History’s great moments happened indoors, and 'The Late Show’ can prove it

History's great moments happened indoors, and 'The Late Show' can prove it

Spending so much time at home can be tough, but when you think about it, there's been plenty of history that's been made indoors. "Man Who Dresses Like a Professor Paul F. Tompkins" is here to prove it to you.

For a sketch dubbed "Great Moments in Indoor History" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Tompkins runs through some of the most significant events that happened inside. 

The signing of the Declaration of Independence? Indoors! The first game played at the Houston Astrodome? Indoors! Seymour Cray unveiling the world's first supercomputer? Indoors! 

And even July 20, 1969 ("nice"), Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon? "Inside a suit! So technically, indoors!"  Read more...

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