17 Summer Essentials, According to TikTok

TikTok has your viral summer essentials covered

It’s that time of the year again! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and TikTok is buzzing with all things summer. If you’re like us, you know that TikTok has become the holy grail of inspiration, and when it comes to summer must-haves, it’s the place to be. Summer is all about fun, and TikTok knows exactly how to make it epic. It’s not just about sunscreen and flip flops anymore,  friends. TikTok has revolutionized the summer essentials game with its viral trends, quirky hacks, and jaw-dropping fashion statements. And trust us, you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to the hottest season of the year.

So, my fellow TikTokers, get ready to level up your summer game. This is the ultimate guide to the must-have items that will make your summer one for the books. Whether you’re a trendsetting mom, a teach-lover, or just someone who wants to help make sure your kiddos’ break from school memorable, we’ve got everything you need to win the summer. We’re diving into TikTok summer essentials.

Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum

Good Molecules

Get ready for  improved skin texture and tone with this serum from Good Molecules. It targets dullness, dehydration, uneven tone, and dark spots so that summer no-makeup look is even easier (but don't forget your sunscreen!). Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum ($8.00)—Buy Here!

Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner


If the kids are home all summer, that means spills and stains are a pretty good possibility. Especially with kiddos running in and out of the house (hello, grass stains), you need a carpet cleaner that keeps up. Almost 63K Amazon reviews point to the Little Green from Bissell being a lifesaver well beyond the hot months. Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner ($123.59)—Buy Here!

PVO Mini Projector


Those summer nights are perfect for outdoor movies, and the hot summer days make afternoon movie binges a must. The PVO Mini Projector is great for inflatable projector screens, the side of tents during campouts, and blank indoor walls for a full theater experience. It links to your computer, TV, or phone, too. PVO Mini Projector ($69.99)—Buy Here!

FlexiSpot Standing Desk


Customize your work experience with the FlexiSpot Standing Desk. Its sleek minimalist design looks great anywhere while its sturdy, easy-to-use frame allows you to move your office station in any way you want, at any time. Comes in lots of finishes and styles to compliment your space. FlexiSpot Standing Desk (Starting at $149.99)—Buy Here!

Fisher-Price Portable Bassinet & Play Space


Check out this 2-in-1 portable baby bassinet and play space, perfect for use at home, outside, or on summer vacations. It's great both indoors and out—the adjustable canopy protects your baby from the sun's rays (UPF 20) and bugs. Fisher-Price Portable Bassinet & Play Space ($85.99)—Buy Here!

Airtight Food Storage Containers Set with Lids

Chef's Path/Amazon

With kiddos on summer break asking for snack after snack after snack, this set of 24 stackable airtight food containers with included labels are going to be your new best friend. Airtight Food Storage Containers Set with Lids ($69.99)—Buy Here!

Washable Reusable Gel Lint Roller


This little lint roller is small but mighty. It easily fits in your purse or diaper bag and can rinse off, so no more throwing away sticky lint roller sheets. Washable Reusable Gel Lint Roller ($11.99)—Buy Here!

Bluetooth Device Remote Control


From scrolling your Kindle book at the beach, swiping through TikTok for summer recipes, and recording videos and taking pictures, this handy remote does it all. Bluetooth Device Remote Control ($22.99)—Buy Now!

Cooling Gel Patches


Made from a plant-based gel, these cooling patches offer immediate chill for fevers, headaches, and sun fatigue. Definitely keep these handy for summer outings. Cooling Gel Patches ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice/Amazon

What's summer without shaved ice? This machine makes ice perfectly powdered for perfect shaved ice, margaritas, iced coffees, and more. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine ($44.99)—Buy Here!

Shaperx Bodysuit


Those shaping bodysuits that have been trending for a while now aren't going anywhere soon, and if you're looking for a more affordable option, Shaperx delivers (according to almost 11K Amazon reviews, you can't go wrong). Available in several colors and styles. Shaperx Bodysuit ($34.19)—Buy Here!

Huffy Green Machine Drift Trike


Where were these kinds of things when we were kids?! This summer break boredom-buster is made for kids 5-8 so they can easily ride and steer it into drifts and fun spins. Huffy Green Machine Drift Trike ($139.99)—Buy Here!

Revlon Oil Control Facial Roller


A fun (haha) part of summer is getting a shiny-looking complexion, no matter how dry our skin usually is. Forget individual oil blotting sheets; this reusable roller from Revlon not only works better—it's way more environmentally-friendly, too. Revlon Oil Control Facial Roller ($13.38)—Buy Here!

Comfy Drawstring Shorts


These breezy shorts are perfect for staying cool, plus the flowy style is ultra on-trend. They come in lots of colors, too. Comfy Drawstring Shorts ($25.99)—Buy Here!

Hip Seat Baby Carrier


When it's hot, strapping your little one against your front in a traditional carrier doesn't always sound like a good idea. The hip seat carrier frees up one of your arms while supporting babes up to 44lbs. Hip Seat Baby Carrier ($84.99)—Buy Here!

Find & Seek Card Game


No more roadtrip woes! This card game is easy for all ages to pick up, so the whole family can join in. Find & Seek Card Game ($11.99)—Buy Here!

Bubble Rocket Blaster


Fill the backyard with a blast of bubbles and watch your kids have a ton of fun, screen-free. Bubble Rocket Blaster ($34.99)—Buy Here!

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