A Simple Blowing Pom Pom Game to Build Speech Muscles

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This pom pom game is a super simple blowing activity that is fun and will strengthen muscles that help kids develop better pronunciation!

This pom pom game is a super simple blowing activity that is fun and will strengthen muscles that help kids develop better pronunciation!

Pom poms are such a versatile supply that we all should have them in our craft cupboards.

They are soft, light, colorful and round and can be used in so many different activities.

Check out this awesome Pom Pom Catapult for endless hours of indoor giggles.

The thing I like to most about pom poms is that they are great substitutes for small balls.

Indoor ball play becomes easier to manage when its pom poms flying across the living room as opposed to balls.

Pom Pom Target Practice Game

I must say this activity was something that I came up with when my daughter’s speech instructor informed me that my daughter needed more practice with blowing activities.

She was working on fricative sounds (f, s, sh) and needed to practice blowing more air to help her pronounce the sounds clearer.

Sure! Why not!

I can definitely do that and we’ll have lots of fun playing a pom pom game while were at it.

To Create Your Own Pom Pom Target Practice Game, You’ll Need:

Supplies needed for this pom pom blowing activity to improve speech for toddlers and preschoolers.

Quick & Simple Setup

First, set up the jars upside down in a line with one pom pom on each.

Then place the containers behind each of the jars.

Simple, no-prep set up!

Super simple pom pom blowing game to help improve speech in young kids.

How to Play this Simple Pom Pom Blowing Game

Have your child blow the pom pom off each jar and try to get it into the container behind it.

Blowing pom poms into a target with this fun game

You could set up as many jars and containers as you like.

We set up 5 and it worked great.

It was the perfect amount to get my daughter to practice blowing multiple times then have a quick break to set it up again.

Another great pom pom blowing activity is to blow them with straws. Check it out!

Blow the Pom Pom into the target dish

This activity also added some great problem solving skills.

My daughter needed to adjust how much air she was blowing in order to get it into the target.

If she blew too hard, the pom pom would go flying across the table. Which she thought was pretty funny.

If she blew too light, the pom pom would barely move.

The other cool part to this activity was to watch the wave like affect that would happen when she blew one after another.

Improve speech with this pom pom blowing game!

She was so excited when she managed to get all the pom poms into the targets in one go.

Proud of herself!

Her big sister even wanted to try this pom pom game too.

Win win. Give it a go!

Strengthen speech muscles with this simple pom pom game.

Over and over again!

Blowing, blowing, blowing…and giggling, giggling, giggling!

So much fun was had!

Add Activity Twists to Your Pom Pom Blowing Game

We also had some counting practice with this blowing activity.

We counted together as she blew each pom pom off.

Another way we practiced numbers, was by calling out a number and she would have to blow that many pom poms into the targets.

Great game for number practice!

Work on color recognition with this simple game.

In addition, we made a color game out of it.

I would call out a color and she would have to blow that particular colored pom pom off.

Try this other cool way to work on colors using pom poms.

Blowing pom poms into the target with this simple game to improve speech.

My daughter even got to practice shades and tints because we had used a light and a dark purple pom pom.

“Blow the light purple pom pom!”

“Got it, Mom”

This was definitely an #ActivityWin!

Numbers, colors, target practice and without her even knowing it, speech practice.

All in one activity.

Have any of your children needed some help with speech? What activity wins have you had?

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