Anker Unveils Budget-Beating Upgraded Soundcore Life P3 ANC Earbuds

Anker is launching a new version of its phenomenally popular Soundcore Life earbud range: the new and improved Soundcore Life P3.

The Soundcore Life P3 will pick up where the Life P2 left off, bringing improved multi-mode ANC, more microphones for better call clarity, and an all-new integrated "Find Your Earbuds" mode for those frustrating moments where your earbuds are nowhere to be found.

"Super-Upgraded" Soundcore Life P3 Earbuds Set for Launch

Anker is launching the Life P3 earbuds as a "super-upgraded" version of 2020's Soundcore Life P2, the previous generation. Of course, that's a fairly large tag to lead with, but Anker does have a strong history of delivering big with its audio products.

A few standout feature upgrades are coming to the Life P3. Particularly noteworthy is the jump in driver size, ramping up to 11mm composite bio-cellulose dynamic drivers, from the Life P2's 6mm graphene drivers. This alone should allow the Life P3 to deliver a more substantial overall sound, with better audio nuance between audio types.

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Adding to this are more microphones, which is good news for both ANC and call quality. The Soundcore Life P3 can make use of Anker's multi-mode ANC, switching between Indoor, Outdoor, and Transport, as well as transparency modes for when you're out and about.

Another massively handy upgrade—and it really is a wonder why more earbuds don't include this feature—is the "Find Your Earbuds" feature. From the Soundcore app, you can ping your missing Life P3 earbuds, and they'll emit a high-pitched noise, guiding you back to your beloved earbuds.

Along with those upgrades, Anker is also adding a new gaming mode to the Life P3 earbuds. While they've not expanded massively on how gaming mode will work, it should emphasize certain sound effects within game environments, making gunshots sound louder and more exciting or footsteps easier to pick out as they approach.

Anker Soundcore Life P3 Boasts a Decent Battery

Aside from sound, battery life is the next most important earbud feature. The Soundcore Life P3 earbuds hold up to seven hours of playback, depending on your ANC settings, with the charging carry case delivering up to 35 hours of playback.

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The combined 40 hours or so of playback is decent enough—not world-beating, by far, but you won't be caught short on your commute or before heading out for a run.

One slight downside to the Soundcore Life P3 is the drop from IPX7 water and dust proofing down to IPX5. While that is a reduction, it's not a big deal. The new Life P3 earbuds will still protect against sweat, rain, and dust, which is more than enough for most people.

You can pre-order the Soundcore Life P3 earbuds from now until July 5, when they'll launch for $80 in black, blue, white, blue, and red.

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