched salmon, green onion, spicy mayo and eel sauce. All hail chef Jesus Mendoza!

Kakawa Chocolate House • 1300 Rufina Circle, Ste. A-4, (505) 930-5460 • Rounding out the holy trinity of Kakawa storefronts, this new Rufina Taproom-adjacent joint allows you to satisfy your cacao and hops cravings within walking distance of each other.

K’ Bueno Tacos, Burritos & More • 2621 Cerrillos Road, (505) 365-2076 • It doesn’t get more Cerrillos Road-y than K’ Bueno—and it’s one of the scarce few spots in town where you can still get things like tripitas and lengua tacos.

Lu Lu’s Chinese Cuisine • 3011 Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-1688 • The exterior might look a bit nondescript, but the bright walls and panda-covered menu awaiting you inside are as wholesome as they come.

Madame Matisse • 1291 San Felipe Ave., (505) 772-0949 • The epitome of a local secret, you won’t believe the French onion soup, pear croissants, salmon goat cheese tarts and specialty breads at this French bakery tucked away here behind a used car shop.

Mampuku Ramen • 1965 Cerrillos Road, (505) 772-0169 • The downright Ghibli-worthy tonkatsu bowls this side of town deserves. Don’t forget to save a little room for the quartered mochi.

Mariscos Costa Azul • 2875 Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-4594 • Eat the camarones agua chile straight outta the molcajete and feel truly at one with your meal.

Ortega’s Jerky • 2631 Cerrillos Road, (505) 484-9726 • Grab a gallon bag of smoked meats and call it a day.

El Paisano Supermarket • 3140 Cerrillos Road, Ste. D, (505) 424-9105 • Stroll up to that lunch counter and order chicharron zacatecano while daydreaming you’re in Kahlo-era Mexico City.

The Pantry • 1820 Cerrillos Road, (505) 986-0022 • Please don’t judge our Nuevomexicanismo too harshly if we tell you the chicken fried steak is still one of our favorite breakfast items here.

El Parasol • 1833 Cerrillos Road, (505) 995-8015 • Find your nearest pickup-owning friend and bribe them with veggie or meaty tacos to recreate Anthony Bourdain’s famous El Parasol moment. Hey, at least you aren’t asking them to help you move. Oh, and don’t forget the burritos.

Pho Ava Vietnamese Restaurant • 2430 Cerrillos Road, (505) 557-6572 • There are only two kinds of people in this world: rare steak and meatball noodle soup people and clay pot stir fry people. We’re both.

Leaf and Hive • 1208 Mercantile Road, Ste. A, (505) 699-3055 • A key player in Santa Fe’s hard kombucha renaissance (kombuchassance?), Leaf and Hive’s lavender lemongrass brew tastes like a summer day at Las Golondrinas and we’re all about it.

Los Potrillos • 1947 Cerrillos Road, (505) 992-0550 • That killer eatery in the former Pizza Hut has developed a devoted following for its abundant seafood-centric Mexican specialties.

La Reina • 1862 Cerrillos Road, El Rey Court, (505) 982-1931 • Fine mezcal cocktails are the original name of the game at La Reina (the Ultima Palabra with maraschino liqueur is our current fave), but the El Rey Court bar has become one of the best spots in town for live music and queer nights.

Realburger • 2641 Cerrillos Road, (505) 699-5392 • Yes, you’ll most definitely adore that patty melt, but it’s worth an early trip to snag a breakfast burrito as well. The crinkling of those wrappers is supreme ASMR.

Red Enchilada • 1310 Osage Ave., (505) 820-6552 • For the full experience, you’re going to want the Typico Nativo Centroamericano platter: fried bananas, refried beans, scrambled eggs and crema salvadoreña. We are hungry just typing that.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales
Rowley Farmhouse Ales (Joy Godfrey/)

Rowley Farmhouse Ales • 1405 Maclovia St., (505) 428-0719 • The head brewer here—John Rowley—is a chemist by training, which will come as no surprise once you’ve tasted his and chef Jeffrey Kaplan’s handiwork. The X-Files themed names scattered throughout the menu are just a bonus.

Second Street Brewery (Rufina Taproom) • 2920 Rufina St., (505) 954-1068 • The Tesuque Grandma sandwich (panko-fried marinated chicken, chipotle mayo, pickles and coleslaw) tastes all the better while you’re jamming to live music from the taproom’s ever-packed lineup.

Soup Star • 1372 Vegas Verdes Drive, (505) 316-5168 • If you’re the kind of person who can’t miss out on Santa Fe’s yearly Souper Bowl, Soup Star’s rotating daily menu of bisques and broths (you might encounter anything from creamy curried carrot to Hungarian mushroom soup) will allow you to recreate that soup flight experience year round.

Sopaipilla Café • 2900 Cerrillos Road (in the Days Inn Motel), (505) 474-1448 • A cult favorite in the best sense, Sopaipilla Cafe is truly New Mexican, not just in its cuisine but also in its laid-back friendliness.

Tender Fire
Tender Fire (Courtesy Tender Fire/)

Tender Fire • 1862 Cerrillos Road, in El Rey Court, • There’s a reason this pop-up’s pizzas often sell out days in advance: that perfectly crunchy wood-fired margherita pie will make you see deities.

Tokyo Café • 1847 Cerrillos Road, (505) 982-1688 • There are certain itches that only the (drive-thru accessible) Hibachi Beef Teriyaki lunch special can scratch, but if you’re feeling fancier than that, teriyaki bacon-wrapped shrimp never hurt. In conclusion, teriyaki.

Tortilla Flats • 3139 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-8685 • We’ve heard rumors of a Meow Wolf-related discount or two, but we’d like to argue that the green chile smothered pork chop is enough to advocate for itself.

Uncle DT’s Smokehouse • 3134 Rufina St., (505) 372-7605 • Brisket so charming, it could only come from an Americana musician turned barbecue entrepreneur. We’re not kidding: Check out DT pluckin’ his way around town as part of the High Desert Rangers.

Weck’s • 2000 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-9111 • It may not be the only Weck’s in the Southwest, but who are we to deny any huevos rancheros a seat at the table?

The Wok • 2860 Cerrillos Road, (505) 424-8126 • While Wok is known for its expert handling of fried tofu in black bean sauce, we maintain that you need at least one order of egg flower soup per visit for it to really count.

Yamas Greek Rotisserie • 2411 Cerrillos Road, (505) 930-5921 • The restaurant’s motto is “with each bite you get a little more Greek,” by which logic we should be currently posing in the Met’s sculpture hall. Seriously though, the avgolemono soup works wonders for the common cold.




Los Amigos • 3904 Rodeo Road, (505) 438-0600 • Strawberry-stuffed pancakes and huevos rancheros with divinely thick-cut potato chunks. Need we say more?

Double Dragon • 3005 S St. Francis Drive, Ste. D3, (505) 989-8880 • The Happy Family special (lobster, scallop, jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef and pork with scrambled egg) may not be able to legally guarantee smoother relationships with your kin, but it’s at least a worthy match to most hangriness-related conflicts.

Garbo’s Restaurant • Montecito Santa Fe, 500 Rodeo Road, (505) 428-7777 • Country club type seafood-centric dishes in a retirement community setting.

Java Joe’s • Rodeo Plaza, 2801 Rodeo Road, Ste. B8, (505) 474-5282 • The same potent beans powering the Siler Road location—but this time with a drive-thru window.

Joe’s Dining • Rodeo Plaza, 2801 Rodeo Road, Ste. A5, (505) 471-3800 • Yes, that does make two Joes in one strip mall, but this one has such a fantastic Sunday brunch and Twin Peaks-style red/white/black midcentury decor that you won’t want to think about that coincidence for too long.

Posa’s El Merendero • 1514 Rodeo Road, (505) 820-7672 • While those freezable tamales have saved many a homesick college student, the burritos are truly Posa’s crowning glory. Just trust us on this one: Try the chile dog burrito.

Tibet Kitchen • 3003 S St. Francis Drive, (505) 982-6796 • We guarantee you’ll adore the momo (Tibetan dumplings available with chicken, beef or vegetable filling), but don’t underestimate the value of being able to find real blood sausage and butter tea in this neck of the woods, either.




Angel’s Bakery & Cafe • 4350 Airport Road, Ste. 13, (505) 557-6156 • Even in that enormous display case stuffed with rolled and bedrizzled goodies, Angel’s tarts are straight up unmissable, and the tres leches cake is downright divine.

Café Grazie • 3530 Zafarano Drive, Ste. C-3, (505) 471-0108 • Something about this spot always makes us think of Lady and the Tramp. We recommend you grab a partner in pasta and share some pancette con penne magic.

Chapin y Mex • 6417 Airport Road, (505) 467-8289 • There are certain colds that only a traditional Guatemalan caldo de pata de res can cure, and Chapin y Mex is one of the few places in town offering that miraculous broth.

Churro Bar • 6700 Cerrillos Road, (505) 920-4682 • Seasonal churros stuffed with everything from pecan cream to vegan apple pie filling. Are we allowed to say that’s hot? It’s hot.

Cleopatra Café (Southside) • 3482 Zafarano Drive, (505) 474-5644 • Find the divine dolmas and falafel-ly ever after you’re seeking. The fries go with everything.

La Cocina de Doña Clara • 4350 Airport Road, Ste. 4, (505) 473-1081 • One of the few places in town offering nopalito gorditas—which seems a little strange, given the abundance of said cactus right around our homes, but we’ll take all the nopalito we can get.

Dion’s • 4980 Promenade Blvd., (505) 501-6060 • There’s something about the way Dion’s slices the tomatoes on that Santorini pie that’s so satisfying.

Los Dogos • 3985 Cerrillos Road, (505) 455-6147 • Your go-to spot for Juárez-style hot dogs, which for the uninitiated are bacon-wrapped for extra decadence. If you’re really looking to treat yourself, try the dogonachos.

Fast & Real Burritos • 5741 Airport Road, (505) 660-0087 • Don’t let that long line of cars scare you away. It moves just as fast as the name promises and the breakfast quesadilla is more than worth the brief wait.

Flying Tortilla • 4250 Cerrillos Road, (505) 424-1680 • Perfectly crispy breakfast potatoes and a multitude of lunch offerings that don’t skimp on the gravy. Don’t underestimate that meatloaf and remember eggs are always a great start to the day.

Fusion Tacos • 5984 Airport Road, (505) 501-3677 • Whether your delivery method of choice is chorreada, taco, quesadilla or burrito, make sure you try that deservedly prized birria.

Fusion Tacos • Santa Fe Place Mall, 4250 Cerrillos Road, (505) 303-3875 • We’re so happy that Fusion has opened a brick-and-mortar spot, and that strategic mall placement makes it a blessed local oasis amidst a sea of chain stores.

Hidden Mountain Brewing Co. • 4056 Cerrillos Road, (505) 438-1800 • A member of the Santa Fe Dining family, the former Blue Corn Cafe has a newish name and a glorious Old Mexican relleno. The bar and seasonal tap lists are local faves.

Horseman’s Haven • 4354 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-5420 • Offering New Mexican dishes “como en su casa,” Horseman’s is best known for its blisteringly spicy green chile—which you can also buy by the quart if a single dish’s worth just isn’t enough to satisfy your need for heat.

El Milagro • 3482 Zafarano Drive, Ste. C, (505) 474-2888 • Roast beef burritos so good, we think they might actually have some talismanic properties.

Monkey’s Food Truck • 3300 Calle Maria Luisa #3, (505) 670-8351 • The melty strings of cheese coming off the illustrated burger on the menu aren’t editorialized. The Hawaiian and green chile cheeseburgers really are dripping with that much deliciousness.

New York Deli
New York Deli (Alex De Vore/)

New York Deli Southside • 4056 Cerrillos Road, (505) 424-1200 • Now separated from the downtown Catron bagel joint that used to share its name, New York Deli offers the farm-fresh egg and cheese sandwiches that give us motivation to get up in the morning at prices that feel like 2013 rather than 2023.

El Paisano Supermarket • 4405 Airport Road, (505) 416-5534 • Stop in to the Southside’s newest full-service grocery for a quick bite at the counter to-go. Carne asada or mole or picadillo or barbocoa? And that’s just part of the burrito list. Hungry hordes will also find a long list of gorditas, tacos, tortas y mas.

Paleteria Oasis #1 • 4641 Airport Road Ste. #2, (505) 780-8544 • Those nutella paletas with fresh strawberries are known as some of the creamiest frozen treats in town.

The Pantry Dos • 20 White Feather Road, (505) 365-2859 • So many Pantries (Pantrys?), so little time. In all seriousness, though, this Pantry outpost provides IAIA and Community College folks a much-needed opportunity to fuel their studying without straying too far from the library.

El Parasol • 298 Dinosaur Trail, (505) 995-8226 • The Southside location of the famous eatery has an indoor dining space so you and your next-level tacos can feel truly at peace with each other.

PC’s Restaurant & Lounge • 4220 Airport Road, (505) 473-7164 • While the downtown crowd may not yet have developed a proper appreciation for the chile-smothered offerings here, we’re old enough (and Southside enough) to remember when Chelsea Clinton chose PC’s as her home base while stumping for her mom in Santa Fe. Also: Natillas like none other.

Pizza Centro • 3470 Zafarano Drive, Ste. D, (505) 471-6200 • You’ll never have to wonder how long the calzones here waited for your arrival—they’re all custom-made to your order from the enormous list of standard and primo topping options.

La Plancha Latin Grill • 3470 Zafarano Drive, Ste. C, (505) 466-2060 • Formerly based in Eldorado, La Plancha’s owners made the shrewd decision to share their pupusas and parilladas with the rest of Santa Fe, and we’re deeply grateful for that.

Plaza Café Southside • 3466 Zafarano Drive, (505) 424-0755 • All the Nuevomexicano comfort of the downtown flagship, just without the parking issues. Celebrate not having to drive in circles around the restaurant with a plate of crispy avocado tacos.

Posa’s El Merendero • 3538 Zafarano Drive, Ste. A2, (505) 473-3454 • Having fed an entire film crew off these burritos on more than one occasion, one SFR staffer can firmly attest to the staying power (and budgetary bang for buck) of a proper Posa’s meal.

Puerto Peñasco
Puerto Peñasco (Alex De Vore/)

Puerto Peñasco • 4681 Airport Road, Ste. 1, (505) 438-6622 • The specialty here is the pescado relleno, stuffed seafood served with fries you’ll have to try to believe. But, really, the whole menu’s a banger.

El Queretaño • 4430 Airport Road, (505) 501-5797 • Fresh tortas, tostadas and tacos galore, in a section of Airport where El Queretaño stands out as an island amidst the onslaught of nationwide chain restaurants.

The Ranch House • 2571 Cristo’s Road, (505) 424-8900 • Texas oak-smoked red chile baby back ribs bring the best of New Mexico to Lone Star State barbecue, and it’s all thanks to chef/owner Josh Baum (the same dude behind Italian eatery Rustica across the street).

Rebel House Coffee • Santa Fe Place Mall, 4250 Cerrillos Road, (505) 819-1037 • We love being able to get our mid-shopping spree coffee from a locally-owned joint, and Rebel House’s Nutella latte provides just the right fueling combination of caffeine, cocoa and sugar to keep you on your feet.

Refresquería Las Delicias • 4350 Airport Road, Ste. 13, (505) 438-0280 • Thank God, we finally get an opportunity to talk about chamango (aka chamoyada). We hope for your sake you’ve already enjoyed the classic combination of mango, chamoy and tajin, but blending it all up into a smoothie takes the summer treat to an indescribable new level.

Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q • 6581 Cerrillos Road, (505) 395-4227 • Featuring glorious peach cobbler and a Texas brisket so specialized, you can customize your order by moisture level. And if you’re in need of an excuse for early hours barbecue consumption, that same brisket is also available in a breakfast taco.

Rustica Fresh Italian Kitchen • 2574 Camina Entrada, (505) 780-5279 • The Ranch House’s sister restaurant offers Pork Milanese and house-made bucatini fit for a pope.

Santa Fe Capitol Grill • 3462 Zafarano Drive, (505) 471-6800 • Offering all sorts of classic American specials along the fish and chips line, plus prime rib burritos and an entire newly added suite of sushi rolls.

Sweet Santa Fe • 8380 Cerrillos Road, (505) 428-0012 • More than 27 flavors of truffle create near endless combination possibilities for your own hand-designed box, including pairing a blackberry balsamic truffle with raspberry cardamom and Grand Marnier-stuffed goodies. Sweet also has a full cafe menu filled with sandwiches and traditional breakfast options.

Taquería Argelia • 4720 Airport Road (in the Airport Road Car Wash parking lot), (505) 204-5211 • We strongly recommend the torta Hawaiana, which features ham, avocado and grilled pineapple.

Thai Café & Noodle Treats • 3482 Zafarano Drive, (505) 424-1818 • The only Thai restaurant the whole state to be given the Thai Select Award three times by Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce (seriously). If you aren’t afraid of a little spice—and we sincerely hope you aren’t, living here—try the Pad Kee Mow.

Tribes Coffeehouse • 3470 Zafarano Drive, Ste. A, (505) 473-3615 • While we still get a little sniffly every time we drive past the old Regal and see those marquee lights off, it’s worth it for Tribes’ intimidatingly stuffed menu ranging from smoothies and specialty lattes to falafel and tostadas.




Arroyo Vino Restaurant & Wine Shop • 218 Camino La Tierra, (505) 983-2100 • One need not be a wine expert to enjoy the roasted cauliflower steak and house-made stracciatella (although if you are, you’ll certainly be more than happy here).

Cottonwood Kitchen • Tesuque Casino, 7 Tesuque Road (800)-462-2635 • Known in particular for its impressively melty prime rib, Tesuque Casino’s in-house restaurant offers bar food staples, upscale meats and an abundance of holiday-specific specialty menus.

Gabriel’s • 4 Banana Lane, (505) 455-7000 • No matter what top-notch New Mexican food you choose for your main course, you can’t miss the opportunity to order Gabriel’s acclaimed guac and watch it get prepared right there at your table. So satisfying.

Izanami • 21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, Ste. #2, (505) 982-9304 • Undeniably some of the best sake in town, alongside wagyu beef ishiyaki and yuzu crème brulee for all your non-sushi centric Japanese cuisine cravings. You’re not wrong for thinking that produce tastes especially fresh, either—a good chunk of it is grown on-site at Ten Thousand Waves.

El Nido • 1577 Bishops Lodge Road, Tesuque, (505) 954-1272 • If you’re looking for something upscale before the opera (or just an excuse to dress up and enjoy the heated garden), El Nido’s leg of lamb would satisfy Falstaff himself. Grab an order of fried chickpeas for the table.

NOSA • 49 Rancho De San Juan, Ojo Caliente, (505) 753-0881 • We had a religious experience with that date puree, but every meal here will be different—chef Graham Dodds changes NOSA’s prix fixe menu constantly to make use of the freshest produce.

Rancho de Chimayó • 300 Juan Medina Road, Chimayó, (505) 351-4444 • If you want your Chimayó chile done right, you’ve got to go to the source and enjoy it mere steps from the holy dirt where it’s grown. And out of all the green chile chicken enchiladas we’ve had (and trust us, we’ve had...arguably too many), chef Janet Malcom’s are our favorites.

Red Sage • Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, 20 Buffalo Thunder Trail, Pojoaque, (505) 819-2056 • The New Zealand lamb chop will be there to comfort you when Lady Luck turns the other way.

Sopaipilla Factory • 7 W Gutierrez, Pojoaque, (505) 455-2855 • Don’t get fooled by the industrial name—this Pojoaque staple boasts a giant outdoor dining space, heavily-smothered everything and frequent performances from Carlos Medina (which makes any meal at least twice as enjoyable).

Terra Restaurant • Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado, 198 Hwy. 592, (505) 946-5800 • You might have come here for the views, but pastry chef Rebecca Freeman’s prickly pear limoncello-drenched boozy churros will quickly snap your attention back onto the plate.

Tesuque Village Market • 138 Tesuque Village Road, (505) 988-8848 • Behind those gorgeous murals lie the wood fired pizza and green chile cheese bread that keep even the most drive-averse city folk heading north on the regular. Hear and believe us, too, that TVM has the best key lime pie in the biz, plus a full bar.




Beer Creek Brewing Co.
Beer Creek Brewing Co. (Anson Stevens-Bollen/)

Beer Creek Brewing Co. • 3810 Hwy. 14, (505) 471-9271 • Keeping the Turquoise Trail crowd well-stocked in beer and pizza inside a dining room so Western it has appeared in multiple TV shows and movies.

The Bourbon Grill • 104 Old Las Vegas Hwy., (505) 984-8000 • One of the few places in town offering deep-fried avocado, a concept we find sinfully attractive.

Black Bird Saloon • 28 Main Street, Cerrillos, (505) 438-1821 • Indulge in your most spur-filled fantasy while ordering rattlesnake and rabbit sausage.

Blue Heron Restaurant • Ojo Santa Fe, 242 Los Pinos Road, (877) 977-8212 • Half the tables have a great view of the lake, and the calabacitas that come with your enchilada are made from La Cienaga squash. We love to see it.

The Brunch Box Blue • La Tienda Shopping Center, 7 Caliente Road, Eldorado, (505) 660-7052 • Between the gravy-drenched buttermilk biscuit sandwiches and the sweet potato tots with peach ketchup, this petite spot is one of the most reliable purveyors of Southern-style breakfasts in the 505.

Café Fina • 624 Old Las Vegas Hwy., (505) 466-3886 • A brunch and dinner spot forever on the minds of local Santa Feans who’ve ventured in, and the ricotta “cloud cake” pancakes are spoken of in hushed tones.

The Coffee Corral • La Tienda Shopping Center, 7 Caliente Road, Eldorado, (505) 466-3510 • Sure, the coffee names are cute (A Day at the Beach, anybody?), but did you know this spot will let you pre-order up to 21 different flavors of actual New York bagels—like, from NYC—to pick up in-store? Fellow bagel texture snobs, you’re welcome.

The Eldorado Taphouse • La Tienda Shopping Center, 7 Caliente Road, Eldorado, (505) 466-6938 • Fourteen taps and plenty of sports-watching opportunities for the just-outside-of-town crowd.

Harry’s Roadhouse • 96B Old Las Vegas Hwy., (505) 989-4629 • This place just drips old Santa Fe nostalgia, and the enormous California Dreamin’ handheld burrito (chicken or beef, rice, pintos, onion, poblano, cheese, guac and chipotle salsa) conjures tried-and-true comfort perfectly.

The Hollar • 2849 Hwy. 14, Madrid, (505) 471-4821 • A variety of Southern-tinged offerings such as pork biscuits, green tomato po’ boys and chile relleno burritos—all tantalizingly available only when the weather is warm.

Java Junction • 2855 Hwy. 14, Madrid, (505) 438-2772 • The beans are roasted just 18 miles north of Madrid and, to the interest of all fellow cold black coffee enthusiasts, coffee ice cubes are available. The carrot cake is also hauntingly good.

Jambo Bobcat Bite • 2418 Old Las Vegas Hwy., (505) 467-8654 • As of press time, this expanded location for Jambo and rebirth for the burger joint had been open for only days. Find that sweet Afro-Caribbean fusion and chef Ahmed Obo getting into the burger game.

Legal Tender Saloon & Eating House • 151 Old Lamy Trail, Lamy, (505) 466-1650 • This restuaurant has been through many incarnations. Currently, it’s open for special events.

The Mine Shaft Tavern • 2846 Hwy. 14, Madrid, (505) 473-0743 • The impressive live music lineup is worth the journey alone, and if you’re a brave soul, go for the mad chile burger. We’ll send thoughts and prayers to your stomach if you’re a chile newbie.

Pecos Trail Café • Pecos Trail Inn, 2239 Old Pecos Trail, (505) 982-9444 • Give the “Burrito Borracho” a try. Instead of simply smothering it, cooks also douse the burrito in pico de gallo beer sauce to give you (and presumably your plate) an extra little bit of buzzy joy.

San Marcos Cafe & Feed Store  • 3877 State Hwy. 14, (505) 471-9298  • The massive cinnamon rolls here are so decadent, by the time you notice the peacocks wandering the yard you’ll think you’re just hallucinating from sheer deliciousness.

Santa Fe Brewing Co. • 35 Fire Place, (505) 424-3333 • The main headquarters of the local brewing company features not only all its famous beers (and don’t forget about those strawberry and cherry ciders), but also a full lineup of both local and touring live acts. That Fusion Tacos truck (see literally three other entries on this guide) sure doesn’t hurt, either.

Upper Crust Pizza • 5 Colina Drive, Eldorado, (505) 471-1111 • You already know our feelings on the green chile pies here, but if you’re looking for a more specific specialty, try the New Mex. It comes with Tortilla Flats red chile, shredded cheddar, onion, tomato and chorizo—what more could you need?


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