Holiday Ideas for Kids Who Like Anything with Wheels

Even the Polar Express may have supply chain issues, plan ahead!

Trains, trucks, and automobiles – anything with wheels.  Here are some ideas to refresh the play space at home – especially for children who love to move, ZOOM and be heroes.  Here’s to imagination and motion with occasional logic and STEM skill building and even some friendly competition.

These little racing cars are powered by balloons, which the kids pump up with a manual pump.  ‘Old school’ fun. $19.99.                    Fifty extra balloons.  $6.95




My family loves Brio Trains.  This classic Figure 8 set is a great place to begin. Ages 2+. $54.99


I DO love the classics, and it is fun when they are updated.  This year Brio, the classic wooden train and building company has several new products including a kit for a battery powered motor which a budding engineer can add to Brio creations to go forward, stop and reverse.  $59.99


This Mighty Gold Brio Locomotive is battery powered and new this year. $30.99




This Brio set of three construction vehicles is new this year. $29.99







Brio Disney Princess Castle set.  $119.99


Bruder trucks, especially the ones with cranes, have been a huge hit in our family.  One cousin chose this truck for another and then said, “Sometimes the boy who is not the birthday boy, likes to get a present too.” So true!

The trucks have incredible, realistic details and capture kids’ imaginations for hours.  They are sturdy.  25.98 x 7.28 x 10.63 inches. Ages 4+. Bruder Crane Truck  $129.99




Fire Engine with working water pump, lights and sounds.  $138.63..




Bruder Dump Truck with Snow Plow. $85.32

Bruder Front Loader and trailer. $49.99

I have just watched my newly four year old grandson have great, imaginative fun with this transformer truck – handpicked for him by his best friend.  $14.99

Djeco Zo Geo Vroom Game is a wooden construction game for creating colorful planes, ships, racing cars, helicopters and more. Children place the wooden pieces side by side or on top of each other to recreate the designs on the template cards and then imagine their own little world full of vehicles.  $25.00


These four wheel drive remote control stunt cars can speed along at more than eight miles an hour – and flip themselves over.  The ‘driver’ controls them from a distance of up to 131 feet.  They have soft tires to reduce damage to furniture with indoor play.  In blue, red, turquoise, green and orange.  $28.99.






Remember Hot Wheels? Building, competition, and fun. These little die-cast classic cars, mostly at 1:64 scale, have been popular since 1968.  The tracks can be ‘built’ into tons of configurations, so kids create a new experience every time.  They are suggested for ages 5 and up.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track Set. $44.99


Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set.  $49.99



Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Track Set, Figure 8 Track Set, Competitive Play, Aerial Stunts. $99.99

This towering Hot Wheels playset clocks it at almost two feet tall and provides endless hours of rollicking wrecks, breathtaking loops, and mid-air jumps for children ages 5 and up. Hot Wheels Action Sky Crash Tower Track Set.  $59.96




Hot Wheels DC Character Cars 5-Pack of Vehicles Themed to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker GT and Harley Quinn. $19.75




                                                                                     Hot Wheels Disney Character vehicle six pack.  $24.98




Hot Wheels 10-Pack. $12.49






Hot Wheels Car & Mega Track Pack, 40’.  $21.99


These self-righting, remote control boats are almost a foot long and go 20 MPH.  They come in green, black, red and yellow. Will you be somewhere near a body of water over the holidays?  $52.99


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