Christmas Craft for Kids – Rudolph Puppets

What is a more perfect Christmas craft for kids than making Rudolph puppets from the nostalgic childhood movie? These 8 popular movie characters can also be used as Christmas tree ornaments, gift tags, decorations and more.

4 DIY Christmas puppets with insert of multiple paper Christmas puppets

My favorite Christmas memories are so much more than the gifts I received. They’re memories of time together with loved ones creating cherished memories. It’s the same for both adults and kids. Take the time to plan for fun family activities and crafts so you can create meaningful family memories.

What can I do with my family on Christmas Day?

After gifts are opened, it’s great to have other activities planned to keep everyone entertained and to build family memories.

  • Sing Christmas songs
  • Play Christmas themed charades
  • Decorate Christmas cookies together
  • Watch your favorite Christmas movies. Check out this list of 30 of the Best Family Christmas movies for more ideas.
  • Play an indoor or outdoor Christmas scavenger hunt. This free printable has game boards for both indoors and outdoors play.
  • Play a Christmas themed game.
  • Make Christmas wreaths and decorations that your family can use year after year.
  • Read Christmas stories.
  • Take traditional and funny photos together.
  • Make Christmas ornaments together every year and create a family tradition.
  • Begin writing thank you cards.
  • Take turns sharing favorite Christmas memories and stories.
  • Make Christmas crafts together like the Rudolph puppets below.
8 colorful paper Christmas puppets on popsicle sticks

The Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer show is a favorite from most of our childhoods. You can combine this fun Christmas craft for kids together with watching the show and then playing with the puppets.

This craft includes patterns for the most popular Rudolph characters:

  • The Abominable Snow Monster
  • Hermie the Elf
  • Sam the Snowman
  • Yukon Cornelius
  • Clarise the Reindeer
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Santa Claus (Father Christmas)
  • Mrs. Claus

Christmas Craft for Kids

This craft can be made by younger children with a little help from an adult.

What you need to make these Rudolph puppets Christmas craft for kids

  • Colored craft paper or construction paper
    • Or white craft paper and crayons
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Permanent Markers
  • Craft glue or glue sticks
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • The Rudolph puppet characters templates – You can access the free printable templates when you sign up for our free newsletter.

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collage of 4 images of paper Christmas craft for kids puppets
  • Additional supplies that can supplement the basic supplies
    • Googly eyes
    • Cotton balls
    • Small pom poms
    • Tissue paper
    • Candy canes to replace the popsicle sticks
    • Paper plates to create background scenes
    • Pipe cleaners to fashion tools for Hermie, Yukon Cornelius and Mrs. Claus
images of 4 steps of making Rudolph puppet

How to make (keyword) step-by-step

Select colored paper to match the image and choose the correct template pattern.

Trace the pattern pieces onto the colored paper. Cut out the paper pieces. Lay them out carefully so they don’t get lost.

Following the images, glue the pieces together. Let the glue dry well.

Use a marker to add face features and other details.

Attach the puppet figures to popsicle sticks.

images of 4 steps of DIY Santa paper puppet

What makes these Rudolph puppets great?

  • You can make them in conjunction with watching the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie.
  • The puppets can provide hours of imaginative play.
  • They’re fun to make together. Crafting together is a wonderful way to spend time together.
  • You can make these Rudolph characters as:
    • Puppets
    • Christmas tree ornaments
    • Christmas decorations
    • Gift Tags

Looking for more Christmas crafts for kids?

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Use a recycled laundry scoop to create a fun holiday scene or Christmas decoration.

Other Christmas activities for kids you might have missed

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Be sure to pin this Christmas craft for kids so you can make these Rudolph puppets every Christmas.

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