Luxury Living With Less Fuss

Luxury living doesn’t have to mean an overcrowded space that boasts all the bells and whistles that interior decor has to offer. A minimalist luxury interior oozes understated elegance and quiet confidence. Less fuss means that high-end furniture pieces are given their time to shine, free of any background noise or unnecessary distractions. Visualised by Tatyana Shapovalova, this luxury minimalist home design comes to life with uniquely styled elements. A superb modern staircase design with marble base treads and atmospheric lighting gives the home a marvellous backbone, a vertical garden and a modern coffered ceiling treatment set the dining room apart from the average, and a sleek dressing room tunnels through the master bedroom.

Visualizer: Tatyana Shapovalova  

Tall and elegant Sampei floor lamps designed by Davide Groppi and Enzo Calabrese elevate a simple lounge layout alongside a chic linear sofa design.

Three evenly spaced floor-to-ceiling windows are complemented by three coordinating vertical radiators. Embedded light strips cut across the ceiling plane to distribute even illumination across the large living room.

A modern fireplace and log store forms the focal point for the luxurious living room.

A modern rectanglular coffee table slides a wood and stone accent into the centre of the room. A clear glass vase and stack of coffee table books provide simple adornment. A living room chair provides a pop of colour next to the fireplace.

The sofa end table doubles as a handy bookcase so that the homeowner can quickly and easily grab a book and settle right back in the cushions under the floor reading lamp.

Glass end tables round out the other end of the sectional sofa arrangement. Their dark-tinted finish complements a set of black floating shelf units behind the couch, where decorative vases, bowls and books are neatly contained.

A lush vertical garden wall grows behind a racetrack shaped dining table, providing fresh green interludes between white microcement render.

A contemporary dining room chandelier is suspended from a modern coffered ceiling treatment. This attention-grabbing piece is the Match suspension designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal for Vibia.

Dual aspect windows flood the eating area with natural sunlight, which warms the wood flooring and pleases the plant life.

The formal dining area is set in an open plan arrangement with the kitchen, which features a smaller, more informal dining spot.

Modern kitchen bar stools bring dark charcoal grey accents to the white stone and stainless steel dining peninsula.

The cooking hob and kitchen sink are installed into the kitchen island to allow the chef to look out at their dinner guests.

A large TV is bedded into the wall of the kitchen diner to provide entertainment whilst cooking, or to keep up with the game during mealtimes.

In the home entryway, a glass section in the floor reflects light from a round skylight that’s directly above it. The unique staircase design features marble base treads that coordinate with the marble hearth in the living space.

Atmospheric lighting oozes out from beneath the upper wooden treads of the mesmerising staircase.

Underneath the stairs, an indoor plant bed houses a small garden with a miniature tree and shrubs.

A stylish stool offers a spot on which to quietly appreciate the beauty of the indoor plants.

Floor-to-ceiling spindles safely close in the modern staircase design whilst providing a cool visual.

The butler’s pantry hides away a wine storage fridge and a coffee-making station.

Moving on into the master bedroom, a grey upholstered bed is teamed with a smooth wood headboard design.

A unique bedroom console table brings in a fashionable arch motif.

Small wall lights provide bedtime reading light on each side of the pillows.

Slimline floor lamps loosely fill one corner of the bedroom layout, whilst a simple bedroom chair furnishes the other.

A floating bedside table is mounted on each side of the headboard. A tiny vanity table and chair fill a narrow nook on the way into the walk-in wardrobe/dressing area.

Upon turning the corner into the wardrobe/dressing room, a corridor of closets unfold on each side.

The walk-in wardrobe stands open at both ends, which brings in natural light.

A floor vase decorates the entryway into the master bedroom.

In the kid’s bedroom, a green and white decor theme moulds a calming space. Solid green paintwork colours the area around the bed, whilst a green kids’ chair accents the desk area. See more kid’s chairs here.

A kids’ bedroom chair offers a comfy reading spot across the room. An illuminated wall shelf provides soft light above the bed.

An arched mirror creates the illusion of an additional doorway inside the entryway to the kid’s room, where it widens the sense of space in the narrow walkway.

Cute kids’ wall decal stickers decorate a plain white wall area, where a wall hung unit provides a handy drop zone by the door.

Decorative handles dot a row of kids’ wardrobes. Green inserts colour a wall of bespoke bookshelves.

A modern bathroom vanity is underlit to create a weightless, floating aesthetic.

A frameless vanity mirror makes the bathroom look spacious and light.

Fresh, folded towels are stored on a bench with an en vogue racetrack silhouette

Mirrored glass and stone cladding build a crisp balance.

A wall hung toilet is tucked behind a frosted glass wall in the bathroom.

A sliding wood slat door closes off the bathroom from the corridor.

The unique bathtub introduces beautiful blonde wood into the scheme.

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