Dubai Travel Guide – Best Thrilling Theme Parks to Visit in 2022

Dubai Travel Guide - Best Thrilling Theme Parks to Visit in 2022

Dubai Travel Guide – Best Thrilling Theme Parks to Visit in 2022

Visiting Dubai is on the travel bucket list of many. And when they do, adding at least one of the amusement parks in their itinerary is a must. When we think of Dubai, the first thing that comes to our mind is the desert, skyscrapers, and beaches. But Dubai has used those resources at its disposal to make amusement parks for the tourists. Dubai’s main income is now shifting from oil production to tourism.

In this drive, theme parks and amusement parks have been seen to be given a lot of importance. These theme parks are carefully thought of and planned that give the maximum thrills to your adrenaline. Various water-parks like the adventure water-park, are also situated in places and their rides have been planned in such a way that humans can directly interact with the sea animals like sharks and stingrays.

The prices of these theme parks are also not very high, like the MotionGate Dubai tickets, and the fun that you have will exceed the cost.

Best Thrilling Theme Parks to Visit in 2022

So, visiting one of these thrilling theme parks is an experience of a lifetime. Brace yourself for some adventure when you are in Dubai.

  • Motion Gate Dubai

The amusement parks in Dubai are very thoughtfully planned, some of which are theme-based. The theme-based amusement parks are “on point” and do justice to the themes they have been inspired from. This theme park is based on a Hollywood theme. The 4 major Hollywood giants from which motion gate has been inspired are Sony’s Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Animations, The Smurfs, and Lionsgate.

The amusement park has 27 rides and is situated at the Dubai Parks and Resorts, which also consists of Bollywood Park and LEGOLAND Dubai. Motion Gate Dubai has something to offer to everyone, like roller coasters based on The Hunger Games to The Smurfs. Motion Gate Dubai is a guaranteed full-day lifetime experience and must be enjoyed by everyone at least once in their lifetime.

  • Bollywood Park

Bollywood Park is located in the Dubai Parks and Resorts, neighboring Motion Gate Dubai and LEGOLAND Dubai. Bollywood Park is said to be every Bollywood Lover’s dream come true. The theme park is divided into 4 parts based on Bollywood’s biggest hits. The entertainment through 3D and 4D theaters is an amazing experience.

Imagine flying with Krishh, jumping and doing virtual stunts with Ra-One, chasing the Don on a 3D ride, or experiencing the Bollywood songs that transport you back to the ’80s, ‘90, and early 2000s. The theme park also has a stretch that is an imitation of the streets of Mumbai, which is where Bollywood is based. All the Bollywood lovers will enjoy every moment of it.

  • LEGOLAND Dubai

LEGOLAND Dubai is situated with Motion Gate Dubai and Bollywood Park in the Dubai Parks and Resorts. It’s the first LEGOLAND in the Middle East. If your kids are familiar with Lego, then those little builders will feel ecstatic to be set free in the lands of Legos.

You will find their dream builds all over the place. LEGOLAND is meant for children from 2-12 years old and it is made up of real giant Lego builds. LEGOLAND also has more than 40 rides for the kids, all themed on Lego. LEGOLAND also has its Lego-themed water park next to it, which also has lots of thrilling rides and fun activities to do. You can purchase Legoland Dubai Tickets with a combo package to make it budget-friendly.

  • Ski Dubai

Everyone gets shocked hearing about snow in a desert, like Dubai. But that is every bit true because the Mall of Emirates has an indoor ski park in Dubai. It is an artificial snow world and is the first and biggest one in the Middle east. It has 5 slopes for snowboarders and skiers according to their level of expertise, from beginners to pros.

The temperature is maintained at -2 degrees throughout the year. The park is of an area of 22,500 square feet and the biggest slope is 400 meters long at 60 meters high. Ski Park also has real penguins and they put up a show for the public like their epic march.

  • Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is located on the Palm Islands, Atlantis, and is the largest water-park in the Middle East. The most unique thing about this water-park is that you can swim with real sharks, stingrays, and other fish. As thrilling as it sounds, it is just as safe because you would be swimming within a confined area.

Its largest ride is 90 feet long and it takes you through the lagoon where there are real sharks. The other long ride is 75 meters and takes you through a double loop and throws you directly into the water, which just adds to the thrill. You can also relax at the beach that is 700 meter long.

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