College Care Package Ideas for Guys

Originally published September 12, 2018 and updated August 15, 2022.

Making college care packages are as much fun as receiving them. When each of my babies“headed off to college, I sent them frequent college care packages to show them in a concrete way that we missed them and were thinking of them (and to distract me a bit, from how much I missed them!).  Since my two oldest babies are girls, I had lots of practice making college care packages for girls and women. Now that all my friends’ sons are heading off to college, I’ve been coming up with college care package ideas for guys, boys and men.  

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Care package ideas for guys are a bit different than putting together care packages for women. But the basic premise is the same – fun items that will help relieve stress and remind them in a concrete way that you are thinking of them. The rest of just takes plain fun and creativity to make these masculine care packages. 

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If you’d prefer to purchase a care package rather than put it together yourself, check out my favorite care packages for college students and the best candy subscription boxes.

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College Care Package Ideas for Guys

The basic categories for a care package for guys (or anyone, really). 

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  1. Homemade Baked Goods – If you bake at all, whip up a batch of cookies or brownies. Your student won’t have access to homemade treats while away at college. He’s depending on you to provide them. My How to Package Brownies for Shipping tips are must read before you start packing. Some of my favorite cookie and brownie recipes that are perfect for shipping are:
  2. Late Night Munchy Snacks – When your student is up late studying, sometimes he’ll just want a salty snack to munch on. The kind you can keep tossing in your mouth and munch on while wading through piles of work. Some great choices are:
  3. Candy, Candy and Candy – We’re sending some better-for-you snack choices, but sending candy is a fun treat. Always. If you send individually wrapped candy, your student can share with roommates and friends. 
  4. Protein Snacks – Snacks that are high in protein are one of our better-for-you snack options. Some favorite choices are:
    • Beef Jerky
    • Nuts – Be sure to check nut and peanut allergies before sending any nut products.
    • Peanuts
    • Peanut Butter
  5. Outdoor Toys – Your student will be spending plenty of time indoors studying. Send some fun toys that will encourage him to get outside and burn off steam. You can find inexpensive toys at the dollar store or discount store.
  6. Indoor Toys – Once the weather turns colder, your student will need to take a break from studying and goof off a bit. Look for silly toys that can be used indoors. Again, the dollar store or discount store is a great source. Also, look at party favors for inexpensive toys.
  7. Study Supplies – Include brightly colored office supplies like highlighters, pens, sticky notes and paper clamps.
  8. Electronic Cleaning Supplies – Include wipes that can be used to clean your students many electronics.
  9. Personal Note – Add an encouraging card or letter sharing how much your student is missed and how proud your are of him. 

Creative Care Package Notes – Make the next care package you send even more special with a creative themed care package note. With 48 different notes, there’s something for every situation and every person on your care package list.

48 different brightly colored printable notes for care packages.

It’s also fun to send themed college care package ideas. Some popular themed care packages I’ve sent are:

Frequently Asked Questions about Care Packages for Men

What do you get a guy for a care package?

If you don’t want to make the care package yourself, you can purchase a care package. These are my favorite choices for guys:

  • SnackSack – Includes 11-13 surprise snacks, always centered around seasonal themes and flavors
  • Escape Crate – This is a great care package that includes a game that can be played with friends or roommates.
  • Sumo Beef Jerky – Each box includes a handpicked curation of craft jerky brands.
  • Basic Man Gift Box – Contains a selection of high-quality t-shirt, performance boxer-briefs and pair of socks.
  • The Man Box – Contains men’s essentials, lifestyle, gadgets and survival items! Voted best subscription box of 2021.
  • Checkout my collection of 16 of the best candy subscription care packages.

What can I send my son in college?

Any gift that shows him you’re thinking of him is the perfect gift. Some popular ideas are gift cards, homemade baked treats, holiday-themed gifts, favorite candy and games to play with roommates. Checkout the list of ideas above for inspiration.

What can I send to my grandson in college?

Sending a gift to show him you’re thinking of him is the best idea. Include a note telling him how proud you are of him and how much you miss him. Include special homemade treats or favorite candy and treats that you know he likes. Gift cards to favorite restaurants are also appreciated. Checkout the collection of themed care package ideas at the end of this article.

Who do you know that would appreciate a college care package for boys? You’ll have as much fun putting the care package together as your student has receiving it.

You can find all our best care package ideas in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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