Boredom Buster Ideas for the Whole Family

Boredom Buster Ideas for the Whole Family

Let’s admit something, at some point in our lives — we’ve all had a moment or two where we were bored or restless.  Right?  Subsequently, I thought it would be fun to share these boredom buster ideas for you to keep in your back pocket.  

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Collage of Boredom Buster Ideas

Below I’ve broken it up into three different categories:  Women, Indoor for the Kids, and Outdoor for Everyone.  Maybe you’ll be inspired by one or two.  And feel free to share with friends. Enjoy.

Boredom Buster Ideas for Women

I admit that I chuckled a bit while typing the above title.  Women are usually the few people that aren’t bored.  Whether we’re moms or housewives, we have a household to run and that tends to keep us busy. 

However, some might be single, empty nesters or retired — so I rounded up a few ideas for you to consider.  I say to start with #6, then hang a mini disco ball near a window and dance your heart out.  Sounds pretty great, right?  I hope you enjoy these boredom buster ideas, friends.

1.  Read a personal growth book.

2. Organize something (drawer, closet, toy bin, etc)

3.  Send snail mail to friends and family.  Send a note of encouragement and/or affirmation.  

4.  Create a Meal Plan.

Farmhouse inspired printable menu planner -- and how to use online grocery pickup to save time and money!

Menu Planning can be a great boredom buster

5.  Rearrange furniture.

6.  Learn to knit or crochet (start with these sweet crochet hearts).

7.  Give yourself a manicure (have you tried Color Street?)

8.  Buy a blank notebook and fill it with quotes, scripture, news headlines, doodles, prayers, etc.

9.  Schedule quiet times (nap, reading, coloring, meditation, etc).

10. Create a new song playlist.  

Earbuds for Music Boredom Buster

11. Color a floral arrangement or something inspirational.

12. Take a long bath with some homemade bath tea.

Indoor Boredom Buster Ideas for the Kids

Let’s take a look at the great indoors.  Unfortunately, there are rainy days, cold days, and super hot days.  Therefore, these indoor boredom buster activities are sure to come in handy for the kids.  

When I was a kid, we played “store” in our basement.  Our parents bought us some kind of adding machine WITH rolls of paper.  It was a dream come true. 

My sister and I also tried to make notepads with rubber cement (haha) and then we’d try to sell them in our garage sales.  So sweet, right?  Maybe then… now I’m enjoying a laugh or two.  Many times the neighborhood kids would play an on-going game of Monopoly in someone’s basement.  #10 is always a win too.

1.  Dance party anyone?

2.  Play board games or card games.

3.  Puzzles for the win.

4.  Camp Indoors (bedroom, living room, or basement).

5.  Bake together.

Get ready to fall in love with these Easy Peanut Butter Cookies. A recipe that is packed with peanut butter taste, these cookies won't disappoint. Recipe at

Bored? Bake some cookies with the family.

6.  Make animal masks using paper plates, construction paper, and string.

7.  Indoor Scavenger Hunt

8. Read a new book.

9. Make a Music Video (and share it with me, please).

10. Do some Crafting:

11. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.  Find something in your house that starts with every letter of the alphabet.

12. Create an obstacle course using pillows, masking tape, etc.

13. Painting Rocks is a great boredom buster. Take them with you on your next walk and place them in random spots.

14. Make a family flag — If only I had kids because I love this idea.

15. Host a mini tea party (for the family).

Have fun hosting an afternoon tea party with your girlfriends! It doesn't have to be complicated... promise!

Outdoor Boredom Busters for Everyone

Most importantly, we have the great outdoors where there’s no shortage of sunshine (most days) and fresh air.  From water toys to picnics and car washes — there’s a world of fun that awaits.

Growing up we were lucky to have a pool.  Marco.  Polo.  So many memories were made in that pool.  Bike rides, playgrounds, and occasional trips to the amusement park (Dorney Park) filled our summers.  Enjoy.

1.  Create a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk.

2.  Have fun with bubbles.

3.  Backyard Scavenger Hunt or a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt.

4.  Cool off with outdoor water toys (splash mats, water balloons, and more).

5.  Wash the car(s).

6.  Go on a picnic.

7.  Walk the dog.  Don’t have a dog?  Walk a neighbors dog.

8.  Create an outdoor obstacle course.

9.  After the sun goes down, catch fireflies.

10. Play sidewalk tic tack toe using pom poms and/or colorful socks.

11. Pick flowers for yourself, mom, or the neighbor.

These Colorful Painted Mason Jars are not only easy, but make great gifts too!

Boredom Buster:  Pick Wild Flowers

12. Go for a bike ride.

13. Go for a scenic drive in the car.

14. Plant Flowers.

15. Enjoy a Bonfire (day or night).  We’ve enjoyed several during the quarantine.

Bonfire Boredom Buster

Day or Night — Bonfires are a great Boredom Buster

And there you have it, over FORTY boredom busters to put to good use.  Do you have another great idea I can add to the list?  Let me know in the comments below.  Stay safe and healthy.

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