Safe Summer Activities

Summer 2020 will be different from any other. Favorite summer activities are cancelled or closed, and vacations may have to be postponed.

But even though this summer might not go the way you planned, there are still numerous ways to have fun close to home! We found a handful of outdoor and indoor activities to keep you and your family entertained all summer long.

Safe Outside Summer Activities

Outdoor activities

Go to every metro park in your area (or your state)

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the sunshine at your favorite local parks (as long as you’re maintaining six feet between yourself and those outside of your group!). Try to get to all of your local metro parks, and for some extra fun, check out all of the metro parks in your state.

Turn your driveway into a chalk masterpiece

Show off your children’s artistry through sidewalk chalk! Drawing with chalk is a great way to get outside and expend some energy without leaving the safety of your own front yard. And chalk isn’t just limited to drawing pictures. It also gives you freedom to draw your own games! Your children might have fun drawing different versions of hopscotch, or writing silly messages for passersby to read and act out.

Splash around

Most public pools won’t be open, so just bring the water to your backyard! Set up your sprinkler, fill an inflatable pool, toss water balloons or roll out a water slide. Here are 10 sprinkler activities for some inspiration. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Have a picnic

Pack up your family’s favorite lunch and head outside. You don’t have to go far to have a picnic – you can have one right in your backyard. Get the kids involved in setting up. They could help prepare lunch and get your picnic space ready by spreading out blankets and setting plates.

Plant a garden

Gardening is a great way to get some outdoor exercise while growing fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet. Your little ones can help dig holes and place seeds, or help water the plants as they grow. Growing vegetables in Ohio is pretty easy. You can get started with our tips for growing a garden.

Camp out

Camping out is a fun summer tradition that doesn’t have to take a year off because of social distancing. Prepare a cookout, gather s’mores supplies, and roll out your sleeping bags. Plus, all you need is a little green space in your yard if your local campsite isn’t open.

Safe Indoor Summer Activities

Indoor activities

Go on a virtual tour

A lot of your favorite places to visit this time of year, like zoos and museums, might be closed this summer. To help keep the fun going from home, many of these places created virtual tours. Here are 30 virtual tours to keep your kids entertained while helping them learn something new.

Learn some new recipes

Get your children involved in cooking by teaching them some kid-friendly recipes. In the process, you might discover a new dish that everyone in the family loves! Here are 21 fun recipes you can make with your kids. Also check out recipes from OhioHealth dietitians on the OhioHealth blog.

Build a fort

Forts are a fun way to let your children’s creativity out. Gather up some pillows and blankets, and get to building! When you’re done, you could have a movie night or sleepover in the fort for a fun getaway without ever having to leave your house.

Have a family game night

Break out your board games and cards for a family game night. You can even create your own board game to really make game night your own. Let your kids pick which games they want to play, then play a few rounds with one before moving onto the next. This will make sure everyone gets to play their favorite game.

Get crafty

Arts and crafts opportunities are endless! You and your kids can pick an old favorite or a new interest. For some simple crafts, try drawing, painting or making slime. If you need a little inspiration, check out these 50 DIY activities for kids.

Do a small home renovation

Have your kids been begging you to paint or rearrange their rooms? Summer is a great time to do the home renovations you’ve been putting off. You could even paint their furniture for a new look while keeping your budget low.

Check out more family-fun activities on the OhioHealth blog.


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