12 of The Best Isolation Birthday Party Ideas

12 easy isolation birthday party ideas that the kids will absolutely love. Being stuck at home under quarantine or isolation doesn’t mean a birthday celebration has to be dull. These ideas will ensure a fun and exciting birthday whilst still adhering to social distancing guidelines. This will be a birthday to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Isolation birthday party ideas

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Having a child’s birthday that falls in an isolation period can be challenging. Perhaps you are used to having a birthday party every year, or taking the kids on a special excursion.

Whilst those things can’t happen under current Government regulations, there are still lots of things that we can do to ensure that kids have a special birthday and one that they will remember for ever (for the right reasons).

Social restrictions don’t look like they will be easing any time soon, so if your child’s birthday falls in the next few months you might want to consider some isolation birthday party ideas.

All it takes for a special isolation birthday is a little bit of creativity. But don’t worry this is actually easier than you might initially think it will be.

Use one, several or all of these ideas to create the perfect memorable birthday party.

Did someone say a birthday party in isolation would be dull? They were wrong!

1. Decorate!

An easy way to bring an instant smile to the birthday child when they wake up is for the house to be completely decorated.

Think balloons, streamers and banners.

This is a simple way to create instant magic and set up the excitement for the day. Some ideas include;

  • Balloons in their bedroom
  • Hang balloons or streamers from their bedroom door
  • Cover the house with Happy Birthday banners
  • Leave special birthday notes around the house that your child can find throughout the day
  • Chalk birthday messages on the patio and driveway to create extra surprises when they look out the window
  • Have some sparklers ready for some backyard fun

Isolation Birthday balloons

2. Set up an online party call

Everyone is starting to get used to online activities. It is being used for everything from work conference calls, to school meetings and extra curricular activity teaching. So now is the time to also use it for birthday celebrations.

Set aside a time with friends and family that you can host an online birthday call. This would be a great chance for the kids to chat to their friends and would be an exciting experience.

Perhaps presents could be collected before the day so that your child can open it in front of their friends on the online call.

There are many platforms that you can organize for an online party such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.

3. Celebrate with a virtual birthday cake

If you know the parents of your child’s friends well enough, why not organize for everyone to bake chocolate cupcakes or donuts (or something similar).

Have the treat at the ready, sing happy birthday and everyone can tuck into their goodies. It’s almost like the real deal.

Social isolation birthday cake

4. Organize virtual kids entertainment

You could even go a step further and organize some entertainment for the kids. How about a clown or a magician. This is something that the kids can be entertained with wherever they are, but something they can all be involved with together.

Alternatively you could organize some party games with the kids. There are so many games that you could do virtually with the kids such as:

  • treasure hunt
  • A game of Simon Says
  • A game of Charades
  • Organize a quizz
  • A Lego challenge

5. Organize a birthday message from friends

Prior to the birthday arrange for your child’s friends to record a video birthday message. They could be interviewed with questions, or record a song or dance.

Collect the messages together and turn it into a movie for your child to watch on their birthday. This will also be a special keepsake for years to come.

6. Organize a drive by parade

Whilst you may not be able to have kids over for an actual birthday party, one thing that has become really popular in it’s place is a drive by celebration.

These drive by celebrations are a great way to build up the excitement in the kids, whilst also being able to see their friends and adhering to social distance guidelines.

Organize a time that is convenient for most friends and family and ask them to drive by your home slowly so that they can shout well wishes, wave happy birthday banners and drop off any treats that they wish to.

Whilst this isn’t the birthday party they might normally have had, it will certainly be an event that they will remember and will definitely make them feel special.

7. Treasure hunt

For something a little bit different and fun, why not organize a treasure hunt for finding birthday presents. It will take longer than simply handing them over and the kids will have a lot of delight running back and forth trying to locate all their presents.

8. Have the day off

Is it an online school day? Not any more!

Let your child have the entire day off so you can fill it with fun activities. They won’t miss school for the day but they will remember all the fun that they had with you on their special day.

9. Hold a Netflix movie party with friends

Hold a Netflix party with your child’s friends to allow them to watch a movie together.

Simply choose the movie that you wish to watch, sync across all accounts so all the kids can watch the same movie at the same time. The chat feature would also make it extra exciting and allow for the interaction.

Prior to the netflix party organize some party packs that you can hand out to your child’s friends. This can include a movie ticket, popcorn, lollies and a themed party favor.

10. Hold an online karaoke party

Does your child love singing? How about holding an online karaoke party? This could certainly create a lot of laughs with friends.

11. Enjoy a camping party or an indoor movie night

Once all the zoom calls, treasure hunts and parades have finished, why not retreat to the backyard and have a camp out. Gather some snacks, set up a campfire and enjoy some open air fun.

This would be a great opportunity to roast some marshmallows and enjoy some S’mores.

Cooking S'mores on the campfire

If the weather does not permit outdoor fun, then why not gather all the blankets and pillows you can find in the living room and create a cosy nook to watch a favorite movie.

12. Take a trip to the most magical place on earth

Where is the most magical place on earth? Disney World of course! So a physical trip is not possible right now, but how about a virtual Disney World trip?

You can now experience Disney World experiences, shows, parks and rides with a virtual VR headset. This is certainly something that they wouldn’t be expecting.

Whilst your child’s birthday might not be the one that they had originally planned, it might end up being the best one they have ever had. These isolation birthday party ideas will ensure that children can still have a day to remember and include their friends in the fun. A little bit of creativity can go a long long way.

fun and easy isolation birthday party ideas

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