Groupon Has Summer Toys at Super Low Prices & Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us?

We’re actually a little annoyed we almost paid full price for these

Alright, if you knew about this, you’re way ahead of us. And we sort of pride ourselves on being on top of the whole “ways to save money” thing. But, even though we’re slightly embarrassed that we’re just now finding out, we’re going to make sure no one else misses it. Did you know Groupon—the site we thought was just really good discounts on restaurants and waterparks—has a ton of summer toys? Oh, and that those summer toys are priced crazy low? We’ll give you a minute to let that soak in. It’s possible we immediately started texting our mom friends when we found out, demanding to find out who was in on this and didn’t tell us. It isn’t like we aren’t perusing Groupon a few times a week. Maybe we were just really distracted by great deals on massages.

The point is, it’s the second week of summer and we’re already hearing our least-favorite phrase: “I’m bored.” So if your kids are basically staring at you until you entertain them somehow, we’ve got you. These summer toys are the answer to our cabin fever prayers. And sure. We kinda wish we’d known about Groupon rocking the boredom-buster game before now. But now that we do, it’ll be our first stop. Seriously. Wait till you see these.

Inflatable Splash Water Bounce House & 735W Blower


If you're over hearing about how your kids wish they could live at the waterpark, allow us to save the day. This inflatable water park features a slide, a splash pool, a climbing wall, a built-in basketball rim, and two water cannons. Cool Mom Status: unlocked. Inflatable Splash Water Bounce House & 735W Blower ($1299.99 $299.99)—Buy Here!

3-in-1 Toddler Slide & Swing Set


Little ones not quite big enough for a full-sized swing set? This adorable little set can be used inside or out, and the bottom is designed to be especially stable to mitigate tipping. It's made of non-toxic material and includes a slide, a swing, and the cutest little basketball hoop we've ever seen. 3-in-1 Toddler Slide & Swing Set ($599.99 $264.99)—Buy Here!

Kids Nest Swing Chair Nook


What's better than a hammock? If you're a mom, nothing. But if you're a kiddo, it's definitely this swing chair. It's got a teepee design with three windows and a single suspension point (that's super strong). It can be hung from the ceiling or from a tree, so you've got indoor/outdoor options. With a max weight of 250lbs, this is a seriously sturdy lounger. Kids Nest Swing Chair Nook ($149.99 $64.99)—Buy Here!

Fresh Market Selling Stand


Maybe it's too hot to actually spend the day at the farmer's market, but when your kids hit the "only want to play store" phase (which is a real thing, by the way), this little produce stand is awfully handy. Your little one will have everything they need to create a mini supermarket with a toy cash register, food scale, 31 food accessories, and pretend credit card. We're also big fans of the wooden design. Fresh Market Selling Stand ($99.99 $69.99)—Buy Here!

Costway Foldable Wooden Climber with Slide


This sweet little wooden climber is perfect for the playroom, bedroom, or even your living room (thanks to the neutral wood finish and minimalist details). Costway Foldable Wooden Climber with Slide ($619.99 $129.99)—Buy Here!

Costway Play Castle Tent


Major imagination ahead. This play tent is supported by PVC pipes, making it really sturdy and perfect for clubhouses, reading sessions, and a lot of pretend. Costway Play Castle Tent ($139.99 $72.99)—Buy Here!

Inflatable Snail Bounce House


Want all the bounce without the water? This adorable snail bounce house delivers. This is serious summer play that's sure to get their energy out in the best way. Inflatable Snail Bounce House ($529.99 $99.99)—Buy Here!

10ft Trampoline with Surround Enclosure


Older kiddos will get such a kick out of this 10ft trampoline. Admit it—a trampoline was the dream when we were kids. Comes with all the tools you need to safely install it, too. 10ft Trampoline with Surround Enclosure ($482.28 $267.99)—Buy Here!

Pop-Up Play Tent


From a school bus, to an ice cream truck, to a fire truck, there's a pop up tent for every kid's interest. It works both inside and out and doesn't require any toold for setup. Pop-Up Play Tent ($55.99 $18.99)—Buy Here!

Compression Sensory Swing


This super strong swing is excellent for either deep relaxation or lots of swingy play. It's easy to install and offers a calming deep hug and lets them perfect their acrobatic skills. It also includes all the hardware needed for installation. Compression Sensory Swing ($84.99 $37.50)—Buy Here!


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