Enliven Your Rooms with Great New Décor from NYNOW

When a room feels like it needs a refresh, sometimes it needs just a little something new to add pizazz to an already comfortable space. With the rescheduling of some design fairs, Homedit headed to New York City for the long-awaited restart of NYNOW, a wholesale show where eclectic products take center stage and include everything from home decor to amazing accessories and more.

Here’s our list of picks from the show for things that will add some zip to your interior, none of which are so big that they require a major investment. Have a look — maybe you’ll want to snag more than one!

2021 NYNOW Interior Design Trends

Natural Materials

More than just interesting and stylish, this sofa from Jo-Liza International features some of the latest trends and indigenous materials from the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The designs are very different and have an organic feel, which is not surprising since they are sustainable and ethical too.

The Twiggy sofa is made with natural seagrass and is accented with pillows that are printed on French flax linen and filled with down feathers, embellished with piece of art. This is the perfect addition to a sunroom, covered patio or other casual space.

Elevated Plant Display

Plant lovers will want to check out these plant hangers from Braid & Wood Design Studio, which creates these modern indoor plant hangers. Under the tag line of “Elevate Your Plants,” the company’s hangers let you take that little potted plant and turn it into a stylish decor accent.

Perfect for succulents and air plants — any small plant actually — the hangers come in this distinctive V shape or with a small flat wooden platform for a pot, as well as a wall shelf version with a hole for a pot. Whether you have one plant or a whole forest you want to display, these hangers can be attached to the wall, hung from the ceiling or set on a tabletop. The best arrangement is a mix of all three for an eye-catching way to transform a lonely corner in your home.

Upgrade Your Serveware

This Pavia Oversized Serving Board from BeHome is the perfect way to upgrade your entertaining pieces. It’s made from marble sourced in Agra, India — home to the Taj Mahal — and from gorgeous acacia wood. The melding of the two in this 20 x 24-inch board create a real showpiece, whether you’re doing a seasonal cheeseboard, serving appetizers or breads, or even putting together a snack board for a party. The matching cheese knives and spreaders complete the look.

Go Organic

Going with organically shaped bowls and platters gives a table setting a warmer, more inviting vibe. These mango wood serving bowls have just the right look and are also ideal for displaying fruits and other items. Although they’re perfect for setting the dining room table, they are also prime pieces for gracing a cabinet, credenza or entryway table. These are also from BeHome.

Add Some French Flair

Known for supplying the hospitality trade with authentic reproduction marble bistro tables, Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home also makes these fabulous versions featuring French advertisements. Upgrade a little coffee space, a wine tasting area, game room or patio with these great tables that have all the period detail you’re looking for.

The company specializing in reproducing uncommon antique objects from the turn of the last century France — including all the accessories needed to drink traditional French/Swiss absinthe as was done in the 1800s. Drinker or not, these are little tables are to die for.

Add a Pop of Retro Color

These stools have bright colors and a fresh take on the old ubiquitous webbed folding chairs that graced backyards everywhere in the 1950s and 1960s. The limited-edition Floridiana WEBSTR stool is crafted in Miami from powder-coated aluminum tube construction with hard rubber feet. The polypropylene webbing that forms the seat is a vintage material and is in limited supply.

Designed and produced by A M L g M A T D, each one is custom made. The company is a collaborative studio established by Laz Ojalde and Natalie Zlamalova in 2014, which experiments in works of art, design objects and environments that reflect their quirky points of view and love of unusual and overlooked materials.

Up the Cuteness Factor

Ok, these cute Zzzoolights may be designed for children, but we love them too. Thanks to LED technology, they are completely safe because they stay cool and are shatterproof. A whole menagerie of cute animal versions are available from Officina Crea and they can be used as a nightlight on the low setting or as a brighter lamp too. Created by designer Ramin Razani, the lamps were inspired by origami, with each designed with creative folding and cutting.

Glam up the Entryway

A mirror and a bowl are a standard combo for any entryway but this set of crystal-embellished pieces from Kathryn McCoy takes the sophistication to a whole new level. The crystals and stones that the designer used for her creations are sourced from exotic locations all over the world. Those who love crystals and the vibes they bring will adore this selenite bowl and framed mirror, which will fill the space with wisdom and spirituality.

Pick Some Real Vintage Finds

For an amazing vintage touch in the kitchen, there’s nothing more special than these pieces by Poterie Renault. A stock of these long-forgotten vintage gems was uncovered by Kiss That Frog during a trip to France. The 5th generation manufacturer no longer makes these special wares, which have a rustic salt glaze.

The unique finish is created by pouring salt into the kilns at 1280 degrees C. Under such heat, it vitrifies and makes a very strong non-porous naturally colored surface.

Create Some Ambiance

Who doesn’t love the glow of candlelight for a cozy evening in or outdoors?  Of course, all those candles leave behind lots of empty containers that most often go into the trash, but not with these refillable models from the K Lawrence Collection.

Large stoneware vessels of different shapes hold a refillable wax or fuel component that is easily refreshed with minimal waste. Even better, the liquid used to fuel these patent-pending candles is water-soluble, ethanol-free and nontoxic. It has a high flash point of 104 ºC / 220 ºF and only ignites when paired with the special burner. 

Brighten up the Dinner Table

It’s time to retire any old, worn placemats and sub in some that are bright and cheery, like these Lanai placemats from Mode Living. The tropical colors of these handmade beauties are the perfect pairing with natural Iraca palm and raffia fibers. While there’s a neutral version available, the colored options are just the thing to make your next dinner feel more like an island getaway!

Pick a Statement Accessory

Wooden trays and boards are great for serving just about anything but for a real conversation starter, try a cheese board that’s more artful, like these from Lynn and Liana. Reminiscent of crashing waves, eco-friendly epoxy and beautiful Acacia hardwood are combined for a beautiful, hand-poured design.

The material is called UVPoxy and is made from recycled bioproducts such as palm oil, soybean oil and cashew nutshells. This style of serveware does double duty as a functional piece as well as an eye-catching display item in the kitchen or dining room.  

Focus on Cultural Handicrafts

Adding one-of-a-kind, authentic, fair trade, ethnic handicrafts is a quick way to add interest and support artisans around the world. These pieces from Luangisa African Gallery are perfect examples of decor items that can easily be incorporated into your home.

The large platter is done in the Tonga Pattern and was handmade by women artisans from the Tonga tribe living in Northern Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley from native Ilala palm fibers. The pillow is made from genuine leather and beaded by Ndebele female artisans in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Each pillow is unique and takes at least one week to be completed. 

Upgrading your storage containers is also a great way to incorporate ethnic handicrafts. Hamper baskets from Swahili Modern are ideal for stashing extra throws, small toys or your latest knitting project. Attractive and artful baskets let you keep these types of items close at hand but stylishly concealed. This large multicolored herringbone hamper is woven by rural craftswomen in Senegal using coils of natural cattail grasses that were sustainably grown, held together by interwoven strips of plastic. The plastic strips are upcycled from a local prayer mat factory.

Swap Out Tired Cushions

With so many great options for beautiful pillows to complement absolutely every decor scheme, there’s no excuse for cushions that are boring or past their prime. Mode Living’s latest styles are versatile and extremely textural, making them a great addition, especially to a room that has a neutral color palette. They’re filled with the finest feathers so they’re far more comfortable and resilient than the bargain styles you may already have on your bed or sofa.

For cushions that add a pop of color and more, check out these gorgeous examples from Sogé Decor.  Lush prints on a sumptuous short-pile velvet are oh-so-soft, meaning that you’ll definitely want more than one. On the back, they’re covered in soft and tactile fine Belgian linen.  The Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand features its own pattern designs on cushions and wall coverings. 

Shed a Little Light on It

Zafferano America’s Poldina table lamp was an Oprah Pick that is now available as a wall lamp. Perfect for shedding a little light in a dark space, rechargeable cordless technology. makes it easy to add this anywhere. The battery runs for nine hours on a single charge.

These wall versions are available in three colors and come with a USB cable and charging cube. You can use them outdoors and they feature touch-dimming. The top one is portable and hangs from a hook — also available as a suspension model — while the lower row is a style that is permanently attached to the wall, but still features a port for recharging.

This is a good range of home decor items that can spice up an interior very quickly. The key is to pick the ones you like most and that will make the biggest impact in the space that you have. In some cases, you might need a single innovative wall planter or a few new serving pieces that are also used as display items. Use your imagination and freshen up your rooms! 

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