89 Times People Came Up With Something Really Special For Their Anniversary

Whether you've been dating for a few years or married for decades, an anniversary is the perfect occasion for a couple to celebrate their love. But however clear the feelings inside of you, the ways in which you want to express them aren't always that obvious.

So in an attempt to give some ideas to everyone who wishes to surprise their partner, we at Bored Panda put together a list of pictures showing those who have already done so.

With this wholesome collection, we wanted to show that it's not the scale of the gesture that matters. Rather, the consideration that goes into planning it. It's all about showing that you care. About your SO and your relationship.

#1 This Gentleman Showed Up With Flowers And In A Tux To Visit His Wife In The Hospital For Their 57th Anniversary

Image credits: reidrussell_

#2 My Wife's Conservative Religious High School Wouldn't Let Me Take Her To Prom Ten Years Ago Because We're Both Women, So I Threw Her One For Our 5th Anniversary

Image credits: canadasnumber1queer

#3 My Wife And I Decided To Do Something Creative For Our 21st-Anniversary Portrait. "21 Years Of Adventure"

Image credits: Ken_Thomas

#4 My Boyfriend And I Met At The Dog Park, So It Was Really Their 2-Year Anniversary Last Weekend

Image credits: keatno_pizza

#5 Couple Married 61 Years Ago Takes “Up” Inspired Anniversary Photoshoot

Image credits: cambriagrace.com

#6 My Husband And I Just Celebrated Our 20th Anniversary. He Wanted To Get Me Traditional Platinum Or China. Platinum Was Too Expensive, So Meet - China

Image credits: adalab

#7 My Dad Sneaks Out Of The House Every Year At The Same Time For My Parents’ First Date Anniversary

He puts on his old high school letter jacket, rings the doorbell, and asks, “Is Kris home?” only to ask her if she’ll go out with him, reenacting that first moment 44 years ago.

Image credits: TostitosHabanero

#8 I Proposed To My Girlfriend On Our 5-Year Anniversary With A Stardew Valley Themed Pop-Up Book I Made. She Said Yes

Image credits: The_Goop2526

#9 That's A Thoughtful And Beautiful Anniversary Gift

Image credits: gis_keeper

#10 My Grandparents Got This Picture Framed From Their 60th Anniversary

Image credits: Haminthepaint

#11 My Girlfriend And I Celebrated Our 1-Year Anniversary. We Met On Tinder, So Naturally, I Had Our First Conversation Printed On A Blanket

Image credits: TeenageTeenwolf

#12 For My Anniversary My Wife Got Me A Watch I Really Wanted, It Was Not Until Later That I Realized That She Got It Engraved

If a lifetime of rickrolls doesn't say I love you, I don't know what does.

Image credits: guywithtyejok3s

#13 My Dad Surprised My Mom For Their 30th Anniversary And Had A Bench Dedicated To Her At The Park Where They Always Walk Together

Image credits: lol62056

#14 Anniversary Gift From My GF Who Games With Me. We All Make Sacrifices To Have This

Image credits: Madforaday

#15 20-Year Wedding Anniversary Proves My Wife And I Share The Same Brain

We picked out cards for each other from two different Targets on two different days. I love being hitched to my best friend.

Image credits: inkedsamurai

#16 This Anniversary Gift

Image credits: magsster

#17 Every Year For Our Anniversary, My Husband Makes Me A Ring From The Traditional Material For That Year

Image credits: CatLaydy

#18 Got My Anniversary Gift From My Fiancé And I Think She Beat Me This Year

Image credits: rickyfoureyes

#19 My Parents Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary Today. Some Things Never Change. Then And Now

Image credits: magic976

#20 My Girlfriend's Grandparents Got Married At The Ages Of 15 & 17. After The Wedding, They Went To White Castle. This Was The Cake For The 60th-Anniversary Party

Image credits: losersalwayswin

#21 My Wife And I Accidentally Got Each Other The Same Gift For Our Second Anniversary

Image credits: myworkaccountatwork

#22 I Made This Comic For My So To Celebrate Our 6-Year Anniversary Which Is Today

Image credits: thunkfool

#23 In Honor Of The Traditional Gift For The First Wedding Anniversary, I Made My Wife A Bouquet Of Paper Flowers

I thought it turned out rather well for a guy with absolutely no crafting ability.

Image credits: hariraja

#24 Girlfriend Made Me Coupons For Our Anniversary

Image credits: archraider

#25 Happy Anniversary

Image credits: RespectableName

#26 Made Our 1-Year Wedding Anniversary Picture

Image credits: cozminace

#27 I Folded 1000 Paper Cranes For My Wife For Our First Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: inserthumourousname

#28 My Grandparents Celebrating Their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Beverly Hillbilly's Style

Image credits: qwest27

#29 My Husband Made Me A “Paper Clock” For Our One-Year Anniversary With Every Hour Representing One Month Of Marriage

Image credits: leilavanora

#30 For Our Anniversary, I Gave My Girlfriend A Silver Necklace Made After My "I Love You" Waveform Recording

Image credits: Efrima

#31 Husband Holds Sign For Wife Outside Nursing Home On 67th Anniversary After They Ban Visitors

It says: "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary"

Image credits: NBCNewYork

#32 My Mom And Dad Recently Celebrated Their 25th Wedding Anniversary And Decided To Re-Create One Of Their Wedding Photos

Image credits: thepflanz

#33 60th Wedding Anniversary During Quarantine. She Wore Her Wedding Dress. He Wore A Tux, Kind Of

Image credits: Hovie1

#34 Made Stain Glass Window For Me And Wife’s 4th-Year Anniversary

Image credits: EinSchlagmann

#35 This Year’s Anniversary Card From Me To My Partner

Image credits: I_have_t-rex_arms

#36 To Celebrate Our Anniversary I Drew This Fallout Themed Piece For My Boyfriend

Image credits: laurathea

#37 A Guy Asked If I Can Replicate His Wedding Bouquet From Paper So He Can Give It To His Wife At Their First Anniversary

Image credits: fornaughtytimes

#38 It's My Parents’ 21st Anniversary Today. They Managed To Buy The Exact Same Card From Different Stores

Image credits: Processing---

#39 My Great Grandparents Are Celebrating Their 75th Wedding Anniversary This Weekend

Image credits: rachaelbelle

#40 A Guy Asked If I Can Recreate His Wedding Bouquet From Paper So He Can Gift His Wife On Their Anniversary

Image credits: fornaughtytimes

#41 My Grandparents Just Celebrated Their 75th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: artwrangler

#42 My Cheesy Girlfriend Gave Me This For Our 2-Year Anniversary

Image credits: TheShaggyOne808

#43 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift I Made For My Wife

Image credits: nopefist

#44 Crafted This Precious Paper Piece For Best Friends Celebrating Their First Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: thepaperkat

#45 I’m Not Saying I Nailed This First Anniversary Thing. But I’m Not Saying I Didn’t Either

Image credits: randanicki

#46 My Parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary, Wearing The Same Dress, Suit And Flowers As They Did 40 Years Ago

Image credits: thiswasnottaken

#47 My Girlfriend Surprised Me For Our Anniversary With All The Original Pokémon Cards In This Awesome Homemade Frame

Image credits: nidgeee

#48 It's My 3-Year Anniversary And My Husband Left Me Some Notes Before He Left To Work

Image credits: CalifornianEskimo

#49 My Husband Hates Sappy Greeting Cards. This Is What I Got For Our Last Anniversary

Image credits: mrod0410

#50 Promised My Wife A Magical Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: lfelipe82

#51 My 35-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift To My Wife

Image credits: feralhog2

#52 Our Anniversary Weekend Room At A Bed & Breakfast In Bethlehem PA

Image credits: Jhorta

#53 My Parents Are Celebrating Their 69th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: HankPymp

#54 This Tin Foil Rose My Wife Made Me For Our 10-Year Tin Anniversary

Image credits: SyckTycket

#55 My Wedding Anniversary Is Coming Up. I've Got An Adventure Planned For Wifey

This is a cryptex with a gift inside that I'll give her tomorrow. 

Cryptex is with the two clues wrapped around it. 

This should lead her to a book (Canterbury Tales by Chauser, I think?). 

She'll find this puzzle box. In it she'll find a secret decoder ring and a note with numbers.

The decrypted/decyphered/solved/un-encrypted message is "apple". 

When she finds this out, she'll get this. This is the present hidden inside the cryptex.

Image credits: wealthychef

#56 My Fiancée Finally Got To See Her Anniversary Gift. Anniversary Was In April But Covid

Image credits: Disconnected_dreamer

#57 I Painted Me And My Boyfriend As A Ghibli Couple For Our Anniversary

Image credits: Dewpearl

#58 My Girlfriend Bought Me A Beautiful Pillow For Our Anniversary

Image credits: NineInchSNAILS413

#59 Some Guy In My Town Bought A Billboard For His Wife Celebrating Their Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: PolyConOne

#60 14-Year Wedding Anniversary. Can't Go Out To Celebrate. This Happens

Image credits: Trampolice

#61 10th Anniversary Today, Thought We'd Capture The Romance

Image credits: trapiezist

#62 Found This Weird Card At A Local Bookstore And Modified It To Fit My And My Partners’ First Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 My Wife Recently Booked Us A Pirate Room To Celebrate Our Anniversary. Let’s Hear Those One-Liners

Image credits: Eliteman76

#64 My Dad Got My Mom 35 Roses For Their Anniversary. He Chose Peach Because That Was The Color Of Their Wedding Flowers. Be Right Back, Crying Of Cuteness

Image credits: tingting313

#65 What I Made My Boyfriend For Our One-Year Anniversary

Image credits: little_turnip

#66 I Was Able To Pull My Stuff Together Today To Give My Lovely Girlfriend A Beautiful Surprise

I suffer from ADHD and have been having a rough time self-motivating recently, but today is not only just valentine’s day but also my girlfriend and mine 1-year anniversary.

Image credits: i_enjoy_music_n_stuf

#67 Came Home From A Long Day Of Work In The Heat And My Wife Had An Indoor Picnic Ready For Our Anniversary

Image credits: SoDakZak

#68 Way Too Cute

Image credits: xoxo_marcy

#69 My Wife Got Me A Custom Mug For Our Anniversary. It Was Delivered A Few Months Late But I Love It. It's Us As Link And Zelda

Image credits: dtchaulk

#70 My Boyfriend Gifted Me Two Books With 182 Different Reasons Why He Loves Me For Our 1-Year Anniversary

Image credits: nayvj

#71 My Dad Proposed To My Mom For Their 25th Wedding Anniversary. He Never Actually Proposed Before They Got Married So He Decided To "Propose" To Her Last Night

Image credits: BiggerFoote

#72 Wife Pulled Out Her Original Childhood N64 To Surprise Me In A Blanket Fort For Our Anniversary. Best One Yet, Here's To Many More

Image credits: GoodTestCase

#73 My Girlfriend Made Me A Pair Of Rick And Morty + Futurama Mashup Sneakers For Our 4-Year Anniversary

Image credits: JuicyBra

#74 Paper Anniversary

I jokingly told my husband not to feel intimidated of what to get me for our first anniversary, because money is paper.  He delivered.

Image credits: itskelsie

#75 Made My GF A Paper Ring For Our "Paper Anniversary"

Image credits: reddit.com

#76 Friend Made This For Her SO As An Anniversary Gift

Image credits: hiftikha

#77 Celebrating Our 6th Wedding Anniversary Today. I Think We Know Each Other Pretty Well By Now

Image credits: mikab00

#78 My Wife And I Got Origami Tattoos For Our Paper (1st) Anniversary

Image credits: Triingtoohard

#79 My Girlfriend Made Me These Planet Coasters For Our Anniversary

Image credits: Irishluck233296

#80 Amazing Present From My Husband To Celebrate Our 1-Year Anniversary (Traditionally A Paper Gift). So Excited For This Set, I've Wanted It Forever

Image credits: Kingsman22060

#81 Asked My Best Friend To Marry Me On Our 3-Year Anniversary

Image credits: big-black-god

#82 Every Year On Our Anniversary We Open Up A Wedding Advice Submission From The Guests That Attended. This Is The Best One Yet

Image credits: limendacoconut

#83 My Girlfriend Is Pretty Creative. I Had To Break Into My Anniversary Present

Image credits: dontbthatguy

#84 Requested Build Us A Blanket Fort. When My Husband And I Went On Our Anniversary Trip. We Were Not Disappointed

Image credits: katjakitty

#85 Every Year We Take A Picture On Our Anniversary. It’s Been 8 Years Already

Image credits: Brian_Mary_MB

#86 Got This For My Other Half So He Knows He Completes My Avocado

Image credits: ThreatLvlMidnight

#87 Wife’s Interesting Choice Of Words For Our Anniversary Cake

Image credits: rubberbootsandwetsox

#88 Friend On Facebook Had His 2-Year Anniversary Today

#89 I’m A Gamer And My Girlfriend Got Me This For Our Anniversary

Image credits: adrianturingan

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