3 of the best casino hotel suites with VIP check-in in Las Vegas

What sets the casino hotels of Las Vegas apart from the rest is, not only, the amount of money that has been used to create these burgeoning buildings that ooze jollity and lavishness at every turn, but the sheer size.

The likes of MGM Grand and Wynn Las Vegas are among many that are so big they boast hotels within hotels, with the former even joining The Venetian/Palazzo as two of the three largest hotels in the world (according to worldatlas.com).

While these monumental establishments boast an enviable array of entertainment options, including theatres, casinos, multiple restaurants, reaching six or seven thousand hotels rooms, suites and villas to reside in, there is no doubt that it will feel like you’ve walked into a small town when you arrive on your holiday.

Distinguished visitors to Las Vegas want casinos, entertainment, privacy and VIP options

And while making it your mission to explore as much of your hotel as you can during your stay, you will surely want to start your trip the way you wish it to continue – the VIP way. No one wants to begin their vacation standing in line for an hour or two – you’ve come away to relax, eat, party and have some fun in the casinos, but with thousands of rooms for guests to check into, this can sometimes be a likely prospect.

This is why we’ve teamed up with James Smith at www.fruityking.co.uk, provider of an array of mobile slots including the most exciting new mobile slots out there, to give you the lowdown on some of the most lavish rooms and luxurious VIP checks in that are certainly worth finding out more about. Fancy a luxury limousine pick up from the airport, curb side check-in with assisted escort to your room where a 24-hour butler service awaits? Read on for some of the most glamorous options available to you for your next stay in Las Vegas.

Wynn Fairway Villa at Wynn Las Vegas

A Wynn fairway villa offers many VIP benefits

Not only do guests staying at the distinguished Tower Suites at Wynn Las Vegas get a VIP line pass to The Buffet, best available show tickets and a VIP line pass to Wynn and Encore nightclubs, but a stay at a Wynn Fairway Villa affords you entry via a private drive, VIP check-in and escort to your one or two-bedroom villa as well as early or late check out.

On top of this, a stay here guarantees you access to the largest casino in the city, all among plush, floral filled surroundings, unless you fancy some poolside blackjack, of course, of which this place can cater to. With a selection of table games, poker tables and slot machines to rival even the best mobile slots, a visit here is sure to leave you feeling in awe.

The Mansion at MGM Grand

Amenities and luxuries are flawless at The Mansion

The Mansion is, undoubtedly one of the most exclusive spots on the whole of the Las Vegas Strip. With a beautiful courtyard brimming with colourful flora and an ornate gushing fountain, guests will have a small idea of the luxury that awaits. Inspired by an 18th century Tuscan villa, visitors can choose from up to four-bedroom villas with amenities including an indoor swimming pool, billiards room, massage room, salon, private elevator access and more. With airport transfers, a private, gated entrance and driveway, check-in is a breeze and exclusivity is paramount.

Be it poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, Texas hold’em, slot machines, mobile slots, live sporting events, mobile sports wagering and more, a night at MGM Grand’s casino aims to please. And when you want a break from betting, the entertainment options continue with Cirque du Soleil shows, comedy performances, dance shows, celebrity DJ sets at the nightclubs and so many more options that aim to please any traveller.

The Villas at The Mirage Hotel and Casino

From limousine services to a private chef, The Villas are the epitome of luxury

Previously reserved for invitation only high rollers, the Villas at the Polynesian-themed Mirage Hotel and Casino offer quite the luxurious stay from start to finish. Expect limousine transfers to and from the airport, a private gated entrance to welcome you and a wide selection of VIP amenities during your stay.

A 24-hour private chef is on hand to whip up your favourite cuisine, you are invited to relax in your own backyard pool, enjoy in-room spa and salon services and experience the latest technology, all within elegant surroundings.

The best poker room in Vegas resides on the casino floor along with a top selection of table games, sportsbook and slot machines, while the seemingly endless food, drink and entertainment options available to guests are sure to please.

All images courtesy of hotel websites

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