5G/EMF/RF Mother’s Day 2021 Part 3

By Patricia Burke

Back in the day, cigarettes were smart too.

When I was living in Northern California from 2008-2010, I was one of the individuals who became immediately impaired as the result of wireless utility meter deployment. Epidemiologist Dr. Sam Milham spoke of sudden-onset illnesses, some disabling.  Also Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:

California held hearings where individuals concerned about billing fiascos, privacy, security, cost, green-washing, surveillance, and health damages gave testimony. For those recognizing that wireless meter and infrastructure installations were capable of causing tremendous disruption to normal brain function and health, it was an additional trauma to be in the presence of unresponsive, detached, autocratic decision-makers who ignored the early warnings for whatever reason, whether they did not believe what was happening, or didn’t care.

This betrayal trauma continues a decade later. Had the emerging issues been heeded back in 2010, or 1998, we would not be where we are now. The posture of not believing and/or not caring has grown worse over time, with unsubstantiated claims that increased wireless telecommunication (including broadband and 5G) is safe, sustainable, and necessary. History will review these circumstances with horror and astonishment. In hearings, citizens are often rushed to speak in 3 minutes or less, if they are allowed to speak at all, while corporations and the tobacco scientists they employ drone on for hours to legislators that they finance. Rather than heeding practicing physicians accurately diagnosing microwave sickness, immune dysfunction, and other effects of wireless exposures, policy is proceeding on the basis of a house of cards, built on mercenary science.

Part 1 and 2 featured mothers addressing inadequate EMF/RF protection, in the 1990s. Many more are challenging wireless/5G marketing, which is not science, about radio frequency exposures and EMF health issues. 

SMART METERS, CALIFORNIA: Two of the first states to install next-generation wireless smart utility meters were California and Maine. The EMF Safety Network was one of the earliest groups to address smart meters, emerging under the leadership of Sandi Mauer. “We envision a world free of EMF pollution where children, communities, and nature thrive! Our mission is to educate and empower people by providing science and solutions to reduce EMFs to improve lives, achieve public policy change, and obtain environmental justice.”  Sandi explains, “I’ve been involved with EMF’s since the fall of 2006 when I learned my health and immune system were compromised by EMFs from indoor wiring. I researched this issue and took time to heal. A year later I spoke to my city council in Sebastopol and asked them to vote against free city wide Wi-Fi, and shared what the science was. They voted for it anyway. I gathered a group of people, started a petition, and began to educate others. In a few months the city reversed their decision and terminated the Wi-Fi contract. A few years later PG&E started installing wireless smart meters. We formed the EMF Safety Network in 2009, launched the website, and I became an intervenor at the CA Public Utilities Commission. We battled this issue for years and have helped other activists across the US, Canada and around the world. I believe it’s vital to trust in the goodness of humanity and that our efforts will make a difference over time.”

SMART METERS & MORE, NEW ENGLAND: Stories that confront the mainstream narrative about the wireless safety face suppression and censorship, while industry marketing, which is not science, dominates news reporting. Since 2012, Carol Bedrosian, publisher of Spirit of Change, New England’s largest holistic magazine, has included articles about smart meters and EMF health issues, and is now covering 5G and other legislative battles. (Watch for the Fall/Winter 2021 print issue, featuring Cece Doucette)

SMART GRID SOUND NUISANCE, INTERNATIONAL: One of the most damaging aspects of industrial-scale “clean energy,” including wind turbines, is the issue of nuisance sound pollution. “Sandaura’s Blog; The Hum Heard Around the World is Explained and We are All Being Lied To” describes the torture of pure tone violations that have been introduced via the ‘Smart Grid.’ Individuals worldwide have contacted Sandra Schianfoni with testimonials of harm. She has collected forensic evidence of pure tones in violation of MA and EPA ordinances, yet regulators have failed to respond.  She publishes news updates at: https://smartmeternewsupdates.wordpress.com/

Sandra Chianfoni – Environmental EMR Research/investigator and Advocate, has investigated the noise pollution known as “The HUM”, which is exposing the public worldwide to this health hazard. Have YOU heard the HUM?

CELL TOWER ON SCHOOL PROPERTY, MA: In 2014, the Dover-Sherborn Regional School was considering installing a cell tower on school property.  Key individuals created a simple yet effective campaign to locate the tower elsewhere: “CELL TOWER AT DS MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL Yes. Be connected. But let’s do it safely.” Their webpage chronicles the steps they took to convince the community that their children’s health was more important than the revenue from the cell tower. The parents continue to testify in MA regarding the many wireless issues facing communities.

CELL TOWER IN THE CHURCH STEEPLE, MA: Janet Davis “I got involved with this crusade 3 years ago when it was discovered a T-Mobile antenna array was being installed in a church steeple on a residential street in our quaint little village of Centerville, on Cape Cod. After a 3 year battle that eventually involved a federal lawsuit initiated by T-Mobile, it was turned on April 9th of this year. It’s been a long and often frustrating fight, but we knew it was worth our time and effort. Each community that fights back makes it easier for the next city or town to stand up to the telecom industry. Over the last 3-plus years I noticed a particularly strong base of support from the over-sixty demographic. My feeling on this phenomenon is as grandparents we want to leave our planet safe for our grandchildren. Knowing we don’t have the years we’d like to watch over them, we can at least strive to leave them a healthy and safe environment. That’s why we all do what we do. For them.” Janet co-founded Centerville Concerned Citizens.

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WIFI IN SCHOOLS AND MORE: Cece Doucette is a sought-after presenter, organizer, and educator in the EMF field. In an interview with James Perloff, she explains, “I used to help lead our local education foundation in Ashland, Massachusetts. We kept hearing about the 21st Century Classroom and all the technology that would be needed. I helped run seven campaigns to bring this technology into our schools, much of it wireless. Following that, I worked directly for our schools as district grant coordinator, helping secure grants that also brought wireless technology into our classrooms. Then, at book group one night, a girlfriend who is an electrical engineer mentioned there could be something up with wireless technology and health., I asked our IT director about it, and he didn’t know anything but said he’d check it out. He came back and said “the FCC says it’s fine.” However, by that point I’d already begun my own investigation and found, literally, thousands of peer-reviewed published studies from all over the world showing wireless technology is biologically hazardous. I began sharing my findings with our school administrators. Upon reading the legal fine print that comes with wireless devices, they started taking precautions, becoming the first public school district in the U.S. to do so.”  Cece also helped her public library become the first in the nation to loan a radiation detection meter, and to host a documentary film series on EMF/RF/EMF. Cece presented at International EMF Medical Conference 2021. She established Massachusetts for Safe Technology and is Education Services Director with the international non-profit Wireless Education.

Quit Playing Games with My Heart

Back In 1998, the Back Street Boys released “Quit Playing Games with My Heart,” and Elton John was singing “Like a Candle in the Wind.” While nature has provided ingenious protections for the heart and the brain, RF/EMF is an environmental stressor with the unique ability to disrupt both. Mercenary scientists will argue ad nauseum as to whether this constitutes a threat to health, or whether it causes disease. Tobacco scientists will line up to keep the argument going for a century, given the chance. Meanwhile, like a candle in the wind, there are growing numbers of health- vulnerable individuals disappearing from their communities, their families, and their own lives, and many are women. We are destroying our human habitat.

Sign at MA Wildlife Sanctuary – No Electronic Devices

The wireless debacle can be distilled down to one essential question: Do we seek integrity in scientific research, or do we keep listening to tobacco scientists?

(Speaking of smoke, there are increased fire risks due to 5G installations. And, firefighters with antennas on the firehouse roof have exhibited medically- documented brain damage.)

Yes, our unquestioning support for more wireless is throwing gasoline on someone’s fire.

It’s been done with smoking, asbestos, ionizing radiation…. stepping back. We can get un-smartified, get wise, and get wired.

(The 5G/Mother’s Day theme continues this week at Natural Blaze, with stories about an injured teacher, efforts to get Dr.’s offices to lower exposures, and more.)

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at stopsmartmetersMASS@gmail.com.

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