Inflatable Ring Throwing Ferrule Pool Toy

Vendor: MaviGadget
Price: 22.95

This ferrule toy has an awesome, durable design that lets you play alone or with friends.  The different colors of the quoits make it easy to keep track of your score. This is great for all ages and easy to inflate and play. 



Different from other similar products, for the safety of children, this toy is made of PVC material, which is a safe and harmless ferrule toy.

This is an inflatable toy that can also be used on the pool and beach.

This excellent little game will help children develop and improve their coordination skills.

This is a super quoit set that is suitable to play indoor or outdoor and can be played. 

So, whether sun, rain, or snow, it will provide the family with fantastic fun and entertainment.



Material: Plastic(PVC)

Color: multicolor

Size: 80 x 40cm



Package Included:

Inflatable cross x 1

Ferrule x 4

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