5 Ways to Have Fun with Newspaper Activities

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These five simple and fun ways to play involve the common supply of newspaper, but each activity involves a different type of activity focus.

There are many forms of hands-on play and our goal at Hands On As We Grow is to provide simple activities for all different types of play.

Grab all that newspaper from the recycling bin and try these 7 fun and simple activities perfect to help kids skills develop at home.

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Newspaper is for more than just reading! It’s a great supply to have on hand for educational and simply fun activities at home.

Keep the kids in your life engaged and having fun with something as simple as newspaper.

These five newspaper based activities are sure to bring about smiles and special moments together.

5 Newspaper Activities for Hands On Fun

Wet Newspaper Soak Sensory Play

First we have this Water Activity with Newspaper that brings about sensory fun and learning.

Sensory activities are so engaging and exciting for children to learn and explore using their five senses.

This touch and feel sensory activity is simple to prep and easy for children to enjoy.

Tip: If you are scared of the mess just lay a shower curtain down for quick and easy clean up!

Wet Newspaper Sensory Activity

Wonderful Watercolor Hearts Made from Newsprint

Arts and crafts are a great way to spend time together while creating something wonderful.

These Watercolor Newspaper Hearts are a great crafting activity for the budding artists in your life.

They are simple to make with some watercolors and newspaper for children of all ages.

Watercolor Newspaper Hearts Craft

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Indoor Newspaper Throwing Activity — That Won’t Break Breakables

Create a safe and fun activity that involves throwing, without the worry of something ending up broken.

This Indoor Newspaper Throwing activity helps develop those gross motor skills while burning off excess energy.

It’s silly, funny, and a lot of fun to play.

Kids can help to crunch the newspaper and setup the throwing area with a box or laundry basket.

Newspaper Throwing Gross Motor Activity

Cardboard Box Newspaper Dumpster Diving Activity

Get ready for some giggles with this Dumpster Diving thru Newspaper pretend play game.

Pretend play is an excellent way to spark imagination, intellect, and fun.

Gather some newspaper, copy paper, construction paper, envelopes, cereal boxes, and other “clean trash items”.

Then use all these recyclables to create a pretend dumpster for your kids to search through and find some fun hidden items.

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Newspaper Box Dumpster Diving Pretend Play Activity

Scrunch the Newspaper Hand Strengthening Activity

This is the simplest newspaper activity yet, but also a great activity for fine motor development.

The Newspaper Scrunch is a fine motor activity from “Laughing Kids Learn” a wonderful site where Kate makes learning fun.

The focus of fine motor activities is to strengthen the hand muscles in preparation for writing or to further develop hand strength.

Treat this activity as a game or a challenge to bring about fine motor fun.

Newspaper Scrunch Fine Motor Game

Newspaper is a great supply to find, save, and store up for any or all of these fun and fantastic hands on ideas.

Take the kids in your life on a journey through sensory, craft, gross motor, pretend play, and fine motor newspaper activity fun!

What are some other newspaper activities you have tried?

Please share in the comments below!

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