Get this Home Depot Bone Throne to rule Halloween

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It’s not quite the Iron Throne, but for Game of Thrones fans and anyone who digs Medieval-style stuff, this brand new monstrosity of a Halloween decoration from The Home Depot may have you whipping out your wallets at a glance.

As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to test out the Bone Throne. After all, it’s our duty to make sure that you’re sure you’re getting what you pay for—especially at $199. Plus, we just really wanted to feel like Daenerys for a day.

About the Bone Throne

Two skeletons sitting on Bone Throne chair.
Credit: Reviewed / Leigh Harrington

These skeletons were just dying to sit in the Bone Throne chair.

The Home Depot doesn’t make too many claims about the Bone Throne, just that it “adds a spooky touch to your indoor and covered outdoor areas.” We can attest that it certainly does, even in sunny August, which is when we tested it out.

The Bone Throne is massive and sturdy, especially when compared to other popular decorations, like Halloween inflatables. It measures approximately 34 by 37 by 65 inches, and it is made of molded plastic.

What we like about the Bone Throne

It’s easy to assemble

Pieces of Bone Throne chair on floor prior to assembly.
Credit: Reviewed / Leigh Harrington

According to the The Home Depot website, assembly takes approximately 30 minutes.

First off, the Bone Throne is incredibly easy to put together once you lug the box into the house—if you live alone, find a friend to help you move it inside.

It comes as 10 pieces (one seat, two arms, two-part backrest, four legs, and a seat cushion). There is also a bag of Medieval-looking plastic screws and a screwdriver that fits it. The directions themselves are basic pictures, but it’s simple to follow, and the only real elbow grease we had to employ was to bang the arm pieces into place. It also did not take us the suggested 30-minute assembly time to put it together, more like 10 minutes.

Despite being heavy inside the box, once you assemble the chair, it’s pretty light to move around.

It’s surprisingly sturdy

On left, young child sitting on Bone Throne chair indoors. On right, young child smiling while sitting on Bone Throne.
Credit: Reviewed / Leigh Harrington

Though it's "bony" appearance might seem fragile at a first glance, this chair is sturdy and weighs around 53 pounds.

The Bone Throne is also incredibly sturdy to sit in. The Home Depot says it holds up to 250 pounds. My daughter climbed all over it, and a few people nearing the weight threshold took a seat, as well as a friend who weighs closer to 340 pounds. Throughout it all, the Bone Throne held true.

“I’m a big dude, and I don’t mind it,” said Zach Duffield, 44, of the throne and the incredibly firm cushion. “I can get out of it, no problem.”

However sturdy it seems, we still don’t recommend testing the weight threshold for long periods of time unless you don’t mind potentially ending up on the floor.

We also left the Bone Throne outside overnight, during which it rained lightly. The seat cushion held up surprisingly well, even if it's not quite as "soft" and "plush" as The Home Depot describes. The next morning it was dry to the touch and still as firm as when it came out of the box.

The Bone Throne has wow power

Different angles of the Bone Throne chair outdoors on grass.
Credit: Reviewed / Leigh Harrington

If you're looking to turn heads this holiday season, the Bone Throne chair is sure to be a showstopper around your neighborhood.

The quality about the Bone Throne that we like the best is the most obvious one—it is enormous, glorious in its gaudiness, and absolutely eye-catching. From its skull-capped armrests to its bronze, human bone back, this chair has wow power.

We carried it out to a main street in our town to hang out for a while. We got a lot of stares—remember, it’s August—and a honk and a thumbs-up from a biker riding by.

Donna Anzivino, of Wrentham, Massachusetts, walked by with her dog. “It’ll look awesome at Halloween,” she said. “I’ll look forward to seeing it.”

Duffield’s wife, Lauren, 40, loves it. “It’s perfect for a spooky Halloween party with cocktails and scary stories,” she says. “I want to eat dinner in it at the dining room table.”

Speaking of parties, the Bone Throne makes a perfect photo opp, whether you have it set up inside or outside on a patio. The chair back features a skull wearing a crown, and if you position yourself just so in the seat, you can wear the crown, too.

On Halloween night, you can also intimidate—or delight—the neighborhood kids by sitting in the Bone Throne when you hand out goodies. You could even cosplay your favorite GOT character, but the little ones won’t get it.

What we don’t like about the Bone Throne

A couple of small details

On left, close up on Bone Throne seat cushion and gold leg. On right, gold and plastic Bone Throne.
Credit: Reviewed / Leigh Harrington / Home Accents Holiday

This chair's gold finish paired with the maroon seat cushion makes for a dramatic and spooky overall look.

Duffield points out that The Home Depot picked out the wrong color for its cushion—a maroon. Instead, he says, “It should be black or gold.” We’re inclined to agree.

The other small detail is actually a large one—literally. Where and how you store the Bone Throne when it’s not Halloween could be a challenge, unless you have a sizable basement or shed.

Its name…sorry

As soon as we read the name of the Bone Throne, we burst out laughing. It’s awkward at best, and at worst, well, it’s innuendo for the age 15-plus crowd.

Should you buy the Bone Throne?

Bone Throne home accent in front of Halloween-themed home at night.
Credit: Home Accents Holiday

Get festive this Halloween season with this extravagant home accent, just for the fun of it.

Did Bran Stark win the day? Yes. Yes, buy the Bone Throne if you love Halloween, have a lot of parties, and/or want a fun place to hand out Halloween candy. This decoration is fun, frivolous, and absolutely perfect for the most frightening day of the year.

Get the Bone Throne at The Home Depot for $199

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