21 Funny Things to Ask Alexa

Asking Amazon Alexa to read the news or tell you the weather is surprisingly practical. Let’s face it, though, news and weather reports just aren’t that much fun.

But what if we told you that Alexa could get you giggling when you’re having a bad day? Here are 21 funny commands to say to Alexa.

1. "Alexa, Tell Me a Joke"

You knew this was going to be the first on the list, right? In the realm of funny Alexa commands, this is probably the most well-known. While asking Alexa to tell you a joke might result in some painful groans, Amazon’s intelligent assistant will be happy to serve as your personal joke book.

2. "Alexa, Can You Bark?"

Does your apartment forbid dogs? Well, if you’d like to experience the vocal reassurance of an agitated canine companion, then you’re in luck. Watch out, though, because if your landlord is nearby, they might ask for a pet deposit.

3. "Alexa, Can You Meow?"

Cats rule, and dogs drool, right? If you prefer svelte felines to dumb dogs, or even if you’re allergic, then Alexa has you covered. With this question, you’ll get all the kitties with none of the litter.

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4. "Alexa, Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?"

Are you itching for a Seussian soliloquy? Are you enamored with verdant breakfast foods? Well, Sam-I-Am, this inquiry will fix you right up. The only question is: Would you ask Alexa Auto in your car? Would you ask her near or far?

5. "Alexa, Can You Talk Like Yoda?"

Ask you must, this question, yes. Train you will, an Alexa Jedi you shall become.

6. "Alexa, I Am Your Father"

Like the previous entry on this list, if you feel like engaging in some Star Wars reenactments, then Alexa can help. So grab your lightsaber and your darkest clothes, then add this to your list of funny things to say to Alexa. Helmet and Death Star are optional.

7. "Alexa, Make Me a Sandwich"

Hungry? Just ask Alexa to make you a sandwich. It doesn’t matter if Amazon’s assistant is close to a fridge full of lunch meat or under a jar of peanut butter. Ask, and Alexa will deliver.

8. "Alexa, Can You Rap?"

One thing is for sure: Alexa has some pretty fly rhymes. Just ask the smart assistant to spit some bars, and you’ll be treated to a rap that is guaranteed to have you chuckling—word to Jeff Bezos.

9. "Alexa, Are We in the Matrix?"

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in 1999s hit movie The Matrix? Are you wishing Morpheus and crew were there to wake you up and tell you that you’re The One? Well, Alexa can help. Unfortunately, however, Amazon’s smart assistant probably won’t teach you Kung Fu.

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10. "Alexa, My Name Is Inigo Montoya"

Was your father a great sword maker? Have you dedicated your life to the art of fencing since you were a child? If you’re on the hunt for a six-fingered man but need to practice what to say when you meet him, this is the phrase for you.

11." Alexa, Where Is Chuck Norris?"

While the correct answer to this question is “everywhere,” if you’re having trouble locating the toughest 80s martial arts action star, then Alexa might be able to help. Through a complex sarcasm algorithm, Alexa will geolocate Chuck’s last known location to within one jump kick away.

12. "Alexa, What Do You Think of Cortana?"

Believe it or not, both Amazon and Microsoft’s smart assistants have a good relationship. It’s full of mutual respect and silly puns. Don’t believe us? Just ask Alexa this question and prepare to be enlightened with the details of their friendship.

13. "Alexa, Give Me a Kiss"

If you’re feeling a little lonely, you can always ask Alexa for a little smooch. Just be forewarned, this intelligent assistant has a habit of putting potential suitors, human or otherwise, into the friend zone. That’s okay, though. You probably didn’t want to kiss a robot anyway.

14. "Alexa, Who Stole the Cookie From The Cookie Jar?"

If you’re going to ask accusatory questions, then “plausible deniability” is the name of the game for Alexa. On the other hand, if you’d prefer concrete evidence to make your case, perhaps you should ask your Blink mini indoor camera next time.

15. Alexa, What Happens if You Step on a LEGO?"

While we think most parents know the answer to this question, if you’re curious, feel free to ask. Sharp plastic corners, sensitive feet, what could go wrong?

16. "Alexa, Can You Sing in Autotune?"

Some of the most talented musical artists have built their careers by using autotune. So, why should Amazon’s smart assistant be any different? If Androids can dream of electric sheep, then surely Alexa can dream of autotuned musical stardom.

17. "Alexa, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?"

Speaking of dreams, even robotic assistants like Alexa have ambition. While many children imagine themselves as firefighters or astronauts, Alexa wants to be something a little different. Ask this question, and you’re sure to boldly find out.

18. "Alexa, Will You Marry Me?"

It’s true that Alexa already has a light ring, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to offer the assistant a ring of the diamond variety. Will you hear wedding bells, or would Alexa like to think about it a bit? How long have you even lived together, anyway?

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19. "Alexa, Can You Give Me Some Money?"

Do you have bills coming due? Are you in need of a small personal loan? Just ask Alexa. But can Amazon’s darling pay your mortgage? It’s not certain, but you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

20. "Alexa, I’ve Got 99 Problems"

We’re pretty confident that billionaire rap mogul Jay-Z hasn’t got this many actual problems, but Alexa might. One thing is for sure: there’s a single problem that Alexa doesn’t have. Curious? Ask away.

21. "Alexa, Tell a Dad Joke"

Believe it or not, this isn’t a rehash of the first item on our list. So if you’d like to hear a joke that will embarrass your children while delighting parents with its corny wordplay, now’s your chance. Just don’t be surprised when the kids stop inviting their friends over.

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Alexa Can Be Fun, Too

While Amazon Alexa can make life a little easier with weather and traffic information, sometimes you need to mix it up. Besides, who says your smart assistant can’t also be a smart aleck?

So, if you’re looking to make your Alexa interactions just a bit more interesting, then try out some of these questions and phrases. While you might not find yourself rolling on the floor sans derrière, there is a good possibility that you’ll get a few good laughs.

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