92 Times Cats Malfunctioned And Their Owners Just Had To Document It Online (New Pics)

Dogs might be our best friends, but cats secretly rule the world. If we don’t give them enough attention on the internet, they tend to get offended at us, sometimes taking it a bit too personally. However, even the Emperors of Meownkind can act a bit bizarre from time to time. They’re not always the graceful felines that they’d like others to see. However, we absolutely love their more derpy side.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve collected some of the wackiest, funniest, and most wholesome photos of cats acting in weird ways from the celebrated ‘What’s Wrong With Your Cat’ subreddit, an online community of nearly half a million.

Certified cat behavior consultant Ingrid Johnson, the founder of Fundamentally Feline, went into detail with Bored Panda about cat body language, behavior, and how we can tell if our pets are enjoying themselves or if something's off, health-wise. You'll find our full in-depth interview with Ingrid below.

As you’re scrolling down, don’t forget to reward your favorite cats with some attention by giving their photos a big ol’ upvote. When you’re done enjoying the company of these felines, you might want to check out Bored Panda’s earlier articles about the wonderfully weird photos from r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat right here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

#1 She's Just Special Like That

Image credits: shedrinkscoffee

Cat behavior consultant Ingrid told Bored Panda that even though all cats are unique as individuals, they still share some common behavior patterns that show whether they're happy or upset. "Each cat is no doubt an individual, but there are some basic signs to help you know that your cat is content," the founder of Fundamentally Feline said and detailed how we can tell if our catto is enjoying itself.

"How your cat chooses to position themselves in the home while sleeping can illustrate that they are relaxed and feel safe. Signs of this would be sleeping stretched out in a more vulnerable position, even exposing their belly as a sign of trust," Ingrid said. However, she pointed out that this exposed belly isn't an invitation to touch, as this might "break that trust and is insulting to most cats."

Stressed-out cats that don't feel safe tend to hide and avoid playing. "So if your cat is happy to chase a feather toy all around the house, they feel pretty confident! Even just sitting in the center of the room shows you that they feel safe, content, and confident. Timid cats and cats that are stressed are going to try to not be noticed, stay hidden, and focus on only meeting their basic needs. Happy cats are full of life and a part of the family!"

#2 Jake Doing His Yoga In The Yard

Image credits: McNasty420

#3 This Is How He Likes To Watch The Birds

Image credits: Jynxpdc

Just like with other animals, you can also see the joy in the cats' facial expressions, too, so keep an eye out as well. Plus, like most other species, you can see it in their facial expressions, you can observe joy, excitement, or fear just by looking at your cat and taking the time to know him/her."

I wanted to get Ingrid's opinion about when we should start getting worried about changes in our pets' behavior. The cat behavior consultant noted that cats are creatures of habit who thrive on consistency and routine. So any change in behavior can potentially be a sign of a medical problem. "In fact, behavior changes are often the first and only symptom that something is amiss because cats are so adept at hiding and masking pain."

#4 I Spilled My Cat

Image credits: soulshattering

#5 A Strange Kind Of Geckos Are Invading The House

Image credits: errabaany

#6 It’s Always A 10 Minute Fight To Get Her To Come Down. I’m Short And She Takes Advantage. And Of Course She Yells At Me The Whole Time

Image credits: watchfulflora

Ingrid shared some of the things that we should look out for. "Are they suddenly sleeping in a new area of the home? Could be a seasonal change to chase the sunbeams, but it could also be a sign that they are not feeling well and trying to remove themselves from the household hubbub. Are they eating more or less all of a sudden? Have they suddenly become more vocal, or quieter? How about the litter box habits, are they eliminating more or less than is normal? All of this is really important information for pet parents to keep a close eye on and if they notice changes outside of what has been an established normal they should contact their veterinarian."

The ‘What’s Wrong With Your Cat’ subreddit continues to grow. It already has over 407k members, up from 239k fans in January of 2021 and 284k members in late May.

We can only expect that the online group’s popularity will continue to grow: the content is ameowzing and resonates very much with the online community. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy cute and cuddly cats, as well as a big dollop of humor and the chance to learn more about the secret lives of felines?

#7 Sup

Image credits: wellhelloredditpeeps

#8 Update Loading

Image credits: Azsnee09

#9 Mondays Are Hard

Image credits: sherbetandpretzels

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing previously told Bored Panda that cat owners are responsible for making sure that cats are able to express their natural behaviors. This is one of the five animal welfare needs, the others being health, companionship, having a suitable diet, as well as living in a suitable environment.

“Cats love to play, but they need to be able to play the games that are natural to them, like jumping, pouncing, and chasing, all of which mimic behavior that they display when playing outside,” the PDSA representative explained to Bored Panda.

#10 Constipated Bebe

Image credits: Azsnee09

#11 I Think Somethings Wrong

Image credits: STOPITDONKEY

#12 He Sits Like This And Stares At Me Why

Image credits: gbyfvnhudm

“If your cat is a house cat, then you need to provide toys, climbing areas, hidey-holes, and scratch pads,” the vet nurse shared that we have to do our best to provide our pets with enough ‘infrastructure’ to stimulate them, engage them, and keep them moving.

#13 I Swear He’s Not Dead

Image credits: Makingwaves840

#14 He Hates Breaded Chicken But Tries To Steal It Anyway. Cue Intense Gagging Every. Single. Time. Dork

Image credits: Potential_Shake9250

#15 Someone Hit The Catnip Hard

Image credits: Azsnee09

If your cat doesn’t move enough or has an inadequate diet (or both), it can become overweight. That brings about a ton of health risks, from reducing the cat’s overall life expectancy and reducing its quality of life, to diminishing the animal’s energy levels and raising the risk of serious conditions, like diabetes, cancer, liver disease, and arthritis.

#16 Melted Because The Fire Was Too Hot

Image credits: jasontaken

#17 Head All Bobbly

Image credits: Azsnee09

#18 Missing A Bunch Of Parts

Image credits: Azsnee09

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina said that owners are responsible for helping their pets stay lean and energetic. Therefore, owners have to be “proactive and enticing” to try and convince their cats to play and get enough exercise. It might sound like a lot of effort, but it’s worth it if our goal is to help our cattos lose weight so they can live their best lives.

#19 Meet Winston. When I Tilt My Head At Him, He Tilts His Head Back (His Head Tilts Are Significantly More Dramatic Than Mine Though Lol)

Image credits: mycatsagirl

#20 All Orange Kots Share One Brain Cell

Image credits: Azsnee09

#21 Yeeeaaahhhhhh Okay

Image credits: LannahSwaigh

“As pets lose weight and they get more energy, owners are often astounded by their cats’ behavior changes, reporting that they are becoming more active and interested in life: ’He’s like a kitten again,” Nina shared what the reactions of some pet owners are after they see the positive changes in their cats’ lives.

#22 What Cat? I Don’t See Any Cat

Image credits: tallyhallic

#23 I Actually Captured The Moment When Kevin's Brain Came To A Screeching Halt

Image credits: KingSofaOfTheSlugs

#24 Nothing To See Here Just Keep Scrolling

Image credits: thefisheyboy

“Their slowing down wasn’t because they were getting older at all, simply that they were unhealthy, felt rubbish, and probably couldn’t be bothered,” the vet nurse noted that lots of exercise and play, as well as a decent diet, are key to keeping cats fit and feeling like they’re young.

#25 Octopuss

Image credits: waymanate

#26 When You Get Caught Practicing Arguments

Image credits: remichelle

#27 Feline Centipede

Image credits: hardunkachud68

Which of these meowlfunctioning cats did you enjoy looking at the most, dear Pandas? Do you have a goofy cat or other pet of your own at home? What do you love the most about cats in general? We’d love to see what you have to say, so if you have a minute, write a comment or two—it’s always great to hear from you (hey, that rhymed!).

#28 Gus Trying To Smile For His Gotcha Day Portrait

Image credits: Fillorian

#29 Watching Snl Last Weekend And This Happened

Image credits: cbadgerow

#30 No One Can Tell Me Aliens Don’t Exist

Image credits: Tmtrademarked

#31 Whatever Works Buddy

Image credits: Simple_Equipment_574

#32 An Interesting Face

Image credits: Azsnee09

#33 Had To Share Another One Of Her Crazy Sleep Positions - How She Stayed Like That And Didn’t Fall Off I’ve No Idea!

Image credits: Zealousideal_Bet_433

#34 My Indoor Kitties Are Trying To Prison Break

Image credits: amyllwho

#35 “Sit Like A Lady!” “No”

Image credits: no_name_maddox

#36 Why Is He Staring At A Cactus?

Image credits: jkjulius06

#37 What I Came Home To (Dug Out Of Trash) No Idea How Long He Was Like This

Image credits: cylordcenturion

#38 My Cat Sleeps In The Strangest Position

Image credits: EarlofMayonnaise

#39 When There Is So Much Grass And Your Cat Doesn't Know How To Chomp It

Image credits: Cricse

#40 I Took This Picture Of My BF And My Cat Today, We Can't Stop Laughing Since

Image credits: MagdaCadabra

#41 My Fav Pic Of My Cat - Drugged After An Operation And Requiring Supervision With A Baby Monitor

Image credits: Asoybasedsnak

#42 He Sleeps In The Weirdest Positions

Image credits: IIASUMAII

#43 I Found Him Sitting Like This In The Middle Of Our Sunroom

Image credits: PensiveOregonad

#44 My Cat Seems To Have A Growth On It. Is It Benign?

Image credits: furryfelinefunsticks

#45 We Call This "The Figure 8"

Image credits: BOPSLady

#46 Got 99 Problems And These Cats Are Just 2

Image credits: girlfromthed

#47 Google Made A Panorama Of My Cat Stealing My Husband's Pants Out Of His Closet

Image credits: Rough-Emergency-3714

#48 School Yearbook Photo

Image credits: Abhorsen9

#49 My Cat Eating A Whole Ass Avocado At 1:30 Am

Image credits: GiveMeBepis

#50 My Daughter Bought A Life Sized Skeleton. Our Cat Loves It

Image credits: katspresso

#51 Not My Cat But I Think It Fits Here

Image credits: blahblah_why_why

#52 Found This Weird Drink In My Sonic Order? Plz Advise

Image credits: kittycumquat

#53 Check Out My Catfish!

Image credits: piper____

#54 He Sat Like That For Some Time

Image credits: rawberryfields

#55 Sometimes, My Cat Likes To Sit Like This

Image credits: a_drunk_skeleton

#56 Apparently This Is Comfortable

Image credits: Narwhal_97

#57 Reading Makes My Kitty Mlem

Image credits: lkuecrar

#58 I Think My Foster Kitten Is Trying To Seduce Me?? Help

Image credits: turquoisekitten

#59 How Is This Comfortable?!

Image credits: lindloser

#60 And It Looks Like It Time For Child Safety Locks

Image credits: Cronchy_Tacos

#61 She Just Really Likes Faucet Water

Image credits: JaredLemonSauce

#62 I Got Him A Fuzzy Sack To Strap Him Into Because He Wouldn’t Stop Slobbering On My Keyboard. Technically It Worked But Also Somehow Made Things Much Worse

Image credits: AndrogynousHobo

#63 Anyone Know What The Warranty Is On These Things? Pretty Sure Mine Is Malfunctioning

Image credits: ExtraGingerSpice

#64 They Broke The Mold When They Made This Guy

Image credits: StrawberryMoonPie

#65 I Believe In The Flat Ear Society

Image credits: Azsnee09

#66 Just To Be Clear, This Is A Cat

Image credits: karmagheden

#67 Mouse Doin A Weird And Bustin' Out His New Dance Moves

Image credits: samronweasley

#68 Short Bus In Her Favorite Place To Take A Nap

Image credits: RAH2458

#69 This Is What He Thinks Of The Dinner I Prepared For Him

Image credits: ds12058

#70 My Cats Aren't Too Sure About The New Apartment

Image credits: Daktic

#71 Winston Loves The Most Exquisite Stinky-Smelly Shoes. My Mom's Cat Got To My Boyfriend's Shoes After A Big Hike

Image credits: SillySpaceKitty

#72 Two Weeks After Adopting Him, Van Gogh Finally Feels Comfortable Enough To Show Us His Preferred Way To Sit

Image credits: Bowling5Soup

#73 This Is Gretal

Image credits: creepyt0es

#74 My Boyfriend's Cat Doesn't Like Basketballs

Image credits: vampiresxxbride

#75 My Cat Is Actually Using A Purchased Product Made For Cats As Intended And Instead Of The Box It Came In. What Is Wrong With Her?!?

Image credits: Formal-Rat

#76 Not A Tomato, Not A Cat, A Tocateto

Image credits: MoonCobbler

#77 Oh How The Turntables

Image credits: kt_in_de

#78 We Call This The "Ugly Sit" In Our House

Image credits: OperationIndigo

#79 I Don't Even Know How To Caption This. She Is The Sweetest Most Mellow Cat Ever, But Give Her A Cardboard Box And This Happens

Image credits: Daisy2317

#80 Whatswrongwithyourhat

Image credits: ComradeCapybara

#81 Just Frogged Out On This Beanbag Watching Cartoons With My Homies

Image credits: kveach

#82 She’s Had A Long Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#83 The Water Here Is So Much Better Than The Bowl Inside

Image credits: TikusTakusen

#84 He Forgets He's Cleaning Himself And Has An Existential Crisis At Least Once A Day

Image credits: diaperpresident

#85 Seems Comfortable

Image credits: bolzani_br

#86 Didn't Mean To Take A Picture With The Flash On

Image credits: Taylor_Chan_02

#87 A Ham Or A Cat? The World May Never Know

Image credits: termsandpol1cy

#88 Larry, The UK's Chief Mouser, With A Case Of The Mondays

Image credits: harlemrr

#89 This Very Lovely Cat I See Sometimes, He Might Be Planning My Demise

Image credits: SuccMyCheeks123

#90 Shadow Doing His Best "Dead Fish" Impression

Image credits: MerMadeMeDoIt

#91 My Cat, All The I'm "I Must Watch This Wall For Reasons"

Image credits: louie1452

#92 Sometimes We Have To Check If He’s Breathing

Image credits: Citizen_451

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