Personalize Your Fridge With Artwork and Photos Thanks to the Samsung MyBespoke

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Samsung has been leading the charge not only with smart refrigerators but also with customized, stylish indoor appliances. The Bespoke appliances bring a splash of color and flair to your kitchen, but now the company is taking it a step further with the Samsung MyBespoke, a new feature that lets customers place their own custom printed artwork or photos on the french doors of Bespoke fridges.


What We Love About Samsung MyBespoke

It’s one thing to choose a unique finish for your refrigerator door. It’s something else entirely to have a family photo lining the door or custom artwork with sentimental value. The print isn’t digitally projected; Samsung actually places the photo directly on the door. You can display two different photos — one on each door — or a single photo that spreads across both doors.

This is great if you’re buying your first Bespoke refrigerator, but if you already have one, don’t worry. You can swap out the existing panels with custom-designed panels, kind of like a faceplate on an older video game console.

Samsung Bespoke Fridge doors by Dr. Woo

Samsung MyBespoke provides a way to make your fridge completely yours. Most of us don’t think about what the fridge adds to kitchen decor, but it takes up so much space that it’s worth an extra step to bring it in line with the rest of your aesthetic. With this new option available, homeowners can tap into more creative ways of changing the look of their kitchen spaces.

Beyond just the custom look, Samsung’s line of Bespoke refrigerators offers a wealth of features for the modern home, such as WiFi connectivity to monitor its temperature remotely, a built-in water pitcher with the option to infuse with a flavor and two types of ice to help cool your beverages.


Samsung MyBespoke Availability and Pricing

Though a specific date wasn’t given, Samsung states that the Bespoke French Door fridge panels will be available later this year, both on new fridges and as replacement panels for existing fridges. The cost will be $250 per panel.

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

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