Jeremiah Brent Uses These $40 Woven Etsy Lights—Wait for It—Outside

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Jeremiah Brent knows how to put together a living room and dining room—and not just the indoor kind. When the seasoned designer weighed in on Yelp’s outdoor trends, he offered up ideas that blur the lines between the house and the yard. Crave shade? Invest in elegant pagoda-style umbrellas. Want a water feature? Scoop up an antique fountain from a salvage yard. Re-doing the patio? Lay the ground work with graphic tiles.

As we all look for more ways to capitalize on our outdoor spaces this summer, we asked Brent to walk us through the little details that make a big difference. 

Lighting That Looks Good Indoors and Out

Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

Not all outdoor lighting is created equal. In addition to classic bistro bulbs and wrought-iron lanterns, Brent swears by these $36 Moroccan pendant lights from Etsy. “We have them in our home both indoors and outdoors,” says the designer. The chandeliers are handwoven out of straw, wicker, rattan, and palm, so they are best kept under a partially covered pergola or deck. 


Hanging Lamp Braided Straw, Etsy ($40)

Something Check, Something Woven, and Something Metal

Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

That’s the recipe for a chic backyard living-slash-entertaining space. For the metal, the designer likes to think big—for instance, iron and glass doors that bring views of the landscape in and can stand heavy use. Another way to create seamless flow is with checkered floor tile (he sources his reclaimed but also approves of Clé’s cement squares). Top it off with natural material in the form of a jute rug or rattan armchair. 


Cement Tile (paste + umber), Cle Tile ($16.50 per square foot)

Easy Rustic Landscaping 

Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

Organic is the name of the game for greenery this summer. Instead of tightly packed planted flowers, the designer recommends wild hydrangeas and lavender (yes, even if you only have a small balcony). “I love the idea of natural elements peeking through the window and expanding the space,” he says. Olive trees are another detail that will transport you to the Spanish countryside, and installing a drip irrigation system makes sure they get the right amount of water. 


Lavender Tree, Bloomscape (from $45)

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