Best Luxury Building Amenities in NYC


Real estate agencies and home sellers are constantly upping their game, given the almost insatiable interest for New York City properties. As a result, developers use various luxury amenities and home features to raise the value of NYC’s luxury residential properties. And since luxury building amenities in NYC are becoming almost a precondition to enter the market in the face of increased demand, we share some of the most wanted luxury amenities in NYC residential buildings.  In fact, a recent survey has shown that as much as 87% of renters belonging to NYC high-end communities decide to extend their lease solely based on the amenities in the luxury building complex.


Given the hectic NYC streets and sparse green areas, many people are drawn to the idea of having access to a private dog park close to their homes. And let’s face it. Most NYC homeowners think of their dogs as members of their family. 

Hence, having an area where your furry friends can roam free is more than alluring. In light of this, living in a pet-friendly building is a must for any dog owners. And in many cases, the pet facilities can be both indoor and outdoor. There are even pet spas and grooming salons on-site for maximum convenience. Nowadays, advances in luxury living no longer focus solely on the particular needs and preferences of the homeowners, as many New Yorkers conflate the needs of their pets with their own needs.  

Room Service and Resident-only Restaurants

If you aim to live in a luxury building that focuses on exclusivity, you should consider purchasing a home in a building access that offers hotel-style services. Third-party food delivery has changed the way people order food. This makes collaborations with these services one of the high-class perks currently in vogue in NYC. 

 In addition, some luxury apartment complexes even have resident-only restaurants on offer. Let’s face it - it is hard to get more luxurious than this? If you opt for living in an ‘all needs satisfied at all times’ type of building, then fine dining should be one of the services you have access to any time of the day. 

 Aside from being able to order food round-the-clock, many luxury buildings extend this motto to anything else the residents might need. For instance, moving into your NYC luxury home should be quick and convenient with the help of professional third-party moving services recommended by the luxury building staff. An experienced moving company will cover everything you might need to ensure the relocation goes smoothly. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are the future, even though it will take a couple of years until people switch to them entirely. Some estimates predict that by 2030, the number of electric cars will grow from 3 million to 125 million. Many NYC apartment managers and homebuyers are seeing the potential of aligning with this trend.

 Consequently, one of the best luxury building amenities in NYC is electric vehicle charging stations. In fact, the installation of one charging station is relatively inexpensive as the costs range from $450 to $1000. Comparatively, this is a small price to pay for the benefits it provides in the long run. Hence, purchasing a home in a luxury building that contributes to the cause in this way allows you to give your contribution to the green living movement as well.

Co-working Space

The world of work is changing rapidly. And with it, going to an office to work is slowly becoming a thing of the past. What’s more, tech industry experts are becoming the nouveau riche. And where does an IT whizz or a CEO like to work from and socialize? If you aim to do work from home, why not do it alongside other successful and highly-competent individuals? Hence, having an outstandingly stimulating co-working space with high-speed internet in your building is greatly appreciated in NYC. 

NYC homebuyers are generally inclined to pay more for smart home technology features. In comparison, a co-working space where the residents can do business is definitely a step up. Since co-working spaces are akin to smaller eclectic offices, it makes sense to consult an interior designer or moving company to help you furnish the area with everything that you need to manage your business smoothly. A moving crew such as Clean Cut Moving can help with anything from packing, transportation, and assembling to the placement of desks, devices, and other equipment that makes up a state-of-the-art co-working space. 

a coworking space

Luxury Rooftop Areas

Rooftop areas are a real attention-grabber if done right. Rooftops can be transformed into fantastic community areas. The residents can drink their morning coffee, sunbathe, or throw parties, making the rooftop area a highly sought-after luxury amenity. What’s more, some NYC rooftops even have a pool to top it all off. Also, since winters in NYC can get quite cold, some even have built-in gas heaters that allow you to spend time on the rooftop throughout the year.

An NYC rooftop area in a luxury building

A gym is one of the most wanted luxury building amenities in NYC

As much as going to the gym is essential for your health and well-being, making the trip is sometimes too demanding. That is why many NYC luxury buildings owners choose to include state-of-the-art workout areas. These gyms offer both cardio and weight-lifting zones as well as spaces for the latest workout trends such as bouldering, calisthenics, etc. Be sure to consult a knowledgeable fitness instructor on how to use the space you have in the most efficient way possible. Note that you have to pay extra attention to your safety while using the gym equipment.

a private building gym
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