15 Must Have Camping Supplies to Make Your Next Trek the Best Ever

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It is that time of the year and you want to go for a vacation to get away from all the hustles and bustles of the big city. To take a break from a long working period. You are there probably looking for the perfect destination to enjoy your vacation. Love to go camping?

Yes of course! Going camping has crossed your mind as one way to spend the vacation. Do not ignore that thought. It is a perfect one. Hold it right there. I believe you have settled for the idea. Looking to up your camping game? Do not worry, you’re just in the right place; we’ve got you covered. You should probably start making a list of the necessary stuff to have for your camping. More certain than not, these must-have camping supplies will make your next trip the best yet!

15 must have camping supplies


15 Best Camping Supplies

Here are a few fun camping gizmos that you cannot live without for your next camping trip!

1. Bubble Wrap Insulation

Wanna keep warm especially during the cold night there at your campsite? This reflective bubble wrap insulation offers the best comfort that you need there at the woods or even at the mountainside. Provided the bubble wrap is kept clean, free of dust, and kept still for that still air itself to offer a degree of insulation, then it will be most effective. If you have a camper and need to insulate the sides to stay warm, or are in need of a cheap mat for under your sleeping bag when you are tent camping, grab a roll of reflective bubble wrap insulation. This stuff is great at providing a barrier to help keep you toasty!

2. Hand Held Shower

Your camping adventure in the woods doesn’t have to be foregone now due to the forethought difficulties of taking a shower. Stop with the paranoia. We’ve got a solution for you. This portable shower can use the water from a bucket which is awesome! Now with this handheld shower, you can stay clean while you are camping which is amazing if you ask me.  This gizmo should not in any way be left out when packing your camping stuff; this is a must-have camping supply. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor needs.

must have camping gizmos

3. Potato Skin Peeler

Aha! Camping has been made a lot easier for you. One of the hardest things to do in cool weather is starting the fire. Make it easier by shaving your kindling. This helps the scraps dry out faster making them easier to catch fire! Use a potato skin peeler. Your camping will be made a lot more bearable and fun if you remember to add this must-have camping supply to your camping list.

4. Hand-Powered Flashlight

No batteries needed. Use the power of your arms when you are camping to make this flashlight light up! Perfect for storing next to the sleeping bag for late-night bathroom trips! If you don’t own one, make a point of purchasing one before the D-day for leaving for your camping arrives. Owning a hand-powered flashlight is a good idea. Well, its use is not just for camping purposes only but if you will be using it for camping only, don’t feel guilty. An advantage for this must-have camping supply is that you can store it away with other camping gear after the camping season is over and it will work properly the next time you will be needing it.

Fun camping gizmo

5. Children’s Telescope/Microscope

Sometimes camping can become boring especially for kids, but having nature walks with them can always brighten up the mood for them. Therefore, having a children’s telescope for that purpose can work in handy for you. If you will be going camping with kids, this is a must-have camping supply that you do not want to forget. The kids will love tromping through the woods using this super fun telescope/microscope! This is a great way to get them interested in nature!

Must have fun camping gizmos

6. Camping Hammock

If you are going camping you need a camping hammock am I right? Yes, of course, a camping hammock is a must-have camping supply that will come in handy for you more so when you will be in need of a comfortable place for relaxing while enjoying your novel or just when having a chit-chat with your partner. This is a durable and comfortable hammock that would be perfect for stringing up on your next camping trip.

Must have fun camping gizmos

7. S’more Maker

S’more Maker  –  Really! You can’t go camping without making s’mores right?  Yes, s’mores are a quick fast snack to prepare especially when you are as hungry as a werewolf and can’t wait for a fully prepared meal. This handy maker is perfect for making them for a whole crowd of people. It makes a whole lot more of them within a minute. Plus you won’t burn the marshmallow which is a plus in my book. No more dirty campfires and burnt marshmallows when you’ve got a s’more maker.

Must have fun-camping gizmos

8. Fire Starter

Lighting up fire can be a tedious and sometimes frustrating experience when you don’t have a tool to instantly light up a fire. Nowadays camping shouldn’t be a frustrating experience. That is why we are reminding you to carry with you this must-have camping supply. Easy fire starter – Lights up your kindling within no time. This is great for backpacking when you don’t have a lot of space to pack. Hang this around your neck for easy access when you are hiking into your campsite and then easily start a fire.

Fun camping gizmos

9. Camp Oven

Camp Oven – Who says you can’t have fresh-baked cinnamon rolls or those delicious unburnt s’mores when you are camping. This camp oven lets you cook virtually anything you could possibly want when you are out on the campsite. Camping has been made a lot easier nowadays. No more soot-covered or half-cooked meat. A camp oven prepares cooks food for a short time. Remember to have yours before going camping.

Fun Camping Gizmos

10. Inflating Pillow

Are you tired of waking up with painful necks while camping? Well, if this is the case, we have a must-have camping supply that you don’t want to leave behind if you are purposing to have comfortable nights at your camping site. This inflating pillow is perfect for camping because it takes up very little space but still allows you to stay comfortable! This will save your neck which is more and more important as I get older! For sure this is a must-have! What are you waiting for? Go get yours today before that day is here with us. Thank me later.

Fun Camping Gizmo

11. Popcorn Popper

 Popcorn Popper for you there especially if you are a late-night snacking fellow. Yum! Popcorn is the perfect late-night camping snack! Popcorn in itself is a great, and healthy snack. Throw some marshmallows and m and m’s in for a yummy camping dessert! If you are a popcorn lover,  then this is a must-have camping supply for you. Have it on your packing list.

Fun-Camping Gizmo

12. Loveseat Chair

With a Loveseat Chair, now you can snuggle up with your honey even when you are camping. This two-person loveseat camp chair is perfect for a romantic camping trip! Perfect for spending that quality time, that’s your love language, with your love. This seat is simple to pack. It doesn’t consume a lot of space because it is easy to fold and becomes flat and compact. For those cuddling moments with your loved one at the campsite, this is a must-have camping supply that you shouldn’t forget to carry with you.

Fun camping gizmos

13. Mini Camping Tool Kit

This little 10 in one Mini Camping Tool Kit has everything you could possibly need for a day of hiking and camping. A compass, a light, a fire starter, and much more. Having a solid set of tools in your kit will make small repairs easy to handle. The risk of forgetting or losing any of the important tools during camping is done away with. This also eliminates the need to identify, select and purchase individual tools, saving you a lot of hustle.

Fun-Camping Gizmos

14. Waterproof Pill Storage Keychain

Waterproof Pill Storage Keychain is a must-have camping supply for you especially if on medications or you have allergic reactions that need you to have medication with you for camping. If you have medicines that you cannot live without these waterproof pill holders are perfect for taking with you on a camping trip. Attach them to your keychain so you don’t miss a day. It can also serve the purpose of storing your chewing gums or other important items that shouldn’t catch water as well as be left behind such as airplane or bus tickets etc.

Fun-camping Gizmos

15. First Aid Kit

first aid kit is a must-have camping supply that you should not forget to pack when going for that camping adventure. You never know, it may come in handy for you if one of you gets wounded or bruised during nature walks or even experiences body aches. With painkillers in your first aid kit, you know you are sorted. Remember to make it your first priority on your packing list.

A perfect day would be to get into the car, drive out into the nature and go camping.

What camping gizmo is your favorite? Have you found exactly what you need for your camping? Then there are more camping hacks for you:


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