Don’t Fall For Illegal Universal Studios Tickets, Plus Sneak Peek Photos of the Park!

Don’t Fall For Illegal Universal Studios Tickets, Plus Sneak Peek Photos of the Park!

As of Aug 21, four people who had attempted to sell black market tickets to Universal Studios Beijing were detained by Tongzhou police. According to local news sources, these tickets had been given to Universal staff and partners to allow their families and friends to visit the highly-anticipated theme park, and were not meant for commercial sale. It was reported that some illegal tickets had even been priced at over RMB 4,000. Goodness knows what would happen to you if you try to buy any of these illegal tickets, but we don’t recommend it.

On Friday, Aug 20, Universal Beijing Resort (UBR) opened its doors to special invited guests for what they term “internal pressure testing,” and for the first time since its construction allowed photos and videos of the theme park’s attractions, rides, and facilities to be posted publicly on social media. Prior to this, the park had been very hush-hush about what lay within its hallowed walls. Some Universal staff members had even been fired for violating the strict no-photos policy and posting selfies that showcased the park in one way or another.

But now that you’ll probably be seeing photos of the Transformers, Kung Fu Panda, Minions, and more beloved Universal Studios characters pop up on your friends’ WeChat Moments, we are delighted to be able to share some exciting sneak peek photos with our loyal readers!

Kung Fu Panda’s Land of Awesomeness will definitely be a big hit with panda-lovers, tiger-lovers, snake-lovers… you get the picture. The indoor area features the Carousel of Kung Fu Heroes and Lanterns of Legendary Legends rides, Kung Fu Games, dining areas, not to mention the live interactive motion capture Kung-Fu Panda show. Ska-doosh!

Better catch up on watching the Jurassic films before stepping into Jurassic World to meet some of our favorite extinct predators, like beta raptor Blue at the Raptor Encounter.

Be impressed by the resounding vocal talents in the live performance show SING On Tour, which is based on the 2016 animated hit film “SING.”

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Images: Universal Studios Beijing

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