3 of the Best Kids Soccer Cleats From Dream Pairs

Soccer has always been a trend. It makes us stay glued to the screen whenever a Derby match is held, be it EPL, LaLiga, or Ligue 1. Kids these days love playing soccer mainly because of their interest in such Derby matches. For a soccer-playing kid, a good pair of kids soccer cleats are one of the secrets of a reasonably good performance. Soccer, unlike other sports, requires a very particular shoe type. This tends to narrow down even further depending on the surface that your kid might frequently play on.

It is a known fact that, in soccer, good quality and comfortable cleats can make a difference between being selected in the playing eleven and warming the bench, since a comfortable cleat where the kid might feel home at, will help them improve their performance a lot. But these are just some of the many factors to consider. So, as a parent, here are some of the things to look into, when buying your kid their first pair of soccer cleats that will not only be a memorable gift but will also help them reach that extra mile in soccer.

Some of the best cleats from Dream Pairs:

Let us now look at some of the best kid’s cleats offered by one of the leading brands in this section Dream Pairs Shoes.

Kids High Top Football Cleats

These cleats with their hard plastic studs, infused on a rubber outsole make the shoe stable and anti-slippery, making it a perfect choice for outdoor grass soccer. What’s even better is the fact that these high-top cleats have a built-in socks-like system, making these cleats a perfect choice for kids who aren’t very fond of wearing socks over the studs. These high-top tight elastic socks provide the ankle with easy movement and blood flow making sure it stays injury free for the kids.

Boys & Girls Turf Soccer Cleats

As the name suggests, these cleats are made for turf surfaces. Unlike the grass cleats, the turf-based have numerous rubber studs that spread all over the shoes, giving them the right amount of grip needed for a turf-based soccer game. These cleats from Dream Pairs also have breathable uppers and lining, making sure to provide enough airflow for a reasonable amount of sweat resistance and an irritation-free soccer session. Hence, if the kid’s soccer activity is mostly on turf than on grass, these cleats are the perfect option available out there. In addition to this, since the size of the studs are small, and evenly spread, these shoes can also be worn for casual everyday activities.

Boys and Girls Soccer Cleats:

The one factor that makes these cleats stand out is the textured uppers. Don’t get me wrong, all the other cleats mentioned above also have textured uppers. But these cleats make use of the extra visible textures, which helps in providing extra ball control. Also due to their upper lace protection, your kids need not have to worry about their laces getting untied at all, hence giving them a game to fully focus on.

What to consider when picking a kid’s soccer cleats:

No matter if you are a parent or a friend, we have all been there where we may not be sure what to look for when buying that first boot. A good cleat is one that is of high quality and importantly comfortable. Here are some of the common things to consider:


Quality is an important aspect. You do not want your kid to be substituted mid-game just because their cleats got torn. Great quality cleats will take them a long way in their soccer journey. So while picking one, make sure to look into synthetic upper fabrics and quality studs.


Studs are what make soccer shoes stand apart from other sports shoes. These studs are made in a particular fashion that they give more power, control, and elevation while kicking a ball. Try it out yourself and you will see the difference while kicking a ball. Various studs are essential for different surfaces. For example, indoor soccer shoes have a flat sole whereas outdoor ones have rubber/plastic cleats giving them better traction and control. Hence look into the type of soccer the kid wants to play and then go buy the preferred shoe.


The upper part and the laces also play an important factor in the performance of the player. A lace-up design ensures a distraction-free game. Whereas, an asymmetric lace provides a greater kicking surface.

On the other hand, make sure the upper fabric of the shoe is textured. This texture greatly enhances the ball control, overall making sure the kid has a boosted performance in the game.


It is the kid that is going to wear the cleats quite often, so make sure they are comfortable with them. For in-store purchases, the child can always test wear them. But for online purchases, look into the various fabrics and make sure the inner sole of the shoe is cushion-based so that they give some puffiness to the feet, making them feel comfortable and pain-free when worn during a 90-minute stretch.


Now that we have understood the basics of cleats, look into Dream Pairs for various color options and variety. Go get your kid that first pair from Dream Pairs, and make their dream come true. With the next World Cup right around the corner, it could be the best time for your kids to indulge in some soccer training.

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