30 Indoor School Holiday Activities Your Kids Will Love

If your kids are not outdoorsy types, or if the weather is just too cold or rainy, they can still enjoy their school holidays inside!

Here are 30 indoor school holiday activities that your kids will definitely love.

1. Make Some Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets have been around for decades, and are coming back into popularity with a vengeance. Pop down to your local craft shop to pick up bright colourful embroidery thread to make them at home.

It’s great for kids find motor skills, and takes them ages so it’s going to keep them occupied for days!

Follow this easy tutorial on how to make them from Honestly WTF

Friendship Bracelets

2. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are fun for kids of all ages – and we have different Scavenger Hunts for different ages.

The Lego Colour Hunt:

Allocate each child one Lego colour.  Grab 10 pieces of Lego in that colour, and hide it in one room.  Each child has to go and find all 10 pieces of ‘their colour’ – the person that collects all of their 10 pieces first – is the winner!

The Wooden Puzzle Hunt:

This works much like the Lego Colour Hunt – but instead with all the pieces of a kids wooden puzzle.  As your child finds the puzzle pieces, they need to fit them back into the jigsaw puzzle.

3. Build a ‘Structure’ with 100 Cups

You can buy these cups from most supermarkets or party suppliers now – grab 100 of them and give the pile to each child to see what they can make!  Best of all, you can use them again and again.

The 100th Day of School ideas | Stay At Home Mum
via Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog – City Moms Blog Network

4. Indoor campfire

Indoor campfire | Stay At Home Mum
via headcramp.boredomtherapy.com

5. Lego board game

Lego board game | Stay At Home Mum
via kiddiclobber.blogspot.com

6. Cotton ball painting

Cotton ball painting | Stay At Home Mum
via redtri.com

7. Toilet roll French knitting 

Toilet roll French knitting | Stay At Home Mum
via inspb.info

8. Rainy day activities jar

Rainy day activities jar | Stay At Home Mum
via How to Nest for Less

9. No-mess finger painting

No-mess finger painting | Stay At Home Mum
via hippiehousewife.blogspot.com

10. DIY tap shoes

DIY tap shoes | Stay At Home Mum
via LittleThings

11. Fairy jar

Fairy jar | Stay At Home Mum
via www.colors.life

12. Building with marshmallows and toothpicks

Building with marshmallows and toothpicks | Stay At Home Mum
via Messes to Memories

13. Balloon-soda experiment

Balloon-soda experiment | Stay At Home Mum
via Messes to Memories

14. Vegetable experiment

Vegetable experiment | Stay At Home Mum
via mountainstyle.co

15. Make a rainbow rice

Make a rainbow rice | Stay At Home Mum
via My Kitchen Escapades

16. Rainbow slime

Rainbow slime | Stay At Home Mum
via Best Images of Home Design

17. Carnation experiment

Carnation experiment | Stay At Home Mum
via The Mad Scientists

18. Making homemade butter

Making homemade butter | Stay At Home Mum
via Buggy and Buddy

19. Cookie decorating

Cookie decorating | Stay At Home Mum
via silviomessina.pw

20. Make Some Fruit Pops

Making fruit pops | Stay At Home Mum
via Deavita

21. Growing sweet potatoes

Growing sweet potatoes | Stay At Home Mum
via brieripley.info

22. Cups and ping pongs

Cups and ping pongs | Stay At Home Mum
via ThinkingIQ

23. Tabletop soccer

Tabletop soccer | Stay At Home Mum
via Miraman.ru

24. Indoor bowling

Indoor bowling | Stay At Home Mum
via Ã–ÄŸrenen Öğretmen

25. Balloon tennis

Balloon tennis | Stay At Home Mum
via BreakBird

26. Pool noodle “ball” pit

Pool noodle
via provanthealth.co

27. Indoor race track

Indoor race track | Stay At Home Mum
via decoratioon.com

28. Recreate Mission Impossible

Recreate Mission Impossible | Stay At Home Mum
via Frawsy

29. Cardboard maze

Cardboard maze | Stay At Home Mum
via Family Deal

30. Indoor slide

Indoor slide | Stay At Home Mum
via BlazePress

Which of these indoor school holiday activities do you want your kids to play first?

30 Indoor School Holiday Activities Your Kids Will Love | Stay At Home Mum

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