5 Things to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Space

During the warmer months, we try to spend as much time as we can outdoors. Having a comfortable and functional patio has become an essential part of our new normal. Our outdoor space saved us during the height of the pandemic when stay-at-home orders were in place. It allowed our girls to get out of the house and run around and get their energy out without feeling trapped inside 24/7. We believe having an outdoor space that works for your family is essential for a relaxing summer!

When designing outdoor spaces for our clients, we have five simple rules we like to follow to create an outdoor oasis that clients will not only love, but also use.

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1. Quality Furniture

We suggest investing in high-quality furniture pieces that are comfortable. Making sure your furniture can withstand the elements will save you in the long run and prevent needing to recover or repurchase pieces each year. When choosing your furniture, keep in mind that you want your outdoor furniture to feel like an extension of your home. Try to stay within the same style or color schemes as your indoor spaces.

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2. Indoor Pieces Used Outdoors

A great way to tie styles together and make your outdoor space feel homier is by adding a large rug and stylish throw pillows. These items don’t have to just be for inside your home! Rugs and throw pillows add comfort to your indoor space and work the same for your outdoor spaces! A few comfortable throw pillows can help make you feel at ease. 

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3. Pretty Planters

Pretty planters that don’t break the bank is a way to add personality to your patio. While there are many beautiful luxury planters out there, we have found equally as beautiful planters at a fraction of the cost. This is a great place to save in your outdoor space design! Bonus tip: get planters that work for multiple seasons so you can switch out your plants seasonally.

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4. Entertaining Items

Make sure to choose entertaining items that are specifically made for the outdoors. You want to ensure that your items won’t shatter on the concrete if dropped or knocked over. There is nothing worse than trying to clean up glass off of a patio or a deck. 

Outdoor Games

Add in some fun by providing a variety of outdoor games! Choose a game that is both beautiful and will add some life to your outdoor parties. Cornhole, Jenga, and Horseshoes are a few of our favorite outdoor-friendly games that your guests are guaranteed to love.

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Below we have linked a few of our favorite products that will help you elevate your patio space!

  1. Bluebell Salt and Pepper Mills

2. Outdoor String Lights

3. Totem Tabletop Planter

4. Woven Arches Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Natural

5. Woven Arches Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Black

6. Brigton Large Rattan Lantern

7. Citronella Cement Candle

8. Rectangular Seagrass Tray

9. Claro Acrylic Drink Dispenser

10. Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Club Chair Set of 2

11. Pop Aqua Acrylic Drink Glasses

12. Dori Indoor/Outdoor Pouf

13. 2-in-1 Bean Bag Toss

14. Woven Nook Decorative Tassel Pillow Covers

15. Carson Flatware Caddy with Leather Handles

16. Kante Lightweight Concrete Modern Cylindrical Planters

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