Arccos Golf Review: Gen3+ Smart Sensors Update

In case you haven’t noticed yet, data is dominating the game of golf. Most players used to think that laying up on par 5s to a “good number” is the way to more birdies.

But ShotLink data and books like “Every Shot Counts” by Mark Broadie (one of the best golf books) it has been debunked. Not to mention a ton of other statistics have changed the way golfers navigate the course in hopes for lower scores.

The more you track in your golf game, the easier it is to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Which leads to more efficient practice sessions and hopefully lower scores on the course.

Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors are one of the best (and most affordable) tools to take your game to the next level. Today we’ll explain how these small sensors can transform your game, provide on course strategies, and so much more.

Key Takeaways 

  • Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors are a game analyzer tool that screws into the grip of each of your 14 golf clubs. They provide valuable data and detailed analysis of every shot that is synced with an app.
  • The Smart Sensors can then analyze your game with the matching app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • The Gen 3+ are a great upgrade from the original design that are ultra lightweight and have longer lasting battery life.

What are Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors? 

Before getting into the amazing benefits of these tools, let’s talk about what they are in the first place.

These shot tracking sensors are a small tool that screws into the butt-end of your grip. The sensors go in each club (14 are provided) and then synced to the Arccos app.

The sensors stay in your clubs and each time you play golf they track your shots. This makes it easy to understand your average distances for each club, accuracy, and most importantly, strokes gained analytics. All the data is stored in the Caddie app so you can analyze your round and figure out how to improve different areas of your game.

Arccos users have hit more than 680 million shots (talk about a lot of golf) which gives them tons of data about average golfers. With so much data, they can also use this information to produce studies and articles to help the everyday golfer.

In fact, Arccos claims that members improve by five shots in their first year using this system on average! Plus, the new Gen 3+ is an even better upgrade from the original thanks to A.I. 

Keep reading to learn how to use these tools and why we think they’re one of the best golf accessories available.

Arccos Smart Sensors 3 Review

Arccos Caddie App  

What makes these sensors so powerful is the app itself. Getting numbers and more insight about your game are great but not always easy to understand what to do with them.

That’s why some golfers get overwhelmed when using a launch monitor. Oftentimes they don’t have a professional helping them understand how to use the data to improve their swing.

This isn’t the case with the Caddie App – which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Here are some of the best features within the app that can help you analyze and understand your game like never before.

Strokes Gained by Club 

When it comes to tracking your stats, strokes gained is the best way to analyze your game. This metric is much more important than simply adding up your fairways, greens, scramble saves, and putts per hole. 

For example, you might have 30 putts during a given round and think you “putted well.”

But if you were hitting it close and missing putts inside 8-feet, your strokes gained might be negative in the putting category.


Strokes gained allows you to analyze each area of your game – driving, approaches, scrambling, and putting – to identify weaknesses and strengths. 

The app has a “strokes gained by club” feature which is some of the most precise club data in the amateur golf world. You can see exactly what clubs help or hurt your game. This is also great data you can share with your coach or if you’re doing a custom club fitting session too. 

They make complicated statistics simple so you can play and learn without getting an engineering degree. The app provided a detailed breakdown of your game, trend analysis, and tips from some of the best golfers in the world. 

It’s easy to use and a wildly efective tool for your game.

Caddie Advice Feature (caddie shot adviser)

How much better would you play if you had a caddy every round?

I’ve had a few professional caddies when playing bucket list courses like Pebble Beach and it was a game changer. My guess is they saved me 3–6 shots each round! 

Unfortunately, caddies aren’t the norm outside of professional golf – until now… As Arccos said, “Arccos players who have completed at least 90 holes (approximately five rounds of golf) can unlock Caddie Advice in the app. Arccos Caddie uses a wide variety of inputs to provide a golfer with real-time insights into their optimal and alternative strategies, as well as outcome predictions, for every shot they play.”

Once the smartphone app knows your game after a few rounds it uses tons of data to provide real-time advice to help you hit more fairways and greens. It provides strategies on every hole and score probability for each one. It also makes it easy to create your own game plan using the preview for almost any course. 

Smart Club Distances 

To play your best golf you need to know how far you hit each club with proper club gapping.

Otherwise, when playing golf it’s a lot more guessing than anything else on the course. But tracking your distances for each club isn’t always easy unless you have a personal launch monitor. 

Even those aren’t the most accurate if you’re using inside on a simulator as you’re hitting from a mat, not real turf. Not to mention it’s a controlled environment with no nerves or pressure like a normal round of golf. 

The Arccos Caddie System once again can again help and take cognitive bias out of the equation. Now you can easily learn how far you hit each club for the most accurate data possible.

This is now known as a “Smart Distance” – here’s how Arccos described it.

“Smart Distance has been upgraded. Our machine learning algorithm takes accuracy to a new level by providing a precise estimation of how far a player hits a well-struck shot with each club in their bag. Mishits, abnormally long and recovery shots are now automatically identified and eliminated from the calculations.”

This is a great upgrade to help you finally understand how far you hit each club in the bag. You can easily compare clubs, remove shots from the distance algorithm, and evaluate how the weather impacts each shot. It also factors in wind, temperature, and altitude too. 

When you do, it’s much easier to pull the right club for different shots and swing with confidence on the course. As they said, “Data driven, not ego driven” when it comes to picking the right club for the shot. 

Automatic Shot Tracking

Let’s not forget the bread of butter of these sensors – the amazing game tracking features. The upgrade in the new Gen 3+ makes it truly the best on course tracking system ever.

As Arccos said, “New automatic shot tracking technology, powered by A.I. machine learning that tightly integrates Arccos hardware and software to pinpoint a player’s shots throughout the round. Arccos will now capture over 98% of all tee shots, and deliver the best, most accurate shot tracking the game has ever seen.”

AI is truly changing the game with shot tracking and captures your shot data in real time. This makes it easy to revisit past hole performance and analyze your game after the round. 

Works with Apple Watch 

The new Arccos Caddie app also works with your Apple Watch too.

It provides rangefinder yardages, lets you set the pin, and track each shot without having your phone in your pocket. If you have an Apple Watch 5 or newer, this is a great upgrade too. 

A.I. Rangefinder 

The final feature in the app that is new to the Gen 3+ sensors is the A.I. rangefinder feature. If you’ve ever used a rangefinder with slope and/or a golf GPS, it’s very helpful to have more data about the hole. But the only downside to rangefinders is they don’t provide a hole overview like golf GPS devices.

You won’t have to worry about that with this device though. Here’s how Arccos described the new feature that uses artificial intelligence.

“Presenting players with the Arccos Caddie Number—showing the actual distance adjusted for slope and real-time weather conditions. Players can see the impact in yards plus or minus, how wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity and altitude could be affecting their shots in real-time.”

The Arccos system provides three columns of data:

  • The left column provides the raw data not adjusted for environmental factors.
  • The center column displays green numbers which account for wind direction, temperature, humidity, altitude, and more.
  • While the right column is the adjusted GPS yardages including guests for the most accurate data possible. 

It’s like having a professional PGA Tour or PGA Tour champions caddy with you during every round. The Arccos Caddie Number factors in everything to give you the precise distance. No more guessing the slope or how the weather will affect your distance on any shot. 


This should not only help your game but pace of play too. As Ted Scott (caddy of Scottie Scheffler) mentioned on Arccos website, these calculations take them several minutes for each shot.

But the rangefinder feature can figure this out in real time. This is a huge perk alongside the other benefits for amateur golfers without access to a caddy. 

Pin Positions

Another great feature about the Caddie app is that you can set the pin position each day (even if you aren’t in a tournament). Since so many players use this app worldwide, you can get the most precise yardages to the hole. Once a player sets a pin position for that day it’s automatically updated and synced in the app. 

This allows users who play the rest of the day to get better strokes gained data for approach and putting. If you’re out early, make sure to set the pin and pay it forward for fellow players. 

Works in Tournaments 

Lastly, even if you’re playing competitive golf you can still use the AI rangefinder feature. While slope and other features (like wind, elevation, temperature) aren’t allowed in competition, you can use golf GPS, watches or rangefinders. 

Simply toggle the device to tournament mode so avoid breaking any rules of golf. You can still get precise distances, hole overviews, and more. This should feel like you have a caddy with you even if you’re playing in an individual event. 

Arccos Link Review

Other Accessories 

Arccos provides other accessories and solutions too including:

Smart Grips

If you don’t want the Arccos smart sensors screwed into your grips to measure every single shot, no worries. You can instead install the Arccos smart grips into all 14 clubs. There are two options; the Golf Pride Tour Velvet and Golf Pride MCC Plus4.  

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet are wildly popular in the golf world and have a non-slip surface for tons of comfort. While the MCC Plus4 grips are a hybrid grip featuring a larger lower hand and softer material. This grip simulates more wraps of tape on the lower hand to improve grip pressure and gain more power. 

Arccos Link Device (Gen 2) 

If you want to track your data without being glued to your phone, this is a great accessory too. Simply clip it on your belt or waistband and let it provide the data to the app which is sent to your phone. The new clip design also adds more security if you want to use it with a lanyard as well. 

After playing many rounds with the Arccos without the link, we highly encourage you to spend the extra money and get the Arccos Link. Having this accessory instantly makes the whole process much smoother and saves battery life on your devices.

Arccos Link Review

FAQs About Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Do you have more questions about this game analyzer tool? If so, keep reading to learn the most frequently asked questions and answers below. 

Who should use Arccos sensors?

The Arccos system is a great piece of golf tech that benefits all types of players, ultimately leading to lower scores. The valuable insights are great for all skill levels and anyone who is committed to improving their game. It’s no doubt one of the best golf products available and one of the best prices too.

Are Arccoss Smart Sensors worth it?

Yes, they’re a great way to understand and analyze your game like never before. Previous generations of golfers would have killed for this much information as it makes it easier to spot weaknesses. Which should lead to more effective practice sessions and hopefully getting closer to hitting your golf goals.

The new Gen 3+ sensors are even more worth the money as they have a sensor for every club. Plus, the P3 putting sensor is a huge upgrade too. Since they’re smaller and lighter than previous designs, it’s hard to beat these game analyzer tools. 

Does Arccos have a monthly fee?

The first year is included with the Arccos Caddie app – which is common for a lot of golf subscriptions. Past the first year there is an annual subscription fee of around $14/year – but if you buy two or three years in advance you’ll save money too. 

Overall I think it’s a small annual fee for so many features like smart distances, shot tracker data, and the caddie feature.

Does Arccos app work on Apple and Android?

Yes, these analyzers that provide valuable data work on both devices but seem to have more options with iOS devices. 

How many golf courses are included in Arccos Golf?

They have access to more than 40,000 courses in more than 190 countries. They make it easy to download the course map, start your round, and simply play golf.

Arccos will do the hard work in the background and provide strategies in real time to help you shoot your lowest score possible. Hopefully you’ve have penalty shots

Do Arccos sensors run out of battery?

Yes, but after about two years (or longer). That’s right, you can use this amazing golf accessory for nearly two years without needing to charge. 

Does Arccos have a guarantee?

Yes, you can buy these Smart Sensors with confidence thanks to their 30-day money back guarantee. Please note, this guarantee is only for the sensors and clip, not for the grips which are installed on clubs and can’t be used again if removed. 

Can you use Arccos Golf sensors in a tournament? 

Yes, you are able to leave the sensors in your clubs during a tournament according to the USGA rules of golf. However, you will need to turn the app to tournament mode if you’re using the rangefinder as you can’t use environmental factors (wind, humidity, etc.) during the tournament. 

My Experience

Golf is a wildly complex game and can lead to a lot of guessing from players on what’s working or what isn’t working. But tools like the Arccos sensors and app make it easier than ever to learn more about your game. This makes it easier to understand your distances with each club and now strokes gained data to take your game to new heights.

I used something similar in the past and was blown away when I understood my true distance on the golf course. It’s much more accurate than trying to average out your clubs on the range (with old range balls) or an indoor simulator with a perfect, forgiving mat.

These Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors have completely changed the game and provide so much more than average distance with each club. They make it easier than ever to understand strokes gained – a complex statistic that is holy grail for golfers when fully understood. Not to mention the app has more insight than most accessories combined.

I love how it learns your game after five rounds to make recommendations and provide expert advice. Not to mention the “True distances” makes it easier than ever to fully understand how far you hit each club. 


Final Thoughts on Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

As you can tell, the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors are more than just sensors that screw into your golf clubs. In fact, the real genius of this accessory is the app which provides more insights about your game than ever before. 

The new Gen 3+ are better than ever thanks to amazing features like:

  • Upgraded putter sensor.
  • Improved battery life and shot detection.
  • GPS system overview on tons of golf courses. 
  • Smart club distances so you know your true distance and removes outliers.
  • Advanced strokes gained analysis to make complex data easy to understand.
  • Caddie advice based on your tendencies to provide on-course strategies and tips. 
  • AI rangefinder app which studies your game and provides real-time feedback (and it also works in tournaments). 

Or, you can opt for the Smart Grips instead of the Arccos sensors and other accessories as well. 

For amateur golfers who want to learn more about their game and improve, you can’t beat Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors.

Click here to learn purchase your Arccos sensors today. Again, we highly recommend getting the Arccos link at the same time.

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