Rainbow Window Art for Kids to Make That’s Gorgeous!

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Check out absolutely gorgeous rainbow window art from Erica of What Do We Do All Day? You'll love this fun art project for kids to make!

As a mom of two rowdy boys, I am all about super simple indoor activities and one of my favorite ways to keep my kids busy is to create window art.

It serves the double purpose of being a fun and creative activity while also covering up our less than perfect view.

Download a Week of Rainbow Fun RIGHT HERE!

Rainbow Window Art for Kids to Make That’s Gorgeous!

There’s something quite wonderful about making art while watching the wind, rain or snow swirl around on the other side of the glass.

Make a beautiful rainbow on a window! DIY this gorgeous (and easy) springtime craft for kids.

A rainbow window seemed like just the thing to combat the dreary days of winter.

We created our rainbow window by sticking cellophane directly on the glass using a solution of diluted dish soap. No sticky paper required!

To make your own DIY rainbow window, you’ll need:

  • Cellophane (affiliate link), cut into strips (or tissue paper)
  • A solution of 1 part dish soap to 2 parts water. Err on the side of too much soap, rather than too little soap.
  • A brush or sponge roller
  • Towels for clean-up
  • Enthusiastic children

First, decide if you or your kids are going to cut up the cellophane. This really depends on the level of interest your kids have in crafty stuff.

Admittedly, if my boys spend too much time on prep work they lose focus by the time the actual creating takes place.

For that reason, I like to have everything ready ahead of time. But if your child is into it, by all means involve him or her in the prep!

Painting the windows with soap to make the rainbow window art!

Paint the window with the soap and start to apply the cellophane.

Sticking on the colors for the rainbow window

Download a Week of Rainbow Fun RIGHT HERE!

You want the window really wet. If it dries, just apply more soap.

My younger son got a little crazy with the painting part but that was great, because it meant the window was really soaped up.

This is where the towels come in handy. Put one on the sill and another under their little feet.

Sticking on the colors for the rainbow window

Enjoy Your Pretty Rainbow Window Art

The first time we made cellophane window art, it stayed up forever! I had to peel it off months later. (It comes off easily, I promise.)

The second time all the shapes fell off as soon as the solution dried, and I realized that I had not used enough soap. You really do need a heavy concentration of dish soap if you want your window art to last.

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My oldest son likes everything to be just so, and he appointed himself in charge of how the colors would go on.

He decided two rows of each color. When he got to the bottom, though, he said the last two rows were going to be, “Roy G. Biv, Roy G. Biv!”

Sticking on the colors for the rainbow window

My 5 year old finally put down his brush and decided to get in on the action during the color purple!

One of my favorite things is the way the sun shining through the colored cellophane creates a rainbow on the sill and window frame! Whenever I look at the window I smile.

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What are your favorite rainbow-themed activities? We’d love to check out your creative ideas!

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