How to Give Any Bedroom a Cool Makeover Cheaply

Some people assume that giving a bedroom a makeover involves spending a lot of money on materials, furniture, and bedroom accessories. That might be the case for some bedrooms, especially ones that are essentially complete renovation projects.

However, it’s possible to give a bedroom an overhaul in many cases without needing to whip out the credit card to pay for things. What’s more, a “cheap” bedroom makeover can look just as stunning and give the wow factor as much as an expensive one!

With that in mind, if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on how you can turn a lacklustre bedroom into a stunning example, take a look at the following tips that you can apply to any bedroom makeover on a budget.

Add a Fresh Coat or Two of Paint

Did you know that one of the easiest things you can do to transform any bedroom instantly is by painting the walls? As you can imagine, the cost of paint will depend on several factors, such as the brand, the colour, and the type of paint you choose.

Having said that, if you know where to look, you can easily find premium paints like those from Farrow & Ball at discounted prices. What’s the difference between cheap paints and premium ones, you might ask yourself?

Some cheaper brands require several coats to produce a consistent result, whereas premium ones demand fewer coats. Also, there are more colour choices available with dearer paint brands.

However, if you have your heart set on a specific shade from a premium brand, you can save money by having a custom paint mixed to the same colour specification. Another question you might ask is, what colour should you consider for your bedroom?

As you can appreciate, paint colours are a personal choice, and it depends on factors like the decor or style you hope to achieve and the size of the bedroom. It’s worth checking Pinterest or Google Images for examples of how different colours affect a bedroom’s look.

Put up a Large Framed Poster

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the idea of living room feature walls. Well, you can create the same concept in any room in your home! With that in mind, making a feature wall in your bedroom will create a new focal point and give you a smile every time you go into the room.

There are dozens of ideas you can have for your bedroom feature wall, such as applying some tasteful patterned wallpaper or merely just painting it a different colour that contrasts the rest of your wall colours.

But, one concept you may not have considered is putting up a large framed poster. You can buy poster frames in limitless sizes, colours, and designs. The challenge will most likely be thinking of an eye-catching poster to put inside it!

The poster you should choose will depend on your bedroom decor goals along with your personal design tastes. For example, one person may decide a pop art poster could look good, while another may prefer a character from their favourite movie or video game.

Both the frame and the poster are cheap enough to buy. You may even get lucky and find the perfect combination for sale online or in a charity shop.

Upgrade Your Curtains

Believe it or not, when some people give their bedrooms a makeover, they don’t consider changing their curtains. The thing is, if you opt for a completely new design or style for your bedroom, the chances are high that your curtains might not work well with the new scheme.

That’s why it makes sense to upgrade your curtains at the same time as doing other changes in your bedroom. You might be thinking that new curtains could easily cost a three-figure sum, especially if you need to buy new curtain rails.

Thankfully, it’s easy to source new (or new to you) curtains cheaply. For instance, if you’re creating a vintage-inspired theme for your bedroom, you could pick up a cheap pair of used retro curtains that are in excellent condition.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, another option for cheap curtains is to make some out of fabric you can obtain for free or at a low cost. You’re likely to have a fabric retailer near you where you can buy curtain fabric.

You may also have a reuse centre that sells things like offcuts of fabric and other items at heavily discounted prices. Plus, there are also various online marketplaces where you can find cheap materials suitable for creating curtains.

Paint Your Headboard

Do you have a standard wood or metal headboard on your bed? If so, have you considered giving it a unique look by painting it? There’s no denying that brand new headboards can be expensive - especially if you look at premium brands.

If your headboard is looking somewhat dated but is otherwise functional and in good condition, it makes sense to paint it to a bright or bold colour of your choosing. You can buy a small pot of furniture paint cheap enough and use it to paint a wooden headboard.

What if your headboard is metal? The good news is metal paints are also affordable to purchase, and you won’t need a large tub or several aerosol cans to paint your metal headboard.

Consider Hammerite paint for metal headboards; they’re available in a vast range of colours, and the paint will protect your headboard from corrosion.

Add Some Plants

You might associate indoor plants with living rooms and kitchens. But, you can put them in any room in your home - even your bedroom! One of the cheapest ways to enhance the look of any bedroom is by adding some greenery.

Of course, it makes sense to select plants that won’t turn your sleeping quarters into a forest, so it’s worth sticking with certain types of indoor plants. Examples include spider plants (don’t worry: they don’t contain actual spiders!), aloe vera plants, and Dracaena Gold Star.

If you like plants but don’t want to make them a focal point of your bedroom, consider small ones that you could put on your windowsill. Whichever plants you choose, remember to water them as directed and prune any leaves where necessary.

Plants don’t just look nice; they also serve several other purposes. For instance, did you know that indoor plants help filter toxins in the air? They’re also good for mental health purposes and can boost your mood.

Drape Your Headboard With Fairy Lights

Another cheap change you can do to your bedroom that makes a huge difference is to drape your headboard with fairy lights. If you’re looking to create a romantic touch to your bedroom refresh, fairy lights can help you achieve that goal.

As you probably know, there are lots of different types of fairy lights you can buy. Most are battery-powered, so you won’t need to worry about finding a spare power socket for them. Plus, you can move them to other areas of your bedroom with ease.

For instance, you might decide they would work better on your curtain rail than on your headboard, or they might offer a more prominent impact draped across your dressing table mirror.

Final Thoughts

The above inspirational ideas are just a few of many examples you can consider when giving your bedroom a makeover. What’s great about them is that they are creative, affordable, and something anyone can do.

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