How To Make A Wiffle Ball Field In Your Backyard?

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How To Make A Wiffle Ball Field In Your Backyard?

Wiffle ball is an indoor, as well as miniature version of the classic baseball. It was introduced in early 1950 as an alternative to baseball. This version of baseball is truly compatible with small areas and a low number of players. The game has been so popular among people that there have been world championships too.

If you want to understand the popularity of the game, then let us discuss one incident. The government of New York decided to ban the game as they considered it dangerous. However, within a few days after passing the law, they had to remove it as the public did not agree.

Are you looking for a game that you can play in the backyard? Do you want it to resemble an outdoor game? Well, in that case, Wiffle ball is a perfect choice. You don’t require a large space or players for this exciting game. However, you need equipment for this game. One piece of equipment is a Wiffle bat, while the other is Wiffle ball.

A Wiffle ball is of the same size as compared to a baseball. However, it is lighter and made of thin plastic. There are various manufacturers of Wiffle ball in the market. Irrespective of the manufacturers, you have to make the field on your own. It is essential to make the field properly as it leads to proper rules and fun in the game.

To make a Wiffle ball field, you must know the dimensions and material required. That’s why we brought to the steps to make a Wiffle ball field in your backyard.

What do you need to make a field?

This is a common question asked. Have you ever observed a field of an outdoor game? If you have, then you must be aware of certain items. However, if you do not have observed, then you must know that the basic aim is to mark the dimensions. All the materials required to make a field are mentioned below.

  • Chalk or powdered chalk, you require these to make boundaries.
  • A flexible measuring tape. This is required to mark the proper dimensions of the field. Make sure that the measuring tape is highly precise.
  • Since the game is similar to a baseball game, you will need to plates as a home plate and pitcher’s plate.

Steps to making a Wiffle ball field

Mark outer boundary

The first step is to start with the outermost dimensions. Yes, you need to start with the home run line. Make sure that you mark it properly such that it is clear even from a distance. The wall can be tall up to 16 feet, while the left foul and right foul line should be 25 feet and 100 feet, respectively. The complete boundary must be clear to identify, such that you do not face any troubles in the game.

Mark fouls

Every game in the world has some rules of the foul. These rules make the game more fun and challenging. Similarly, Wiffle ball has some rules for foul too. Mark foul lines from the home run point towards the home base. Make sure that the distance is up to 80 feet. You must also add the foul lines to the left as well as right. However, the dimension of those lines can be changed by you.

Mark the zones

The next step is to mark the zones of the field as single, double and triple. Yes, you can change the distance as per your backyard. However, the ideal size of the single zone, double zone, and triple-zone is 20 feet.


Pitchers are an important part of a Wiffle ball. A good pitcher can change the direction of the whole game. Therefore, the pitching area should be marked properly. As per international standards, the pitching is at almost at 30 feet. You can even add a pitching plate and can mark the lines with paint. This will make the pitching area permanent for a while.

Tips for making the field

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the field is even. Why? Well, if the field is uneven, then there are chances of tripping. Also, remove the excess grass from the backyard. You can see even other things in the backyard that can lead to injury. This tip is highly recommended if you are going to play with your children. Of course, you do not want them to be injured badly.
  • Mark the lines clearly. Let us say that you hit a ball, and it landed just on the line of the foul. Now, some players are saying it was a foul, while others are saying it was not a foul. This usually happens due to unclear lines. Therefore, try to use high-quality chalk for marking the boundary. You can even use paint to mark the lines.
  • Change the dimensions as per your yard. As mentioned earlier, the game has been specifically designed for small areas. Therefore, you can shorten the size of the foul or home run as per your yard. However, do make sure that you keep the distance of the pitch between 20 feet to 30 feet.
  • You can even add some features in the field like in international stadiums. Maybe you would like to have a scoreboard in the field. This will give you a better experience while playing. It will also make the record of the score easy to remember and update. There is no limitation on the features you can add to your field. Whatever you see in a real stadium can be replicated easily.

Wrap up

Wiffle ball is a great game to play in the yard. Everyone enjoys the game as it is a miniature version of baseball. We have already discussed the steps to make the field in your backyard.

We have also shed light on some important factors that you must keep in mind while making the field. Irrespective of these steps and tips, there are chances of some hidden troubles.

You need to make sure that the trouble should not hinder the game or injure someone. If it can, then you must eliminate it from your yard immediately.

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