10 Best Coworking Spaces in Denver, Colorado

Being a remote worker can be challenging and lonely, especially if you’re an entrepreneur running your own business all on your own in the middle of the Mile High City. Luckily, there are many coworking spaces in Denver so that you can connect with others, network, and work somewhere new!

I’ve been a freelance design studio owner while living in Denver for almost a year now, so I know how tough it can be to work from your home every day.

After using a shared workspace in Denver, my productivity immediately shot up, and I started looking forward to working each day.

So, if you’re curious about the best coworking space in downtown Denver, you’re in the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll be racing to buy a membership to one of these fantastic locations.

Here are all of the most amazing coworking spaces in Denver!

1. WeWork

Easily, one of the top coworking spaces in Denver (and worldwide) is WeWork. This globally recognized company blew up in popularity a few years ago and has become an easy place to work as a remote worker ever since.

In Denver, there are a few different locations for WeWork, so you can choose whichever one is closest to where you are located or where you’ll be visiting.

There’s Financial House, Wells Fargo Center, Tabor Center, The Circa Building, The Lab, and the Triangle Building.

best coworking space in Denver

Arguably the most popular WeWork in Denver is the Financial House.

Pricing at WeWork Financial House is pretty affordable; there are day passes available for $29 USD per day, dedicated private offices starting at $600 USD, and an all-access pass for $299 USD. 

If you don’t need a private office, opt for the all-access pass because you can use it to enter any WeWork locations across the country.

The Financial House is located right downtown and includes various amenities like a mother’s room, event space, recreational games, bike storage, and a coffee bar.

2. Green Spaces

Green Spaces is another excellent spot for coworking in Denver with a few locations, similar to WeWork.

It’s aptly named because the entire company works to be environmentally friendly with their coworking spaces, as they feature recycling, solar panels, and tons of plants.

The Green Spaces location in Denver is in RiNo, or River North, which is just north of downtown. So, it’s in an excellent neighbourhood, and RiNo, in particular, is filled with tons of fantastic coffee shops.

Pricing at this shared workspace in Denver varies depending on which type of monthly membership you’re interested in getting.

A private office starts at $695 USD, a dedicated desk is $399 USD, a pod desk (dedicated seat in a pod) is $299, and access to the lounge space (traditional coworking) is $199 USD.

This coworking space has high-speed WiFi access, printers, bottomless coffee and tea, a kitchen, mailing services, and you’ll get access to the Winter Park location by purchasing a membership through the RiNo one.

3. Thrive

Thrive is one of the best coworking spaces in Denver, Colorado, because of its ideal location and pricing model.

Compared to other coworking spots around the city, this one is located right next to Ballpark (the Coors Field area) and has prices for monthly access starting at as little as $50 USD per month.

thrive coworking space in Denver

In addition to the Ballpark location, Thrive can be found in Centennial, Cherry Creek, and West Arvada, so you can choose the one that’s located closest to where you are in Denver.

Each one has its own amenities, but because Ballpark is right in Denver’s centre, that’s the one that will be discussed here.

Ballpark’s Thrive coworking space has phone booths, conference rooms, bike storage, refreshments, snack machines, printers, video conferencing equipment, and reliable high-speed internet, in addition to other great amenities.

Private office suites for 1-2 people start at $650 USD, a dedicated desk starts at $400 USD, and a mobile (regular coworking pass) membership starts at $50 USD per month. To learn more about their prices and get more of a custom quote, you have to book a tour.

4. Expansive 16th Street

One of the best coworking spaces in Denver that’s highly underrated is Expansive 16th Street, formerly Novel Coworking.

What immediately makes this such an excellent spot for coworking is that it’s located right along the 16th Street Mall, which is right in the city centre.

It’s so easy to get to because of its location, meaning you can take the Light Rail, public bus, or even an electric scooter to this coworking location pretty quickly. 

This coworking location offers a wide variety of amenities, including furniture in offices, an espresso bar, lounge area, hi-speed printers, great wifi, and direct fibre internet. Plus, it’s located inside a smart building.

Arguably one of the greatest things about Expansive 16th Street is that it also has a huge rooftop patio with tons of outdoor seating. So, you can enjoy the Denver weather and have the Rocky Mountains as your scenery while working from the top of this great building.

Like all other coworking spaces, the pricing varies depending on which type of monthly membership you decide to purchase.

Office suites for between 10 to 500 people start at $2,999 USD, office space for 1 to 20 people starts at $399 USD, a dedicated desk starts at $329 USD, a coworking pass starts at $249 USD, an expansive office pass (private office through reservation) starts at $219 USD, and a virtual office (address for receiving mail) starts at $59 USD.

5. CTRL Collective

Next is CTRL Collective, which is often rated as the best spot to cowork if you work in a creative industry. The entire marketing effort at this coworking space is targeted towards creative entrepreneurs looking to connect.

CTRL Collective is located in LoDo, which is the best place to work in all of Denver. It’s mainly located inside the Dairy Block, an area filled with fantastic art galleries and restaurants.

coworking space Denver CTRL Collective

Memberships range from private offices to a hot desk, meaning you can have full access to all lounge areas to work. The private office suite (available for 2 to 50 people) starts at $1,525 USD, a dedicated desk starts at $599 USD, and a hot desk costs $350 USD.

With a purchase of the hot desk membership, you’ll be able to use both the Denver location as well as the two locations around the Los Angeles area. 

At the Denver location, there’s email service, high-speed internet, conference rooms, a creation lab, free coffee, and a photo studio.

6. Enterprise Coworking

Enterprise Coworking is another ideal coworking space in Downtown Denver. Their central Denver location is in RiNo, but if you’d rather work in a suburb, they also have a location in Greenwood Village.

This remarkable coworking space has free beer, an on-site cafe, is pet-friendly, and has 1 GB fibre internet. Plus, there’s a recreational room, indoor bike storage, parking, free local coffee and tea, and printing services. What more could you need?

The coworking space features private office suites, dedicated desks, and all-access passes. Plus, they offer virtual memberships if you need a physical business address for your business.

Private office suites are custom quoted, so pricing is available upon request on their website.

The coworking floater pass starts at $99 USD a month, while dedicated desks start at $450 USD a month. A virtual membership is only $50 USD per month, which is lower than most other coworking offices. 

Oh, and did I mention that there’s also a rooftop patio? It offers unbeatable views of the skyline.

7. Alchemy Creative Workspace

If you’re looking for coworking in Denver, you’ll also want to consider Alchemy Creative Workspace. This coworking space really focuses on creating connections and cultivating business growth, which can be helpful if you’re an entrepreneur working alone.

Because there’s a significant emphasis on a personal connection, the amenities are fantastic and are community-oriented.

There’s fast and secure wifi, free kombucha and sparkling water, free coffee and tea, conference rooms, printing services, dog-friendly offices, and business tools.

Alchemy Creative Workspace in Denver

While this coworking space is not as downtown as LoDo, it’s still pretty central. Alchemy Creative Workspace is located in West Wash Park, an area known for being pretty modern. Plus, it has some top-notch bars.

Private office suites start at $1,199 USD, dedicated desks start at $400 USD, and a coworking membership is $265 USD. They also have a one-week membership (access for seven days) for $89 USD a week and a day pass for $25 USD a day.

8. Shift Workspaces

Shift Workspaces is a modern and industrial coworking space in Denver. This workspace offers flexible memberships and has tons of meeting areas for all of your conference needs, even if you are working remotely.

Great amenities that help with productivity are available to all members at this location. They include fast internet, ergonomic furniture, mailboxes, 24/7 access, a print centre, parking, free coffee, fitness classes, a gym, outdoor seating, and even massage therapy.

Membership prices at Shift Workspace are similar to those at other coworking spaces throughout the city.

A private office starts at $625 USD, a dedicated desk starts at $499 USD, a coworking space starts at $299 USD, and a virtual office begins at just $69 USD.

Plus, Shift Workspaces has more than one location around Denver, so you can hop around from place to place. Their locations include Corona, Bannock, and Littleton. Choose whichever one is closest to your location, or maybe even try them all!

9. Spaces – Ballpark

If you’re looking for coworking spaces in Denver, Colorado, and you’re creative, then you’ll most likely love Spaces. It’s located between Ballpark and Lodo and is situated inside an old 1940s building, one of the more historic spots in the city.

Spaces has four meeting rooms, an on-site restaurant, dedicated desks, breakout areas, parking, fast wifi, and private offices. Plus, they offer a variety of networking events to those that have memberships with them.

Monthly memberships are available depending on which type of space you’re interested in booking.

Private office space starts at $400 USD, a coworking membership starts at $226 USD, a dedicated desk starts at $377, a virtual office starts at $112 USD, and meeting rooms cost $44 USD an hour.

Because all of their rates are “starting at” prices, you have to tour the location and get more of a custom quote to find out exactly how much it will cost you to have a membership there. However, their starting prices are very comparable to other coworking areas. ​

10. The Hive on 16th

Last but not least is The Hive on 16th, another excellent coworking space located right on the 16th Street Mall. It’s incredibly centrally located and is right next to Denver Pavilions, a great spot filled with restaurants and all the shops you could ever need.

This coworking space is mainly known for its incredible views that are unbeatable.

You look out the window, and you’re surrounded by the beauty of Denver, and some of the office spaces even have fantastic views of the Colorado State Capitol building.

The Hive on 16th coworking space

Of course, there are tons of amenities that are an added bonus to having a membership with The Hive on 16th. There’s printing, phone booths, whiteboards, a kitchen, coffee bar, hi-speed wifi, and a snack bar. 

Plus, this coworking space has a partnership with Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, a local roastery, so there’s always great coffee.

Private offices at The Hive on 16th start at $735 USD per month and increase depending on the number of people that will be in the office.

A designated desk starts at $365 USD for a standing desk or $329 UDS for a traditional desk. A day pass is $25 USD, while hot seat access starts at $65 USD per month.


Now you know all about the best coworking spaces in Denver. Because there are so many of them, I highly suggest touring a few that sound like they might be a good fit and then book your membership from there.

Plus, a lot of the coworking spaces on this list give you a free day pass if you schedule a tour, which means you can try out the buildings and amenities before you even make a payment.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to try out one of Denver’s great coworking spaces.

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