Govee Rope Light Review: Add Some Flexible Neon Ambiance to Your Walls

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Lighting can make an experience even better; whether it’s an intense POV game, a romantic night of Netflix and chill, or a mellow night in after a long day at work, smart color-changing lighting can make a huge difference. Smart lighting can make a room feel warmer or cooler, or make movie night more intense by adding to the overall ambiance. Govee’s Rope Light is designed to add that color and intensity both indoors and out.

Govee sent SPY a sample of their new flexible rope light to review. My thoughts on the product below.

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In short, this dual indoor-outdoor lighting kit is a 10-foot (3-meter) long flexible, bendable silicone snake that you can place almost anywhere; indoors around your TV or gaming set up, outside on your patio or along the sidewalk. Perhaps most importantly, there is no hub or bridge required for WiFi connectivity and smartphone control.

Govee Rope Light, review

This version is internally segmented, meaning you can adjust sections of the strip to be different colors. Unlike some other smart strip lighting, this set is not flat (it’s about an inch thick rectangular silicone tube) and it cannot be connected to other sets for longer installations. It is, however, water-resistant.

In the package, you get the Govee rope light with a plug. There are also small mounting clips if you want to install them permanently.


Setup and Installation

Getting the smart light strip set up was practically instantaneous. Plug it in and it will automatically be in pairing mode. Using the Govee app, you’ll connect the light to your home’s WiFi for app and voice control. Using the app you can control the color, set scenes, and play with the different segments. The Govee Home app also lets you play with preset scenes, color patterns and use the music sync setting.

Govee smart rope light, review

I didn’t want to install the light permanently, as I planned to test it in a few areas, so I started off by installing it behind the sofa for a more ambient lighting vibe. I also tested it by wrapping it around the TV, laying it across the fireplace mantle, and using it as a backdrop for my home office desk. I should note, though, that the rope itself is a bit on the thicker side, which makes getting it into and around corners a little tricky.


Features and Performance

You can adjust the color of the Govee Rope Light using the Govee Home app. Tap simple single colors along the length of the strip, or use Scenes or Schemes to play with different options. I do think there are almost too many settings and options inside the app, from choosing “Style” to “Scene,” “Color Matching Method” and “Mood,” it’s often not clear what each of these words actually means for the light, so there’s quite a bit of trial and error. Some of the Scenes or effects flash or swirl around the light, while others are simple static colors and blends.

You can manually choose the colors for the different internal segments of the light too, though after the initial novelty of this wears off, you’ll probably find a few favorites and leave it at that.

Govee Rope Light, review

If you want a more dynamic experience, the Govee Rope Light can sync to music, audio or even the TV. Just switch on this easy-to-find setting in the Goveee Home app and the light will pulse, flash and adjust to ambient noise. The setting works well and is quite responsive to whatever it hears, from talking to songs and movie dialogue, too.

The Govee Home app is one way to control your Rope Lights, but you can also pair them with Google Home or Amazon Echo, too. I connected mine to my Google Home hub in seconds (go to the Google Home app and choose Add New Device) and was able to get the light to turn on and off as well as change colors, just by asking.


Our Verdict

This smart light strip is enough to knock my all-time favorite smart light (Philips Hue) off its podium. It’s ultra-easy to set up, needs no extra bridge to operate and has a wildly customizable app that lets you do everything you could possibly want with a smart light.

So Should You Buy it?

Yes, do not wait, especially since you can invent some neat designs to spruce up your walls.

Buy: Govee Rope Light $75.99


  • Easy setup
  • No hub/bridge needed
  • Thousands of colors
  • Syncs with music
  • Voice Control


  • Thick silicone tube construction may not be best for all applications

Score: 9/10


How Long Will It Last?

I’ve had a similar silicone tube light (albeit from another manufacturer) installed outdoors for about five years. In comparison, Govee’s Rope Light feels durable, long-lasting and weatherproof.


What Are Some of the Alternatives?

You can find Philips Hue smart lighting that looks almost identical (but you’ll need that hub!).

Philips Hue Outdoor Light Strip

Buy: Philips Hue Outdoor Light Strip $124.99


LIFX Light Strip

LIFX has bendable lighting products too that also work without the need for a hub. Their option is more suited to dry, indoor locations.

Buy: LIFX Light Strip $89.99

Novostella Outdoor Rope Light

Check out Novostella’s sculptural lighting option, too. Another flat, primarily indoor option, this lighting strip can more easily wrap a screen or TV for multicolored gaming action.

novostella-rope-light Buy: Novostella Outdoor Rope Light $76.99

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