2021, An Olympic 5G, Making the Case for Independent EMF/RF Monitoring for EMF/RF Surveillance, Weaponry, Cheating, Experiments, or Whatever

By Patricia Burke

Fire Water

Swimming has always been my go-to stress reliever, and favorite sport. Although not as adventuresome as those engaged in “wild swimming,” I have visited pools and swimming holes around the world, in many countries. For years, whenever I visited a new destination, for whatever reason, I would stay near a YMCA or other swimming facility. I competed in collegiate swimming, not necessarily because I was especially competitive, but I loved the camaraderie of others who are at home in the water, and I still do. Those who know and love me, and see me stressed, will try to get me in the water. Everyone is happier, and peace is restored. Swimmers are a certain, particular breed of human.

For several years, I worked in an athletic facility, and at about 4 pm each afternoon several men would come to train at the end of their work day. When space allowed, I would swim next to Maury, who, at about 6 ft. 2, was a foot taller than me. We would swim in a meditative rhythm of my 18 strokes a length to his 16, until the last few lengths when he would surge ahead a leave me in his wake. It was very demanding for me, and always a good workout. He was a perfect pacer.

Once in a while, I would work with some training drills, and see if I could adapt my stroke to take 16 strokes a length. I managed to do it sometimes, with a long glide into the turns, but eventually, it would blow out my shoulders.

Wireless and Exhaustion, Wireless and Overcharge

Fast forward to 2011, and I was struggling health-wise, profoundly, with symptoms related to exposures to wireless devices and infrastructure. Seeking refuge, I found an off-season rental in Gloucester, MA.

It was a disaster. There were wireless frequencies blanketing the home, but I had encountered that before. The house was not grounded properly, and had wiring errors that created additional problems with dirty electricity and extremely high magnetic fields.

I literally did not sleep for days.

But, an amazing thing happened when I went to the Cape Ann YMCA. Some would say I was a beast in the water…. I was cruising up and down the length of the pool in 12 to 14 crawl strokes, depending on how long I stayed underwater after the turns. And my individual medley was not to be believed.

The pool was not shorter than a standard 25-yard pool.

Being immersed in an unnatural EMF field altered my physiology, substantially.

Was it testosterone, or histamines, or adrenalin, or some other cocktail of chemicals that made me into a swimming machine, beyond my unassisted biological capacity?

I timed myself for a mile swim, was astonished, and then did it again for good measure.

Even though I was accessing more power when I swam, my body was overcharged and out of synch. I was an electrified mess. I moved out of the house nearly as soon as I moved in.

But for a week, in the water, in that pool, I was an absolute monster of an athlete.

2020 Olympic 5G Tragedy: 5G Marketing

The Olympic Games were supposed to be held in 2020, and, were supposed to showcase 5G.

Power of 5G for Olympic Games

Articles such as the recent offering by the Retail Insight Network are lamenting the fact that due to covid restrictions, the delayed Olympics were not able showcase 5G worldwide, because as 5G was launched, consumers did not “have a 5G defining moment” at the Olympics.

“The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021 undermined the 5G rollout not just for Japan, but the world as a whole… Giacomo Lee writes.”

The Tokyo Olympics “Tech Tragedy”

“[ ]almost everyone who paid attention to the event would have ‘lived through a 5G experience without having to have a 5G-enabled device of their own.’ In any small group in the world, [ ] ‘at least one member would have been able to explain 5G as it related to real-time graphical or 3D renditions of any particular Olympic event never seen or experienced before.’

‘Rather than tout the capabilities through words or storytelling, the Olympics would have showcased so much of the visual promise of high-speed data simultaneously to billions of eyes that would have been watching,’ he adds.

[ ]Tokyo 2020’s enhanced visuals, with 8K video quality and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) promised for the Games, is just one part of the story. Autonomous vehicles are another part, with Toyota’s e-Palette vehicles to ferry athletes and staff from the Olympic Village to other venues, running on a 5G network.

The power and speed of 5G will also fuel facial recognition at the games to speed up ID checks, in what’s claimed to be an Olympics security first. The software is NeoFace technology from Intel, which is also providing the Games’ 5G platform alongside Japan’s NTT DoCoMo.

Security will also be augmented by drones and robots checking for any suspicious activity among large crowds, should any actually be allowed to form. This obviously requires quick action, not to mention a large bandwidth capacity.

The low network latency of 5G is an obvious asset in this department, and will not only maximise the efficiency of drones and drone cars/bots, but power digital twins running real-time representations of arenas, and 3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT) to show the positions and speeds of contestants in a more advanced take on the photo finish.

These technologies will still be showcased from 24 July, even if the impact may be diminished for a lack of spectators. Their impact though, as Ray argues, has already been diminished by the gap of time between 5G’s starting pistol and the Opening Ceremony.”- Giacomo Lee

5G Was Supposed To Take the World By Storm

The article goes on the note delays in 5G spectrum auctions in Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Spain, France, and India, and low satisfaction of Asian consumers, including those in South Korea. “Those consumers [ ] paying for higher speeds are not happy. This year has seen hundreds of “disgruntled” 5G users in South Korea band together for a collective lawsuit against the big mobile network operators (MNOs) of LG U+, KT and SK Telecom.”

“The story is the same across Asia, further deflating the hype that the continent has perhaps one foot further into a 5G future than the rest of the world. Many 5G towers in China are only operational for half the day, according to VOA, all down to weak signal meaning exceptionally low consumer usage.

“All new tech comes with its own special set of expectation and teething problems.”[ ]… “Indoor signal issue strength issues certainly aren’t unique to China.”

“In terms of promised downstream speeds, I’m afraid the entire industry is guilty of promoting lab-environment maximums as standard experiences, when real experiences are invariably far more inconsistent, subject to a host of condition, device and location factors which are beyond the standard MNO’s ability to control.” – Emma Mohr-McClune

But, Giacomo Lee notes, “Device makers and 5G infrastructure providers have been able to more cautiously deliberate the implications of their products and services from a broad security perspective. Maybe slowing these down was just what was needed to more cautiously contemplate and deliver a safe and speedy 5G experience over time.”

EMF RF and Biochemistry

Independent health care professionals, including Dr. Dominique Belpomme, have identified the cascade of chemicals altered in individuals reporting adverse effects due to exposures to artificial microwave radiofrequencies.

In addition, reports insinuate that a foreign power (Russia) is responsible for injuring diplomats in Cuba with invisible weapons, and now the Havana Syndrome phenomenon has spread to Vienna.

“Senior officials in the Trump and Biden Administrations suspect that the Russians are responsible for the syndrome. Their working hypothesis is that operatives working for the G.R.U., the Russian military-intelligence service, have been aiming microwave-radiation devices at U.S. officials, possibly to steal data from their computers or smartphones, which inflicted serious harm on the people they targeted. But American intelligence analysts and operatives have so far been unable to find concrete evidence that would allow them to declare that either microwave radiation or the Russians were to blame.”

Regardless of whether the injuries are being caused weapons or surveillance, the phenomenon of microwaves damaging physiology seems apparent.

Like performance-enhancing chemicals, should the Olympics be independently monitored for the use of invisible performance-enhancing-or-diminishing frequencies?


I am not implying that the athletes themselves are seeking unfair advantage; although it could be the case. But like owners of valuable racehorses who dope their animals, is it possible, for example, to stimulate the kidneys and adrenals of an athlete, either before or during competition, and to alter the outcome of a race? Via beamforming?

I also believe that many athletes are already in harm’s way, for example, when baseball pitchers subjected to radar guns to measure fastballs develop brain tumors, as discussed here.

Wireless frequencies can and do alter human physiology in a multitude of ways.

How much longer can we pretend that they don’t?

5G Seeking A Market Explosion, Anywhere And Everywhere

The industry is lamenting the lost opportunity to juxtapose 5G with the Olympics in 2020, and blaming some the lackluster 5G results on covid delays.

Instead, are independent thinkers, everywhere, recognizing 5G as unsafe, unsustainable, and designed for dual-use, rigged, militarized and economic games, operating under a multitude of guises, often exploiting unsuspecting pawns? And why are nations NOT investigating non-diplomatic reports of microwave injury and harm?

The race is on, to reasoned, informed, ethical decision-making. May athletes and innocents everywhere, including pollinators and all of nature, be kept safe, and free from harm.

(PS. Did you catch this? Towers are only on 50% of the time in China, due to the energy costs and inefficiency, and 5G is not living up to its hype?)


Top Image Courtesy Flo Freshman: The Olympic Games should be independently monitored for unorthodox use of EMF/RF.


Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at stopsmartmetersMASS@gmail.com.

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