Indoor ‘TiltBike’ Trainer Gives You All the Feels With Balancing, Steering, Braking

Muoverti says its new one-of-a-kind bike trainer, the TiltBike, can help your at-home workouts feel more realistic. The platform gives riders a feeling closer to real cycling, with the ability to balance, steer, accelerate, and brake just like they would outside.

The indoor bike training space has gotten a lot more realistic lately, with a multitude of virtual reality programs that make it look like you’re riding outside. But, Muoverti noticed, none of them make it feel like you’re riding outside. So the brand aimed to change it.

The TiltBike is the result. The indoor trainer mirrors the physics of road cycling, in an attempt to overcome the sometimes clunky feeling of most other trainers on the market. With patented technology, it seeks to deliver a rider experience that competitors like Wahoo and Watt Bike can’t (yet).

muoverti tiltbike bike trainer

Muoverti TiltBike Indoor Bike Trainer Tech

We haven’t tested the Muoverti trainer yet, but the brand makes a lot of interesting claims. Muoverti says the bike moves freely under the rider and preserves the body’s natural fluidity through physical dynamics like lateral frame rotation (tilt mechanism) and self-centering handlebars.

Algorithms control sensations like rolling resistance, incline, acceleration, and inertia. Perhaps even cooler, the bike can even run real-time simulations for conditions like drafting and angular wind speed.

According to the brand, the final effect not only replicates reality more closely but also delivers a better workout by forcing the rider to engage more muscle groups and reflexes.

It also promises thorough connectivity for TiltBike, saying riders can free-roam games and esports platforms like Zwift, RGT Cycling, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, and BKOOL. It pairs with a wide range of devices via Bluetooth and is compatible with most leading racing and training apps. A joystick gives control over the screen without making the rider dismount.

muoverti tiltbike bike trainer

TiltBikes for Everybody: Adjustability, Pricing Details

It’s also widely adjustable, allowing for frame sizes from 49 cm to 64 cm. Customizable gearing and shifting systems replicate groupsets of many leading manufacturers. The handlebar setup is also interchangeable between, road, MTB, or time trial bars.

muoverti tiltbike bike trainer

The Muoverti TiltBike debuts today at the Rouleur Show in London. MSRP details aren’t available yet, but expect its price to reflect its status as a vanguard entry in an already-expensive category. Contact the brand to inquire and learn more.

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