Dave’s Express Cafe’, Greenfield, Indiana

Dave’s Express is one of the more memorable places I’ve tried a tenderloin!  It’s a car wish with a small Cafe’.  They do have a limited amount of indoor seating, but during the time of COVID19, they were only offering carry out when we visited.

Before I go into the review, I want to say that when I have a less than stellar experience, it’s never my intent to simply “slam” a restaurant.  I want to give a fair, impartial review, and if the experience is less than stellar, I hope restaurants and staff will see what they need to improve on.

First, the sandwich.  This is a pretty good tenderloin.  It’s certainly not a fritter, and it’s the size I prefer.  I like a hearty, but not overwhelming sandwich.  It’d been pounded, but wasn’t paper thin.  The meat was moist and tenderloin and had decent flavor.

The breading, while fairly crispy, was also greasy and got soggy pretty quickly.  It wasn’t terrible by any means, but certainly noticeable.   In addition, the breading was quite bland.  A little seasoning, maybe just some salt and pepper could have turned this sandwich from average to stellar.

All in all, I’ll give this sandwich a 3—average.  If I were in Greenfield, I’d try it again, but wouldn’t drive the 35 miles again just for it.  That said–I’ve also heard good things about their burgers and I plan on going back and trying one of those.

There were some service issues with our visit.  We called our order in while we were on the way, and upon arriving saw the sign for pick up.  Unfortunately, we didn’t feel like the sign was clear exactly where to go.  We caught the eye of a couple of employees, but they kind of just looked the other way without giving any direction.  Another customer pulled up and asked if we were there to pick up food, and told us to pull into the bay/garage.  Once inside, a cafe’ employed came out and brought our food to us.  We picked up our food, went to a nearby place to eat, and discovered they had forgotten to put the rest of our condiments, which we had requested, as well as plasticware and napkins in our containers.  In addition, my fries were cold and soggy.  If you decide to do their pick up, take a moment and see that you have what you requested before you leave as we did.

Although this might come across as harsh, we’re in tough times.  Restaurants that survive are the ones that do their best to be at the top of their game, and those little touches—condiments, napkins, etc can make or break an experience.

Dave’s Express Care/Cafe’ is located at 1649 W Main Street in Greenfield, Indiana.  You can find them online at http://www.davesexpresscare.com

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