Hoop With Your Friends at These Reopened Basketball Courts

Hoop With Your Friends at These Reopened Basketball Courts

Sadly, due to lockdown measures, basketball courts across the city have been forced to close for months since the pandemic began. Without real basketball, players can only imagine the rush and excitement of knocking down shots and crossing people over. But as coronavirus concerns subside, public basketball courts are among the many public venues and businesses that are reopening.

Here’s a list of some of the best indoor and outdoor public basketball venues in Beijing. Many of them are bookable via Dianping, simply search the Chinese name in the app.

Chaoyang District

Hooplace (The Place)
East side of World Trade Center, 9 Guanghua Road

The location, as well as the squeaky clean and high-quality hardwood courts, makes it the most expensive indoor basketball court in Beijing (legends say that booking the court costs  RMB 2000 per hour but we were unable to confirm that).

主场篮球公园·美凯地板 Home Game Park
Borui Sports Complex, 5 Chemical Road

There are 4 full basketball courts inside this Indoor “Game Park”, and this is one of the most popular venues. RMB 55 per person per session.

Jingju Basketball Hall 京聚篮球馆
228 Beiyuan Road (courtyard of the LPG plant on the north side of Exit B1 of Datun Road East Metro Station)

This venue requires minimum of two-hour bookings. RMB 800- RMB 1000 per hour for a full court depending on the time of day, half-court 60% of the full court fee.

Hongchang Junhuaxiang Basketball Stadium 宏昌竣花香篮球馆
In the Hongchangjun Net Badminton Center, 88 Laiguangying East Road

There are two courts at this venue, which is covered by an air dome. I have been to this court several times, and although the lighting is dim, the courts provide good feedback and aren’t slippery. You can book either a half or full court on DianPing, but the spots fill up very quickly. RMB 70 per person per session.

Building 1, 10 Jiuxianqiao East Road

Referred to as the most famous indoor court in Beijing, many professional players who have trained and visited this court. Is it worth the seemingly extortionate price? I’ve been there once and I would say no, but the courts are undeniably outstanding. RMB 1838 for a half-court for two hours. RMB 3060 for a full-court for two hours.

Olympic Forest Park North Park 奥林匹克森林公园北园
100 meters west of the intersection of Yangshan Road and Anli Road

This outdoor court is located within the northern section of the Olympic Forest Park.

Dongcheng District

LongTanHu Sports Center 龙潭湖体育馆
76 Zuoanmen Inner Street

LongTanHu Sports Center has tennis courts, badminton courts, and soccer fields in addition to basketball courts. You can book hours on DianPing, but spots fill up quick.

Dongdan Sports Center Basketball Hall 东单体育中心篮球馆
Southwest Corner, Dongdan Intersection

An outdoor court located south of the Guangfa Bank Building.

Beijing Ditan Sports Center-Basketball Hall 北京市地坛体育中心-篮球馆
168 Andingmenwai Street

An outdoor court in the Andingmen part of Dongchen district.

Fengtai District

Digital Space Basketball Stadium 数字空间篮球馆
2F, Xin’ao Shopping Center, National Stadium North Road

The price of these courts depends on the time of day you want to play, and one-hour bookings seem to be available only before 8pm. RMB 450-650 for one hour before 8pm, then RMB 1300 for two hours from 8-10pm.

Motive Basketball Forest Park 动因篮球森林公园
3F, Block G, Jinghui Industrial Park, Meishikou Road

This venue is easy to book, with lots of available time slots and reasonable prices. RMB 600-1100 for a half-court for two hours, or RMB 1200-1800 full-court for two hours. The price depends on the court material (wood or rubber) as well as the duration.

Game On 篮球中心
3F, 111 Jingshun Road
This outdoor court is located on a rooftop and costs RMB 180 for a half-court for one hour.

Xicheng District

Unit K3, Building 4, 346 East Street, Zhushikou

RMB 50 per person per session on weekdays, RMB 100 per person per session on weekends.

Guang’an Stadium 广安体育馆
26 Denglai Hutong

Shoot hoops in with the locals at this hutong outdoor court.

Shunyi District

New China International Exhibition Basketball and Badminton Stadium 新国展篮球羽毛球运动馆
Courtyard of Tianzhu Real Estate Development Company, Yufeng Road, Houshayu

This basketball and badminton complex offers a range of price points, depending on if you want to come alone and shoot some hoops, or book a private court. RMB 40 per person per session for individual access, or RMB 600 for a half-court for two hours on weekdays, and RMB 700 for a half-court for two hours on the weekend. Price for a full court for two hours is RMB 800 on weekdays or RMB 900 on weekends.

Evolution factory 进化工厂
1 Jichengzhuang, Yizhuang Town

RMB 260-400 for a half-court for one hour, RMB 260-1200 for a full-court for one hour. Prices vary depending on the time of day and week.

Daxing District

World Flower Holiday Plaza Basketball Court 世界之花假日广场篮球场
Jiujingzhuang Road, Jiugong Town

Book a full court at this outdoor Daxing spot for an hour for RMB 300.

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