8 Best Summer Date Ideas To Inspire Romantic Moments


Beach days and picnics are great summer date ideas — but you’ve heard them before.

This season, spice up your list of date night activities with unique options for every couple. These can be customized and adjusted for your preferences and budgets.

Keep reading for eight best summer date ideas.

1. Midnight Picnic

A midnight picnic is like a regular picnic only it happens in the dark, at midnight, making it much more romantic.

The first step is to decide on the menu. To keep it simple, stick to lunch sandwiches and pasta salads. Or go all out with a 3-course meal. Some meat, cheese, and crackers will also do. Make sure to pack something to drink too. Bring wine, sangria, or your favorite summer night beverage.

The next step is to set the scene. Bring a comfortable blanket to sit on. Get a few sets of battery-operated fairy lights to use on the blankets or nearby trees. A Bluetooth speaker with low music can also bring on the romantic vibes.

2. Christmas in July

Pick a day or night and make it Christmas again!

Prepare by selecting a few gifts for each other. If it helps, set a price limit for spending.

What about Christmas dinner? Plan a delicious menu to celebrate with. To challenge yourself, give traditional foods a summer spin. For example, a turkey BBQ recipe with cranberry mojito cocktails.

Bonus points if you pull out your holiday gear and dress up.

3. Visit a Town Nearby

Traveling with your partner can bring you closer together.

Research shows that travel is used by couples who want to improve communication. It could also reduce the likelihood of divorce.

You don’t have to travel far if that’s not in your summer plans. Take a full day and visit a small town nearby. Check out their attractions, stores, and restaurants. Put your phone away and give your partner your undivided attention as you explore.

4. Watch an Outdoor Movie

You don’t need a big space or fancy projector to watch an outdoor movie.

If you have a backyard or balcony, make the space cozy with comfortable chairs and lots of pillows and blankets. Add fairy lights for a romantic touch.

Set up your laptop with a movie and enjoy prepared snacks.

If you don’t have outdoor space at home, you can also bring your laptop to a park and claim a spot under a tree. Make sure your laptop is fully charged and you’ve downloaded your movie. Another option for those with unlimited data: tether the internet to your phone and stream your film instead.

5. Play a Board Game Outside

Summer is known for outdoor sports, but if you’re not sporty, you can still take your competition outside.

Search a second-hand store with your partner to find a new board game you can enjoy together. If it requires more than two players, make it a double date.

Then, prepare to bring your game to the park. Pack a blanket, some snacks and maybe even a prize for the winner.

6. Pick Fruits

Picking fruits is a romantic activity to do together that tops the list of best summer date ideas.

Since there’s a lot of walking involved, it gives you plenty of time to talk with your partner without any other distractions (besides fruit, of course).

When you get home, choose a recipe together and attempt to make a masterpiece with your partner.

7. Good Deed Day

Let your partner see your most giving side. And bring out the best in them too. Plan a full day to do nothing but good deeds. Go around town making others happy, anonymously.

Plan ahead so you have items to leave around and ideas to put into action. For example:

  • Positive sticky notes left around town
  • Leave dollar bills on shelves
  • Leave good luck stones or tokens around town
  • Give people compliments
  • Give a generous tip
  • Tip someone who isn’t usually tipped
  • Pay for the meal of a random family in a restaurant
  • Pay for the coffee of the person behind you
  • Visit local businesses and then leave them positive Google reviews
  • Leave money in a child’s playgrounds
  • Donate items you’ve decluttered
  • Have a garage ‘sale’ where everything is free
  • Call elderly family members or neighbors who would be happy to hear from you
  • Offer to water a neighbor’s garden or mow their lawn

#8 Make Smores

Summertime is Smore time. While a messy treat, you can make it into a challenge to see who can best roast the marshmallow without burning it.

Campfires are known for ghost stories, but the quiet environment is also a good chance to tell personal stories. Use this time in nature to connect deeper with your partner. Dig into their stories and ask questions.

If you don’t have a backyard or your local park doesn’t allow campfires, you can also buy a smores kit, which allows you to roast marshmallows over an indoor flame.

Final Thoughts: Best Summer Date Ideas

Out of all seasons, summer is the easiest time to pull off a romantic date. With minimal planning, you can use the outdoors to your advantage by creating a magical environment. Use this list for inspiration to create your own best summer date.

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