Bill Gates’ net worth: A ‘window’ into the Microsoft co-founder’s jaw-dropping wealth

The co-founder and former CEO of the world’s largest personal computer software company also happens to be fourth on the list of the richest people in the world. This supports a rather lavish lifestyle – complete with private jets and sprawling mansions – as well as impactful philanthropic projects. Here’s a look at the net worth of Bill Gates.

Businessman, philanthropist, and author Bill Gates is undisputedly one of the biggest names in the world of software. He along with Paul Allen founded Microsoft – a ground-breaking company that now encompasses cloud computing services, computer hardware, online services, video games, and more. This includes, the iconic web browser Internet Explorer – which made its debut in 1995 – and the widely-used graphical operating system Windows.

Naturally, the tech tycoon has amassed quite the wealth – climbing up the ladder of the who’s who of the society to be deemed one of the richest in the world. This, despite him selling several shares of his company for tens of billions of dollars in lieu of philanthropic endeavours. Reportedly, he’s also declared that his children would only get about 10 percent of his fortune as inheritance. Here’s a look at his assets and more.

The net worth of Bill Gates

Bill Gates Net Worth

As per the Bloomberg Billionaire Index – which gets updated at the end of every trading day in New York – Bill Gates’ net worth stands at USD 114 billion . Several reports note that he makes USD 150-200 per second. This is courtesy of his fortune from Microsoft, which he turned into diversified holdings. After stepping down from the company as CEO, he began investing in zero-carbon energy. More specifically, this refers to the USD 1 billion investment fund Breakthrough Energy – which focuses on innovations in sustainable energy and was launched by Gates and 20 others in 2015.

He also spends extensive time on philanthropic endeavours through the Gates Foundation. The nonprofit fights poverty and disease around the world and from 1994 to 2018, Bill and his wife Melinda Gates poured over USD 36 billion into its work. The businessman currently owns 1.3 percent of Microsoft’s shares, as per Forbes. Despite all of this wealth – which he’s repeatedly held as unfair – he only has a few rather practical indulgences. He has invested in a variety of stocks and assets and launched a US $1 billion investment fund, Breakthrough Energy, with 20 others.

Luxury mansion and holiday homes

Bill Gates Net Worth

Gates’ Xanadu mansion is sprawling to say the least – featuring seven high-tech bedrooms, six kitchens, 24 bathrooms, an artificial stream, massive pool with indoor and outdoor sections as well as underwater speaker systems, and trampoline the size of a building. It also features USD 80,000 worth computer screens that can be moved with the push of a button, digitised screens with family photographs, and access to digital art that can be changed at whim. He also pays to have sand imported from St. Lucia in the Caribbean to the shore around his home.

Bill Gates Net Worth

The mansion also boasts a 2,100 sq.ft library with vintage books – including the 16th-century Leonardo da Vinci codex which cost him about USD 30 million. The total value of all the books – as per Business Insider – is about USD 60 million. This – along with other fittings in his space – cost him about USD 127 million overall.

That’s not all, Gates’ reportedly also owns several rural vacation spots – complete with barns and racetracks for his equestrian daughter. Reportedly, he spent USD 18 million on a 228-acre horse ranch in California – which comes with an orchard, guesthouse, and an ocean view.

Private jet and swanky wheels


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Gates reportedly owns a Bombardier BD-700 which seats up to 19 people and is used for vacations as well as official engagements. It cost him about USD 40 million. His mansion also has various garages for over 23 luxury cars – which includes Porsche 959 priced at USD 1 million.

Private island and real-estate investments

Like several businessmen, Gates owns a private island – Grand Bogue Caye – in Belize with white sands and turquoise waters. This cost him about USD 25 million. He’s also made several real-estate investments through his personal investment firm – Cascade. This includes part ownership of Charles Hotel Cambridge Massachusetts and half of the Four Season Holding’s hotel chain. He also paid nearly USD 161 million along with other unnamed buyers for the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco.

Despite the wealth he owns, Gates famously told The Telegraph in 2013, “I have no use for money.”

All images: Courtesy Bill Gates

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